Konami Answers Your Question: 2014

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The staff of False Memories visits Konami at International Toy Fair for 2014. We talked to Konami Digital Entertainment of East Coast Sales Manager and Coordinator about the Trading Card Game, classic series, and the new series Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V.

You can read our post about the line up on our blog.

1. Will the final seasons of GX and 5Ds ever be dubbed?
Here are the responses from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Page that they answered upon announcement of Arc-V:

– The Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL dub and sub versions will be completed.
– Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s will all be subbed and available on Hulu and Yugioh.com.
– At the moment there is no news about Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.
– The original Yu-Gi-Oh! is currently being released dubbed on DVD and is also available on iTunes, Amazon, Hulu, and Yugioh.com.
– An international streaming solution is coming to Yugioh.com which will make all seasons available of all series, subbed and dubbed.

2. Any news about Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V to set to air in English?
Konami had a meeting about this, they are still unsure about an air date, they have plan to even delay it a year from original airing.

3. What are Pendulum Summons? Are there going to be Pendulum Monsters?
No comment. (V-Jump has released details of the new anime and fans have translated the new rules in English which you can read at YGO Wikia)

4. What is the next Structure Deck going to be? Is the ‘Rival Revival’ theory true and the next one going to be Red Dragon Archfiend/Resonators?
Rumor: Lightsworn Power Pack is in the works for June.

5. Will there be a Dark Magician Structure Deck?
Konami is open to fans suggestions and will consider this in the future.

6. Will fans see more arc-type support such as “The Agents”, Six Samurais, Dinosaurs, or Morphtronics, Pirate Archetype, Lightsworn, Chronamalies/Gimmick Puppets?
Gimmick Puppets are in the works.

7. Will there be older supports since cards from the anime series are being released?
We do not know yet, but collecting fans responses, we may see some older support in another Legendary Collection.

8. What is Kevin Tewart’s Millenium Thousand-Eyes Virus?
No Comment

9. Are we getting any Yu-Gi-Oh games for the 3DS/Vita?
In talks getting Duel Carnival into other regions.
(We have given the petition links to them, and we have get to get a response back from Konami)

10. Will Horakhty, The Creator God of Light released any time soon?
No Comment

11. Will Magi Magi ☆ Magician Gal ever be imported to the TCG? If censorship is the issue, will an alternative art be given?
Konami is always taking comments, and requests from the community, there is no information on this yet.

12. With Japan and Korea now getting their own exclusives, will the TCG be receiving some sort of Extra Pack to import these exclusives, similar to how Japan has their own Extra Pack of TCG exclusives?
There will be a new revamp for the holiday 2014 tin.

13. Will other regions get their own Exclusives?
(We only speak to Konami US, so we do not know if other regions will get other exclusives, however whatever US gets Latin America and Canada will most likely get as well.)

14. Now that Duel Terminals and the Hidden Arsenal series is presumably dead, do you have any plans to replace these ‘alternative boosters’?
We will have to get back to you on that.

15. Will we ever get any more ‘thoughts on the F/L list’ from the Konami Blog?
Konami waits on results from tournaments before making any decisions on Forbidden and Limited Lists known to the public.

Thank you to Konami so much for answering our questions.