Duel Monsters 7 – The Sacred Cards

You’re an original character, a Duelist set to explore Battle City tournament. Lucky for you, you know Yugi-kun and Jounouchi-kun. The time is 9:00 AM. Battle City has just begun. There are over 100 duelists for you to face in the city. Uncover the secrets of the God Cards and the mysteries within Battle City. Your goal? Beat the other duelists, get their cards, get money, and rise your duelist level.

Konami USA

Join Yugi and his friends in the first Yu-Gi-Oh! card battling RPG! In a tournament hosted by Kaiba Corporation, the battle for the ultra-powerful “Egyptian God Cards” begins. Based on events from the Yu-Gi-Oh! animated TV series, The Sacred Cards offers unexpected twists and surprises in the ultimate Yu-Gi-Oh! competition!


  • Over 900 cards including new, more powerful cards
  • Challenge over 100 duelists and rivals to battle
  • Explore a vast city with areas such as the graveyard and Kaiba Corp
  • Duel with the three “Egyptian God Cards”