Shin Duel Monsters II – Duelist of the Roses

You have been summoned back into time, back into the last stages of the War of the Roses in the 1480s in Britain. You are the Duelist of the Rose

Konami USA

The lineage of Yugi and Kaiba clash again! Choose your side in the final Rose War in England and fight to collect the opposing army’s rose cards and overthrow the enemy. Attack with your powerful deck in order to defeat duelists seen in the hit animated series. An all-new card movement system allows full control of over 600 different monsters and introduces advanced strategies never before seen in the Yu-Gi-Oh! world.


  • Card Movement Battle System enhances the strategy
  • Side with Yugi or Kaiba to determine the course of the game
  • 680 beautifully rendered monsters in full 3D
  • 3 exclusive game cards included