Episode Twenty-One – The Greatest Game Tournament!

Kaiba was thinking in his office about Yugi, trying to find a way to beat him. Mokuba asked if Yugi bothered him, and he said he had a perfect plan for Yugi. Bakura transferred into Yugi’s school. I don’t understand but they call him Alan, I guess it’s just translated like that in Chinese. During their free time, the girls in the class bothered him, one said “Hey pretty boy.” Hahah…I thought it was funny! Jounouchi said Bakura wasn’t that great looking because he had a weird head. Bakura shoved the girls away, and asked Yugi where he got his Millennium Puzzle. Miho remembered him, and asked Bakura if he remembered her. Honda was shocked she knew the new kid. Bakura said he never seen her before, and the girls started to say Miho was a liar. Bakura asked if he could see it. When Bakura held the puzzle in his hands, the puzzle glowed and grew some pain in his body.

After school, the gang was walking, Bakura included. Bakura said it must be cool, living in a game store. Yugi and Bakura had a whole conversation about games. Bakura said he liked board games too. Miho invited him to go to the arcade. When they got there, Yugi didn’t know what game to play, Jounouchi looked at this one game with the high score, with the initials KAI. These little boys said it was Kaiba’s little brother. Jounouchi and Yugi said they never knew Kaiba had a brother.

Bakura was using the claw machine…the one with the claw and you grab a prize, he grabbed Anzu a prize. Miho said he was really great at it, and Honda suggested to grab a prize for her. Well, he didn’t get anything for her. Yugi and Jounouchi played a fighting game like Tekken. Yugi chose this Law guy…Bruce Lee, but his name was Dragon One character to play. Jounouchi lost, and Miho wanted to play and kicked Jounouchi’s butt. Then letter the gang wanted to play a racing car game. Honda said he must beat Bakura. Kaiba and Mokuba interrupted their game. The two said Yugi must come to Kaibaland to get his grandfather back tomorrow morning.

The puzzle started to glow and Bakura felt pain again. Miho asked if he was okay, and offered to bring him back home. Honda didn’t trust Bakura with her and left with them. Yugi said all the bad stuff happening ever since he got the Millennium Puzzle. Jounouchi said he’d help him in this tournament, because he knew how he felt. Anzu and Jounouchi said they were going to get a drink for him. This guy said to play the fighting game with him; Yugi won and played the game with him again. Yugi won, and he saw whom he was playing against. It was the Dragon One look alike, and he beat Yugi and took his puzzle. Jounouchi said he’d get the puzzle back for him. The guy said to play a little game with him. They were to fight on top of the river, which a pipe was running on top of it. Whoever would fall into the river first, would lose. Jounouchi blocked all of the guy’s hits, and splashed soda on him and he fell into the river. Jounouchi said, “Be careful, try not to catch a cold.” Jounouchi gave Yugi back his puzzle, said he’d always be there for him, and will go with him to save his grandfather.

We see Jounouchi reading a Play Station magazine; he said he has to read the whole thing to win tomorrow.

Anzu was cooking food, for the gang. She was making an omelet. Anzu said Yugi liked anything, Honda liked chicken, Miho liked pork, and she had no idea what Jounouchi liked in his lunch.

Miho was getting ready to go to sleep, and combing her hair. She said that she was worried about Bakura, but was worried about Yugi too.

Honda was meditating, and said he has to win for tomorrow.

Yugi said the puzzle bought him many friends, but then it has also bought him bad things and losing him. He vowed to bring grandpa back home.

Bakura looked at himself in the mirror, and unbuttoned his shirt to reveal his Millennium Ring; he said his item looked very familiar to Yugi’s puzzle. He doesn’t know why it brings him so much pain.

Morning, Yugi and Jounouchi are walking together to Kaibaland, one by one the rest of the gang show up. We see Bakura behind them, still in pain. He wanted to go, but has faith in them winning the game.