Duel Monsters International 2 Worldwide Edition 2

The first thing Konami Japan seems to want you to know is that you can keep up to 20 different decks. It is also possible to purchase pre-constructed decks along with booster packs in the game. The rules have also been changed. Actually, the game rules are ever-changing. There is a new set of card restrictions and card banning each week.

You can duel characters you meet around town. You will still see familiar faces such as Yugi and Jounouchi around. There is also a Coliseum. You never know what events might take place there or when Kaiba Corporations might sponsor the next tournament for the KC Cup. Sugoroku also sponsors tournaments in his game shop for the Sugoroku Cup.

The appearance of the playing field has been revised in this game. There is a more three-dimensional feel to it. Like previous games, duel points are awarded after you have won a duel. These points are used to buy decks or booster packs from Sugoroku at the card shop.