Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters Coliseum

Become the Capsule Monster King in Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monster Coliseum! An exciting, new strategic board game, players build armies of capsule monsters, battle duelists from the animated TV series and step up to the ultimate challenge: to unlock the door to the King’s Coliseum and duel the mysterious Capsule Monster champions.


  • Exciting monster battles come alive in spectacular 3D
  • Customize your army by collecting over 200 capsule monsters
  • Monsters will grow and evolve as they are used in battle
  • Duel on 25 boards with changing environments and properties

Translated and Paraphased from the Official Website on Konami Japan

This 3D Tactics Board Game consist of the turn system for battle and combines the elements of both chess and dueling. Become Yugi and collect, raise and master your monsters in campaign, versus, or free battle. Can you obtain the greatest title of “King of Capsule Monsters” to prove your prowess in “Capsule Monster Colosseum”?!

There are various mechanics and features found in the map of each stage! Depending on the attribute of a monster, you may gain advantageous or disadvantageous geographical features (power/defense bonuses/losses). Anticipate the features of each map and make your way to victory!

The monsters are rendered life-like in 3D computer graphics to be enjoyed during battles. Of course, monsters “evolve” by gaining experience in battle!

The main feature of the game is the campaign mode. Area 1 consists of five enemies for you to battle. The following table lists the enemies, the setting, and the element of each stage.

Stage # Opponent Setting Element
1 Jounouchi Katsuya The Capital of Oblivion Fire
2 Honda Hiroto Broken Ruins Wood
3 Otogi Ryuuji Electric Cage Darkness
4 Mazaki Anzu The Streets of Holy Night Water
5 Mutou Sugoroku A Gambler’s Stage Earth