Episode Twenty-Two – Destroy It! A Cruel Shooting

Grandpa and Kaiba started to play DM, in the DM box. They gang show up at Kaibaland, many people were there, and the gang didn’t know where they could find Kaiba in such a large crowd. On the loud speaker, the company invited the customers to the DM arena. Kaiba’s men showed Yugi and his friends to a special place, where they see Grandpa, defeated. Grandpa said to Yugi to take his deck and show Kaiba a lesson. Grandpa is taken somewhere, and the gang started the tournament. Kaiba said it was going to be shown to the audience. Bakura was in the audience watching them, saying they can win the tournament.

Level 1: Laser Tag- the gang VS three of Kaiba’s people. The first team who eliminates the other team wins. Miho said she didn’t want to play this kind of game, and said she will hide where she is, Jounouchi was getting frustrated and jumped on top of one of the walls to find the other team, and was shot by the other team. Kaiba’s men found Miho napping, and she started to freak out and shot her laser gun all over the place, and eliminated Kaiba’s men.

Level 2: Anzu, Jounouchi, Honda and Miho had these cranks, each with numbers. Jounouchi: 10, Anzu: 11, Honda: 00, Miho: 01.

Yugi had to figure out which number to crank before this machine mowed him down. The name of the machine was Bllood. Miho said she didn’t gave much strength to hold the crank down anymore. Yugi figured it out it was Anzu. She let go to of the crank and stopped the machine. Because the machine was misspelled on purpose, each of the letters represented the numbers. “b” being 10, “LL” being 11, “OO” being 00 and “d” being 01.