Episode Two – An Evil Game Player, the Most Dangerous Trap

Yugi was eating breakfast, and Grandpa noticed Yugi solved the puzzle, he said he never knew anyone who could have solved the puzzle. Grandpa felt Yugi’s head and asked if he experienced anything strange, if he felt stronger, became more intelligent, or a third eye on his forehead. Yugi told him he was being silly and asked why he asked so much. Grandpa told Yugi that the top of the box said something about the dark powers and the wish that the person who solved the puzzle would get. Yugi replied his wish did come true, and has made a friend. Grandpa didn’t understand the strange powers of the puzzle, but made his grandson happy.

Someone had just escaped from the local jail, sirens go off everywhere. Policemen searched everywhere for this man, but no luck. The crook escaped in a police car.

Jounouchi stretched and said it was glad that school was over. Yugi suggested to go to the new burger joint, Honda butted in and asked where they were going. Jou teased Honda again of being in the new class. Honda said he didn’t want to go with them anyways. Miho heard about hang out to the burger joint and wanted to go. Honda quickly said he’d go with her. Anzu told the gang to stay away from the burger joint because the burger would make them sick and besides a insane criminal was let loose and should quickly stay home. Anzu sighed in relief, and left the classroom.

Jounouchi asked Yugi if Anzu was acting all strange lately because she wasn’t hanging with them after school anymore. He said maybe she had a secret boyfriend. Yugi denied it, and Miho became a little ticked off because she was Anzu’s best friend and didn’t tell her about the boyfriend. Miho followed Anzu.

The criminal was eating a burger, and later was braking into someone’s storage space, he found nothing in there and called himself an idiot. The criminal later went to a restaurant and ate noodles, the new was on. The reporter was talking about the criminal the escaped from the jail.

It was the next day, dismissal. Jou asked Miho if she could help him with his studies, but Anzu reminded her about that something. Miho apologized that she couldn’t be able to come. The two left the classroom. Jounouchi said maybe the two were working as prostitutes after school. Honda told him to shut up, Yugi agreed and if he said more things, it would spread around the school. Jou said it must be the ‘work’ Anzu must be doing, because at lunch she had a gourmet meal even himself ever had. Honda was angry about it, he had a long thought how Miho would never cheat on him that way and had to follow Anzu and Miho to see what was going on.

The criminal stole a bag of jewelry and later he was driving his car, and heard the report on it. The reporter said the jewelry was fake. The criminal made another mistake.

The next day, Jou asked Honda if he wanted to play some ball. Honda said no, and told Miho to hurry up. Anzu, Miho, and Honda left the classroom. Yugi asked Jou if Honda wasn’t doing such work too. Jou said knowing him, he was probably their pimp. The two agreed to follow them.

Miho told Honda her schoolbag was extra heavy today for some reason, Honda suggested to hold her bag for her. Anzu heard a noise, but told them to continue. Yugi and Jou followed them to Burger World.

When the two get there, Anzu, Honda, and Miho greeted them with the restaurant’s corny slogan. Yugi and Jounouchi were shocked to see them working there. The three turned their backs on them embarrassed. Honda told them they worked there part time to make money. Miho worked there to make money to get new clothes, and Honda worked there to make money for Miho and their romantic dates. Their boss came by and told them to stop fooling around and seat Yugi and Jou. A man was running searching for someone and couldn’t believe he lost him. Yugi told Jou it was a bad idea to come there because Anzu was really angry at them, but then Yugi said it was a bit a turn on seeing her like that. She came over to their table with their order. Anzu said their burgers were made from the finest ingredients and squirted ketchup on their burgers with the message ‘tell, die’! Yugi said he won’t tell. Anzu told them why she worked there, to save up money for her dancing lessons in New York. Jou said he won’t tell, and promised her to give her some money if she needed to chase her dream. Anzu thanked them and told them the meal was on her. The man was a police officer and asked the manager and the three if they seen the crook. Miho was scared and shouted something out loud about the crook. Anzu covered Miho’s mouth. Jou and Yugi were eavesdropping on their conversation. The manager asks if the officer had a picture of the thief. He showed a man with green hair and said he might have a gun and be good at disguises. The gang said they would find the guy inside the restaurant. Only a few people were the restaurant. He officer said the policemen with his right ankle so; there might be a bruise still there. Anzu came up with an idea of finding the guy the crook.

She took the happy meal toys and threw it on the floor. Each one of them checked their ankles for the bruise. But no luck. The customers didn’t like the people looking at their ankles. They came to this one guy. The officer said he was allergic to eggs, and then Anzu said out loud that their food was filled of eggs. The stupid crook started to freak out and fell on the floor. He checked his ankle and it was bruised, the police officer pulled the stupid criminal up from the floor, the guy held onto the manager’s shirt, it ripped. It revealed a snake tattoo on it.

The criminal took the officer’s gun and held Anzu at gunpoint. The criminal told them how set up the stupid criminal to frame him. He covered Anzu’s eye with a cloth. He told her, if she screams, he’d pull the trigger. They sat down on a booth and told Yugi orders to get him things. He asked for beer, cigarettes and a lighter. Yugi came to him with all the things the criminal asked for. Anzu warned him not to there. The criminal smacked her right across the face.

Yami came out of the puzzle, put the things down on the table, and sat down across from them. He poured the beer into the cup; the criminal put a cigarette in his mouth. Yami told him it was time to play a Game of Darkness. The criminal agreed. This is how they played. Both players had to choose one finger and they were able to use, but cannot use the rest of their fingers. Yami chose his right thumb and the criminal chose his left index finger where the gun was held. If they used the other fingers, that person would be declared the loser. Anzu wondered who that ‘mysterious’ voice was. Yami lit the guy’s cigarette and dropped the lighter on the criminal’s right had which held the bottle of alcohol. The criminal freaked out, he released the gun onto the table. Yami grabbed Anzu away from him. Yami said to the criminal he lost and will pay for it dearly. Yami cursed him to his own hell, the criminal imagined himself caught on fire.

The next day, Anzu told Yugi wasn’t working for Burger World anymore. Jounouchi asked where Miho and Honda were. They went to a new chain restaurant, and to their surprised; Miho and Honda were greeting them.