Duel Monsters 8 – Reshef of Destruction

The Millennium Puzzle is missing. Dark powers bring ruin to all around the world. There are rumors of a large god circulating. You, Yugi, and Jounouchi must travel the world and gather the Millennium Items to save the world.

The story opens on the morning of the Duelist convention. Skilled duelists from Domino are invited to take a train to participate in the exclusive convention. A strange man whose identity is unclear stands in your way (and who looks a hell of a lot like Pegasus, see screenshots). He is Tenma Taiyo. That’s not your only problem. The Ghouls, which supposed disbanded after Malik’s defeat, has been pulled back together by none other than Bandit Keith Howards. They now aim to gather all the Millennium Items.

You receive Ra in its most basic form of the Heavenly Sphere. As the story advances, Ra’s battle form is activated. In order to gain Ra’s final phoenix form, a password must be given and certain conditions must be fulfilled. The password is 51404976.

Gameplay-wise, it uses the same system as DM7.

Konami USA

In your return to Battle City, the millennium items are missing and it’s up to you to help find them and save the world from destruction. Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction, the card-battling RPG sequel to The Sacred Cards, contains an all-new storyline with unexpected twists and turns on your quest to stop Reshef, the Dark Being from consuming the world in darkness.


  • An all-new storyline based in the Yu-Gi-Oh! world
  • Use 800 different cards to build your deck
  • Duel with all 3 Egyptian god cards for the first time ever
  • More strategic battles with enhanced card battling system

Promo Cards

This game comes with three promo cards:

Gem of the Superior – Magic Equip card for Black Magician Girl used to Special Summon a Black Magician from the deck

Satellite Cannon (AP 0/DP 0/Level 5 Effect Monster) – Although it has an attack and defense of 0

Knight’s Title – (Magic Equip) Used to Special Summon Black Magician Knight

Those who reserved the game also receive a Black Magician Knight (AP 2500?/DP ?/Level 7 Effect Monster)