Episode Twenty – Come out, the Last and Strongest Game Master!

When Kaiba was younger he had a man to teach him how to play games. At first, Kaiba lost but started to win. The man pushed on the swings, and played with him at chess. Years later, he was kept in some kind of heart recovery box, the old man reminisced the time he had with him.

Kaiba and Mokuba was at the office talking about the merger with Omega Company, I think…I forgot. The contract was to be done while their father was coming back from France. Their idea was to get the tutor to duel the president of the Omega Co. to get the company. The tutor was taken out of the box, and played DM with the man. They got merger, and Kaiba’s order was to take the tutor back to the box before anything bad happens.

Anzu and Yugi were walking together, but Yugi has some kind of urgency to get home. Kaiba’s driver almost ran him over, but the car crashed into a tree or a pole…Yugi saw the old man’s hand hang out from the side. They went to the hospital, the Dr. said he the old man was dead, and Yugi blamed himself for the mess. But the old man woke up, and said he should have been dead a long time ago. He remembered Kaiba saying something about Yugi, and offered to play DM with him. Yugi lost, and the old man thought to himself how Yugi reminded of Kaiba when he was younger, and how he changed so much. Yugi offered him to peel an orange for him to eat, and remembered how Kaiba used to do the same thing. Kaiba came in, to bring his tutor back in his box. Yugi apologized for causing the mess and asked how he relates to that old man. Kaiba told him how he used to tutor him in all sorts of games.

Mokuba, waits for the helicopter to come down on the roof. He said that Seto was waiting for him in the meeting room. His father said he was angry with Seto losing 3 companies when he was in Europe. The father said to Seto, “You bastard son, I thought you can handle Kaiba Corp. I’m firing you.” he replied ” Do you know what you’re talking about? THIS IS MY COMPANY,” then the men from the table went to Seto’s side of the table. The father said, “I don’t understand…your company?” he replied, “I think I should be firing you.” “You bastard, you can’t fire your own father.”, “Oh but I am.” Then he pushes him against the window, and was knocked unconscious. Kaiba’s tutor came in to say good-bye to the father. But Kaiba reminded him to duel Yugi later.

Yugi and Anzu went to an amusement park, and Yugi wanted to go to the haunted house. He thought that Anzu would become scared and hug him. While Yugi took her to the house, Anzu that Yugi was such a child, and can’t wait to see Yami. When they got to the house, Anzu thought the monster was cute. Yugi wondered what went wrong, Anzu screamed, Yugi turned around. He saw Anzu was held by the monster about to bite her head off. Kaiba and his tutor appeared and bought Yugi to his Dueling Box, it’s like the dueling arena but its just playing on a table with the holographic imaging. Yami came out, and started to play with the tutor. Yami won, saved Anzu. Kaiba, Mokuba, and the man left the house. A little boy was running with a bag of oranges, Kaiba just completely stepped on the fruit. Kaiba was angry again with Yami.