Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster Capsule GB

This game is based off Monster Capsules, a game introduced in the third volume of the manga. It is Mobuka’s signature game. You start off by buying Capsules from the machines. You can then challenge others to fight. According to Konami’s website, it is a chess type simulation. Each monster has a different attack pattern on the field. For example, a bird monster (for lack of a name) can only attack diagonally across the board. By fighting other players, your monsters can gain experience and level up. You will also earn more money to buy more capsules.

The story takes place right after DEATH-T. Kaiba had been defeated by Yugi and should have laid dormant until Duelist Kingdom. That is not the case here… How had Kaiba found his way back without assembling his heart puzzle? Fight your way to the top of the Duel Tower. Beware of the Dark Masters that can pull you into the world of monsters.