Episode Twenty-Six – A Violent Rival, and the Pinch

Bakura had been experiencing pain because of his Millennium Ring, unbeknownst of him that his father gave him. After his first encounter of his ‘other’, he discovers that Yami Bakura has been locking his friends in dolls in a game called Monster World. Because of it, poor Ryou has been changing school many times. The gang went to his apt. to prove to people he wasn’t such a bad guy. Yami Bakura took over Ryou’s body and played Monster World with the gang, all of them trapped in the dolls, Yami Yugi plays for the gang.

The gang encounters the Monster World Demon, they’re all afraid of him, and the gang finally sees Yami Yugi for the first time, Honda explains it’s the spirit of Yugi’s puzzle. Yugi said it was his first time meeting his other. Yami said they were in good hands, and they will win, he needs all of their faith and concentration on this dark game.

Yami Bakura sees the spirit of the Millennium puzzle. Yami told him to continue the game, this time Yami Bakura said that the gang was in the dolls, he must roll the dice for them. They show each of the gang’s HP, if they lose their HP, they die:

Anzu: 18 Yugi: 22 Jounouchi: 25 Honda: 23 Miho: 15

Review of the dice: There are two 10 sides dice, red and white. A red dice is the second digit of number (10-90) while a white dice is the first digit of number (1-9). If total amount is close to 99, a player gets less attack’s chance. If total amount is close to 00 called ‘Critical’, a player has better chance to attack. The point to decide if a player can succeed in attacking is probability set by a game controller (Yami Bakura). For example, if the game controller gets data from the computer that probability to win a monster is 30%, a player has to toss the dice and get total amount less than 30 in order to destroy that monster.

From earlier, the gang attacked the demon. Honda shot a part of the demon’s arm muscle. Now, that part of the muscle is now moving and transforming into two demons, one is an eye thing and another was a dragon, the gang now must destroy the two. The demon explains that inside of him has demons, and will leave his monsters to annihilate them. Jounouchi stops and asks why he was leaving. The demon didn’t want to destroy them now, because he has somewhere to go, and if they were to fight him, find him in the castle and flies away. Jounouchi said no matter, he will defeat Bakura and his monster.

Yami interrupts and said it wasn’t Bakura, but an evil spirit was taking over him. Yami Bakura said to hurry up and roll the dice. Hehe, I like this part, they locked onto each other’s eyes, and Yami just gives him straight out smirk and rolls the dice. The way Yami rolls it differently, he places the dice in between his fingers (like how Duke rolls the dice), and the dice spins onto the field, 00. Jounouchi attacks, destroys the monsters. Miho and Anzu said Yugi did a great job. Jounouchi said he needs some recognition too.

Yami Bakura snarled at him, and said it was impossible. Yami said, “How does it feel, Bakura? Well, aren’t you going put the result in the computer?” It was Yugi’s turn to attack; he used his magic to freeze the monster. Yami Bakura was stunned how he rolls his dice, and hasn’t fallen yet. First the red die was 8 (meaning Yugi cannot change the monster onto the good side), and the white one was still spinning, until the white die spun the red die into spin again, it stopped 02, Yugi turned the dragon into a good monster.

Bakura asks how he can roll a perfect # of the die. He said it was special die, and was made differently for more #, so it can spin, when the red die was down, he used his elbow and knocked the table so the white die can make the other die can spin again. Yami Bakura said no more of the special rolling. Yami agreed and continued the game.

Now they enter the forest. Miho said she can’t walk anymore, Honda told her to climb on his back. Anzu protested, she was tired of walking too, but no one was carrying her. They reach to the castle, Jounouchi said to be careful, and because doesn’t know what is inside those walls. Yami Bakura opens the castle door, they walk in, and the walls open up.

Zork the Demon King, wasn’t on his throne, and they must find him. Jounouchi yelled out to the Demon to come and fight him.

Yugi walked into this chamber, inside was a stone with a half of a two-digit number; Yami said to them not to go in, it was trap that Yami Bakura built, and he said that they already went in and cannot take another step. The ceiling of the chamber had spikes and it was falling on them. Yami Bakura said it was unfortunate. Luckily, the gang held the ceiling from falling on them. Yami rolls, 04. Yami Bakura tells Yami his challenge was to roll or guess the right number that belongs in the middle square.

Jounouchi said put more strength into keeping the ceiling up. Miho said she can’t put more of her strength because she’s only a gypsy. Jounouchi asked why she chose to be a gypsy; she replied that they get lots of money. Jounouchi said all she can think about was money.

Yami Bakura typed it into the computer; he said there was 30% of a chance of Zork to come out. Yami Bakura rolled the dice, 28. He demon comes out. The demon said thee was no chance of them escaping. Yami rolled, 13, wrong #. Yami Bakura rolled, 41, its not to good for them, the demon breathes fire to the gang. Yami said he won’t lose, he used his puzzle for some ‘brain power’, he figures the #s out its 00, 99, 88 or 66. Yami rolls 66, wrong #. Yami Bakura says it must be 99 in order to put wedge the stone in between. Miho glows off a pink bright light, the stone appears between the two stones, the gang doesn’t have to hold the ceiling anymore. Miho’s special ability has some kind of scapegoat ability, Jounouchi said good job to her. Yami Bakura rolls, he attacks, the demon has missed the gang. Yami rolls, 15, Jounouchi attacks the demon’s chest, rolls again 09, Honda attacks his left arm, rolls a 13, Anzu attacks. Yami Bakura wonders why Yami is so good at rolling the dice, Yami rolls 08, Yugi attacks w/ his monsters. As the gang cheers for defeating the Demon King, he reappears. Yami Bakura chuckles and said, “Fools!! Wrong time to strike!”