Episode Twenty-Four – Decision Time, the Miracle of Friendship

Level 5: Yami VS. Kaiba, Duel Monsters

Kaiba was getting ready for the duel; he took his briefcase and left the monitoring area to the Dueling arena.

Bakura was leaving, he thought, “Something in me wants to come out.” He changes to Yami Bakura, he said that Yugi’s opponent now was Kaiba, but next he will be his next enemy.

Miho and Jounouchi, find Grandpa and Honda in an hourglass. The top was filled water and it was slowly dripping in the bottom. Honda woke up, he and Jounouchi was trying to break the glass but the hourglass rose up to the ceiling.

Irene and the Game Guy showed up, the two said they were paid to play a game with them until Kaiba wins the duel. Irene and Jounouchi were dressed up in this armor that their partner would control them. At first, Irene was kicking his ass. Jounouchi was kicked onto the controlling booth, he told Miho, “What happened? When we were in the arcade you even beat me in the fighting game…” and slid off the glass. She replied, ” I’m still getting used to the controls.”

Yami and Kaiba enter the dueling box. Kaiba congratulated him to making it this far into the tournament, but it ended here. They shuffled each other’s decks. Yami said he has to win b/c his grandfather’s heart was in his deck. Kaiba thought that he had 3 BEWD he can win.

It’s like Heart of the Cards episode again. The duel started with 2000LP. Yami went first; he summoned the Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1. Kaiba summoned the Hitostu-Me Giant, I believe, and then Yami destroyed his monster, and took 200 pts from his LP. Kaiba then summoned that Wicked Worm Beast, and Yami destroyed that monster too. Kaiba summoned Saggi the Dark Clown and equipped it with Dark Energy. He destroyed Yami’s Dragon. Yami’s LP is now 1600, he draws the right leg of Exodia, and put Koumori Dragon face down, and then summons Gaia the Fierce Knight and destroys Saggi. Kaiba summons his first BEWD and destroys Gaia. Yami puts, what looks like a Feral Imp, but a red one, face down. Kaiba summons another BEWD. Yami draws out Swords of Revealing Light. Kaiba puts down Armored Rat face down. Yami now has left leg, right leg, and left arm of Exodia. He draws out the right arm. Then Yugi remembers Grandpa saying that the most powerful monster in the game was Exodia, and if you assemble all 5 pieces, you win the game. Yami thought if Grandpa put all those pieces in the deck. Kaiba draws and summons his last BEWD.

Back to Jounouchi and Miho’s game, Jounouchi does a special move, and loses almost all of his energy in his gauge. Irene kicks his ass down. Then 5 hands lift him up. Irene and the Game Guy questioned why his energy gauge was up again. Jounouchi said it was the spirit of his friends that lifted him up. Jounouchi defeated Irene.

Yami was scared to a draw a card. The deck was getting further away, and he realizes his friends and grandfather were there by spirit and shouldn’t give up.

Yami draws the head of Exodia, and pieces all the cards. Exodia annihilates Kaiba’s BEWD. Yami preaches about the ‘Heart of the Cards’ and Mind Crushes Kaiba.

Mokuba comes in the dueling box, and tries to wake his brother up. Yami explains he has destroyed his darkness, will wake up soon and be the good Seto.

Yami sees everyone, and changes back to Yugi.

Yugi says he’s happy to be safe and sound, and thanked his friends for helping him. Jounouchi said he wanted to tell him something, and ended up playing a little game of tag with him.