Falsebound Kingdom

This is essentially a RPG game using duel monsters as your fighters. A team is composed of three monsters, which you can change as you wish. Some monsters will be able to carry out special attack combinations if they are placed in the group together, such as Black Magician and Black Magician Girl. Monsters may also gain field bonus from fields and the time of the day. Like any RPG, your monsters level up with experience. All battles are fought in real time. You and your enemies attack in real time. This is not a wait-your-turn RPG. As you wander about, you will encounter monsters in the field. Some can be persuaded to join your side while you must battle others to gain their respect and allegiance.

There are two storylines to choose from, one of which focuses on Yugi and the other on Kaiba. Each story is distinct and separate but still relate to each other.

Yugi’s Story

Yugi receives an invitation in the mail. It reads:

“I invite you to test the newest simulation game, ‘Kingdom’.”

A famous game company, SIC, from overseas wants Yugi to test play their newest VR game. It unclear who is behind this but it becomes apparent that one cannot return to the real world after entering the VR world.

Yugi wakes up in a place he has never seen before. An old man, Simon of NAZO, tells Yugi he is the leader of a rebel group resisting an evil empire.

Yugi is not sure of what is going on but the battles are about to start.

Kaiba’s Story

Kaiba sets foot into the world of ‘Kingdom’ as Seto. He is given orders by the Emperor Heishin to suppress a rebel army. Like Yugi, he too is trapped within the VR world. In order to escape from this world, he must play the game out to the end.

If I was to name just one thing that makes this game better than all of the other YGO ones, it would be the graphics. Being on GameCube, the graphics are 3D and absolutely gorgeous. Just look at the God Cards.

Konami USA

Yugi and his friends are trapped in a virtual reality world gone crazy! The dueling field comes to life with living, breathing monsters and 3D environments as you form teams of three monsters and delegate commands in real time to conquer each mission. Characters and monsters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! animated TV series appear in the most visually stunning and greatest Yu-Gi-Oh! videogame adventure ever!


  • Choose to play as Yugi or Kaiba in 2 different scenarios
  • Open Field Monster Battles allows strategic 3-on-3 team battles
  • Over 175 full 3D monsters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! world
  • Spectacular battle graphics with combination and special attacks