Episode Twenty-Three – Monster Capsule King! The Final Great Battle

Last time on YGO: Kaiba kidnapped Yugi’s grandfather, and invited him and his friends to Kaiba Corp. to play games to win back his grandfather.

Level 1: Laser Tag, Miho shot her gun everywhere, it won the team to level 2. Level 2: Guess the right number before, before Yugi gets run over by a machine, guessed # 11 right, level 3.

Level 3: The gang (Yugi, Jounouchi, Anzu, Miho and Honda) made it to level 3. They were dropped into a checkerboard like room. Squares of boulders dropped from the sky. The gang has to make it to a safe room on the side of one of the walls. As each square dropped, it layered another square. Anzu used her listening skills to hear where the next square would drop.

Bakura was watching from the audience, and his pain started to grow again. He wanted to know why he was in such pain and left.

The gang was getting closer to the safe room. As Yugi was trying to get up on top of a square, a boulder was about to drop on him, until Honda lifted him up to the safe room. A square dropped, Tristan’s shirt was caught underneath between the squares. Honda said on his mind, that it was over for him, and said to the gang he’ll meet them again.

Yugi was in a traumatizing state, and his heart started to race. Yugi thought of losing Honda and it wasn’t worth his friends getting hurt. He said they should leave, uh something like that. He also thought about the secret he has been hiding from them. Yugi confessed ever since he solved the Millennium Puzzle, he sometimes doesn’t know where he is, but in a room by himself. He said he believed there was another personally inside of him. He started to cry, because he wasn’t strong enough to save Grandpa and Honda. Jounouchi threatened to beat Yugi up, he said no matter what the stakes are, he’ll be there for them, and so would the girls.

Kaiba was playing around with the chessboard and its pieces, he said Yugi was the king and his friends were the pawns? *Heh, I never played chess, before! :-P, the ones with the crown??…uh…moving on…*

Mokuba said to his brother he was going to go play Yugi. Kaiba said he shouldn’t go because he’ll never win against Yugi. Mokuba told his brother that he would show him that he would win.

Level 4: Egg Capsule Monsters, The gang entered the stage. Yugi said he could take it from this point on against Mokuba. Yugi shut his eyes, and turned into Yami. The gang didn’t believe their eyes were seeing, they saw Yugi’s other personality. Yami told Jounouchi to find Grandpa. Yami walked onto the bridge, underneath there was a larger replica of the ECM board. Jounouchi told Anzu to watch Yugi while he and Miho find Grandpa. Yami walked into the dueling box, where he met Mokuba.

This game is hard to explain, the players have to get to the opponent’s power up block and destroy the opponent’s monsters. They got their egg monsters, Mokuba’s monsters were nothing high-class monsters and Yami’s were average. Their monsters were in position each side of the players, on the board. It was Mokuba’s move, so he moved his monster one square up. Yami’s turn, he said that his monsters were fine where they were, he did this a couple of turns. Mokuba surrounded Yami’s monsters. Yami finally made his move and moved a square next to Mokuba’s monsters. Mokuba destroyed 3 of his monsters. Yami’s groundhog monster hid underground, while Mokuba’s monster destroyed one of his own. Yami’s worm monster moved to Mokuba’s power up block, it evolved to a beetle. Yami said to Mokuba that things evolve, like Yugi. It shows Yugi changing to Yami. Yami’s beetle flew and destroyed about 3 of Mokuba’s monsters.

Jounouchi and Miho were running through a hallway, where they see Bakura. They asked why he was there, he said nothing. Jounouchi told him that they were finding Grandpa. Bakura just pointed to right, Jounouchi and Miho turned their heads. Jounouchi asked if that was the place where Grandpa was, Bakura disappeared.

Mokuba said he was about to win and didn’t forget his groundhog. The groundhog popped out in front of Mokuba’s ape and was about to destroy his ground hog. But the ape broke into pieces and Yami won the game.

Jounouchi and Miho, found Grandpa and Honda inside of an hourglass with water pouring on them. They were trying to break them out, but the hourglass was raised. The model, Irene Lau and the Game Show Guy entered the room. They said they were Kaiba’s men hired to take them out.

Mokuba was in a shocked state, and kept on questioning how Yami won. Yami said he has to go to the fifth level of the game, and started to head to the elevator. Seto appeared on the screen on the ceiling TV of the dueling box. Kaiba said it was the Death-T tournament, and the losers must pay the consequences. A big monster filled the box and was about to eat Mokuba. He’s scared $h!1ess, Yami turned back to save Mokuba from the box. Mokuba asked why he saved his life. Yami said that they played the game, instead of being enemies they should be friends. Yami headed off to the elevator. Mokuba dropped down onto his knees and took out the picture of him and Seto playing chess. He said that Seto has changed so much ever since they were adopted.