Episode Twenty-Seven – Friendship – From Legend to Myth

Bakura had been experiencing pain because of his Millennium Ring, unbeknownst of him that his father gave him. After his first encounter of his ‘other’, he discovers that Yami Bakura has been locking his friends in dolls in a game called Monster World. Because of it, poor Bakura has been changing school many times. The gang went to his apt. to prove to people he wasn’t such a bad guy. Yami Bakura took over Ryou’s body and played Monster World with the gang, all of them trapped in the dolls, Yami Yugi plays for the gang. Yami was doing really well, even got the gang out of a trap. As the gang attacked the Demon King again, and thought they defeated the demon, he reappears again. The gang was stunned that the demon wasn’t killed off yet; Yugi was worried that they will never get a chance to get back to their bodies. The demon was slowly walking towards them. Yami Bakura said they couldn’t win this game, because he was the champion of the game and Monster World was part of him. Yami thought the only reason why Yami Bakura told them to play because he knew they’d never win. Yami Bakura thinking, because Yami was the king of games he can beat him that easily.

Yami Bakura opens up a drawer filled with about eight dolls and dice, and all of them were his previous friends, but he can’t use them because it’s already filled. Yami Bakura takes out the red and white die from the drawer, he thought to himself, he will put his heart into the dice so he can win without difficulty. Yami Bakura said it was the Demon King to attack, he rolls, 00. The gang watches the monster to attack. It knocks them down. Yami Bakura said it gives 50% of damage them.

Yami Bakura said they lost, he checked the computer to see the status of the game. Yami Bakura said he liked modern technology, and couldn’t play the game without it. He was shocked to find that the gang has 1 HP left. Yami believed in them, and will not give up the game. The gang gets up, and thought they were gone for sure.

Yami Bakura was wondering why his left hand was typing, like it had its own mind. On the computer screen, it said to insert Bakura into the game on the Hero side. Yami Bakura wonders why he isn’t in a doll or the ring?…hmmm not sure. It couldn’t be possible, but then again, Yami Bakura thinks, the Demon King’s left arm was damaged, he thought what could a left arm do. He pushes the computer away.

Yami thought it was strange of Yami Bakura getting worried about something while he was typing something on the computer, he thought it was either he typed something wrong or it’s something else.

Yami Bakura and Yami continued the game, Anzu has an effect, and she can restore HP to the good side of the game. Now both had to roll the dice at the same time, if Yami can roll a low # that would beat Yami Bakura #, Anzu can use her effect. Yami Bakura was sure he had 00; Yami said to him to look at the dice again, because the dice never lies, Yami had 09 and Yami Bakura had a 10. Anzu restored the HP, she gang said it felt good and has more stamina to finish the game.

Yami Bakura thought to himself that the dice he rolled wasn’t his and unless, Yami used his magic and rigged his dice, but he reconsidered that thought. Yami said to Yami Bakura that he didn’t look so good. He said he was just getting warmed up, and the Demon King had 80% to do a lot of damage. It was Yami Bakura to roll, he rolled except his left hand rolled for him, it rolled a 99. It was not his dice, the Demon King attack itself. Honda said what an idiot the Demon was to attack itself. Yami Bakura grabbed his left hand so it can stop the movement; he said, “This damned left hand, ugh!”…And here comes the gross part…Yami Bakura used his right hand and rammed his left hand into the pointy roof of the model castle, and boy was it bloody! Yami Bakura chuckled, and said, “… You didn’t think I could stop you Bakura!! *muhaha*”.

Yami thought to himself, “What? Why is he talking to himself, unless…he’s not Bakura!”

Yami Bakura laughed evilly, and took his hand off the roof. Yb asked what was wrong, and told him to roll the dice. Yami thought to himself, that Bakura was in the game somewhere and has a chance to win the game, Yami rolled. Yugi used his magic gloves to hold the Demon with a bright yellow light, the monster said he was stupid, because he’s impossible to defeat. But then, the monster’s left arm had smoke bubbling. Yami Bakura said, “WTF! *well not literally* what is this??”

And out pops Bakura in his cute priest, spellcaster outfit. Yugi said it was he all long, and Bakura told them thanks for setting him free and asks them if he can join them. Yugi and Jounouchi said of course and the more the help, the better.

Yami said to put more faith in the game, and rolled the dice, 15, Honda attacked the monster’s abdominal. Bakura said he used a spell to make the Demon King’s attack lower. You can see the monster’s stomach half gone.

Yami Bakura couldn’t believe Bakura could have betrayed him, but it didn’t matter because the monster will show it’s real form. The Demon King was transforming, into a Vorse Raider/Summoned Skull/Relinquished. Yami Bakura explained it was the true form of the demon, and rolled the dice, 00. On the middle of the monster’s chest, was glowing an orange beam. Bukura used a protection spell to block the attack. Bakura thought, he can’t lose to the Yami Bakura and must use all of his strength to block the attack. The attack was useless but left Bakura weak, Yugi helped him up and asked if he was okay. Bakura said he was fine, and asked Anzu to use her powers to do some of the magic, if they cannot defeat the demon the next turn, they would lose and he will never get his body back. Honda and Jounouchi said they’d fight the demon. Yugi thought to himself, something was strange about the demon, because the demon had different areas on his body to attack full strength. Yami said he demon has a weakness, and that middle circle was the weakness, which it turned into an eye now. It was closing, Yami Bakura said once the hole closes again, it will regain more power and the gang would be destroyed…he said…”muhahah”. The fairy like jigglypuff demon that Yugi turned into a good monster, flew into the monster’s hole, it said the gang couldn’t lose so they must attack the monster now. She said it was an honor to have played with them, now it’s her turn to do something in return for turning her good. They promised to release her back from the demon. Yugi used his magic gloves, used a punch attack on the demon, and saved the fairy.

Yami Bakura was pissed! Yami rolled, and Jounouchi attacked and cut the demon in half, the gang it was over, but Yami told them it wasn’t over yet. Honda said it’s so hard to kill. Yami Bakura said the result of the game was almost over, and he was about to win, now they must roll the dice. If they lose, they will die…well duh. Yami Yugi, held the dice between his fingers, and then held the dice in his hand. Yami Bakura, held the dice in his hand, said he would put all of his spirit into the dice, win the game, and send them to hell.

Yami Yugi and Yami Bakura throw the dice into the field dramatically and in slow motion. Yami Yugi rolled out 00, and if Yami Bakura rolls out a 00, he will lose!!! Yami Bakura rolls out a 00! There was fear in Yami’s eyes, and Yami Bakura said to him there was no way Yami would EVER win his game…then what?? YB’s dice started to glow and crack. Here’s the conversation between Bakura and Yami Bakura:

Bakura: (Comes out of the dice) I won’t let you hurt my friends. Yami Bakura: What? Bakura: I want you out of my body too. Yami Bakura: You were in my dice and made me lose the game! How dare you betray me!!! (Rips his shirt open, reveals the Millennium Ring) Ugh!…I’ll make you pay! DIE!!! GO TO HELL!!! Bakura: (Being shocked by the beam of the ring) Ahh…ugh…! (the gang was behind Bakura.) Yami Bakura: What? All of you were in my dice??

Jounouchi: Heh, We’re all here to help Bakura. (Yami Bakura dice shatters into pieces) Yami: Heh, your dice has been broken and what’s left is my dice, YOU LOSE!!! Anzu, attack!!! Anzu: Magic Wand Attack!

She attacks the head of the Demon, it’s destroyed, and the gang doesn’t believe they won. YB’s ring starts to glow, Bakura is back to normal, he faints onto the table, the string of the ring breaks off and drops onto the floor, and Yami quickly rushes to Bakura. The puzzle glows, Yugi is back.

Bakura wakes up, Yugi said everything’s okay. The rest of them wake up, and said they won. Anzu said to Miho they had returned to the their bodies and was relieved.

Everything was back to normal, the gang was running late for school, the gym teacher scolded them, the gang fell on top of each other. The gym teacher said they would have to go to detention after school.

Back in the classroom, Jounouchi and Honda said it was unfair, because they saved the gym teacher’s ass from Monster World and he’d showed no appreciation for saving him and Jounouchi said it was better off leaving him in the game.

Bakura shows up, they say good morning. Bakura said he had a surprise for them. He shows a diorama of the gang and Yami holding a large die. He said it was a memento of their friendship and nothing will ever change their friendship!