Episode Twenty-Five – A New Battle, the Attack of the Handsome Boy, Bakura!

It was the beginning of school, Jounouchi was so happy that the tournament have gained him muscle. Miho sees Bakura, “Hey, pretty boy Bakura, how’ve you been?” Bakura’s ring started to glow, and for a second, Yami Bakura appeared, then Bakura changed back. Yugi asked if he was getting used to the new school. Bakura felt pain again, and excused himself to the bathroom. Jounouchi said that he’s going to the bathroom because he had diarrhea and was going to fart up a storm. xD Miho didn’t find it funny, so she slapped him. She said he a big mouth, and should keep it to himself. Jounouchi said, “Hey you never know!”

The boys were at gym class, and Jounouchi was told he was jogging to slow, and the gym teacher wanted him to hop like a bunny instead of jogging. Honda and Yugi were talking how the teacher was being unfair to Jounouchi. The teacher caught them talking, and the two started to hop too.Bakura was late to gym class, he said he wasn’t feeling so well. The teacher, Karita said he should stop making excuses for flaunting himself to the girls and will have to run eight more laps. Bakura said he wasn’t lying; Jounouchi, Yugi and Honda were standing up for Bakura. Karita told them, that they shouldn’t be friends with Bakura anymore Yami Bakura/c he’s a troublemaker, by making his friends crazy or even disappearing, that was why he exchanged schools so many times. The guys it couldn’t be true, but Bakura said it was true. Bakura said not to be friends with him anymore, and ran off to jog. Back in homeroom, the guys including the girls, said it was gibberish that Bakura would do something like that, and left school early because of his pain. Miho suggested go visit him and prove to others that he wasn’t a bad guy.

In Bakura’s apartment you see rows and rows of dolls. He was sitting at his desk, still wondering why he’s in such pain. Yami Bakura talked to Bakura. I was requested to type the conversation. Here goes the conversation:

Bakura: (Still in pain) Oh no, it’s happening again. I have to change schools again. Yami Bakura: It’s because of your friends. Bakura: It’s the voice again. Yami Bakura: It’s that Millennium Puzzle that’s causing your pain. Bakura: Who are you? Come out and show yourself. Yami Bakura: I’m the other personality inside of you, in the Millennium Ring. Bakura: Millennium Ring? (opens his shirt) You mean this thing? Yami Bakura: Heheheh, you should know better. Once you put this thing on, I went inside of your body. Bakura: I don’t care what you are, what your intentions are, I just want you out of my body, hurry get out!! Yami Bakura: You want me out of your body? I’ve even helped you to get friends. (Flashback of Ryou playing with sand as a toddler) Don’t you remember when you were a child, everyone teased you and no one wanted to be your friend? And inside you wanted friends so badly to play with you. I helped you get friends and trapped them inside those dolls so you can be with them forever. Bakura: All of my friends…are turned into dolls… because of the Millennium Ring?? Yami Bakura: The Millennium Puzzle, has special powers inside, so does the ring. Bakura: I know what your intentions are now, you want Yugi’s puzzle and hurt him. I won’t let you hurt him. Yami Bakura: I’ve been waiting in the Millennium Ring to take that power, since you’ve put it on, now I have a vessel. Now I can do my work. Bakura: What? Yami Bakura: How about you take a nap just for a while? Bakura: What? No stop what you’re doinggg!!!

Yami Bakura comes out. The gym teacher was in the gym supply warehouse. He sees Bakura.

Karita: Heh, didn’t you go home already? Yami Bakura: I’m going to send you to hell!!! (he points, a big flash of light appears)

Back in Bakura’s apartment. Bakura: Huh, what just happened? Yami Bakura: Don’t worry about it. Heh, I feel the puzzle near by. Bakura: No! (feels pain again) Yugi you mustn’t come up! (heads to the door, rings the buzzer)

Yami Bakura takes over, the gang comes in, takes off their shoes. Miho asks if his pain has gone away, he replies that it was nothing. Jounouchi notices all of his dolls, Yami Bakura said has collection them. Yugi said it was a game called Monster World, each time you win, you win a doll. Yami Bakura said it was his favorite game, Yugi asks if he had it and wanted to play it. Miho said she was excited and wanted to play too.

Yami Bakura led them to the next room, where he had a whole table set up. He told them to choose their characters, the characters that looked them the most they should pick. They went of to pick their characters, (heh, the dolls looked EXCATLY like them.). Yugi thought something about Bakura was different put couldn’t put his finger on it. Yami Bakura thought to himself, that soon they play, he will get their souls.

Yami Bakura typed up the characters that were going to be played onto the computer (I was surprised that he typed so fast). Yugi was a magician, Anzu was a magician, Miho was a gypsy, Jounouchi and Honda were warriors. Jounouchi with a sword and Honda with a gun.

Yami Bakura explained how the game was going to be played. It was like a RPG, there were two sides, the good and the bad. The 5 were the good and if it wasn’t predictable Yami Bakura was the bad. The guys were to find the demon, and destroy it. They had to ask people where the demon was, and go through forests and such. If they were to counter the demon, they would have to roll dice to play the number of the strength they rolled. 00 was the strongest counter to play and 99 you couldn’t attack at all.

Review of the dice: There are two 10 sides dice, red and white. A red dice is the second digit of number (10-90) while a white dice is the first digit of number (1-9). If total amount is close to 99, a player gets less attack’s chance. If total amount is close to 00 called ‘Critical’, a player has better chance to attack. The point to decide if a player can succeed in attacking is probability set by a game controller (Yami Bakura). For example, if the game controller gets data from the computer that probability to win a monster is 30%, a player has to toss the dice and get total amount less than 30 in order to destroy that monster.

Jounouchi’s doll walked into the tavern and asked where the demon it was. To his surprise the guy looked like the gym teacher, Karita. He told to look at the doll, and guess whom it looked like. The doll spoke and said to save him, Jounouchi asked who called out his name. The doll said that they shouldn’t play the game before their souls get trapped too. They ignored it and went on.

A demon appeared, Jounouchi rolled a 13, killed the demon.

They spotted a doll knocked down. Miho suggested they help the doll out. The doll said thank you for helping him up and asked them to help find his saw for him in the forest. Yami Bakura set out the forest, and said there was 80% that the demon would come out. The bunch of demons appeared in the forest.

Jounouchi rolled the special dice; it was a diamond shaped die. The red die was the first digit and the white dir was the 2nd digit. It was a 82, cannot attack. Honda rolled the dice, it was 21, and attacked a demon. Yugi rolled, it was 25, and turned one of the demons into a cutesy fairy monster with a big pair of gloves, hehe it was cute! Miho rolled, 76, and got a sack of money Anzu rolled 00, and destroyed all the demons. I noticed her wand looks like the DMG has. They asked if they would see the demon soon.

The doll that lost the saw said they wouldn’t have to look anymore, it was their lucky day to be trapped in the game. He turned into the demon, and it looked a lot like a Vorse Raider with a face of a Summoned Skull, it’s name was Zork.

Yami Bakura rolled 00, he trapped her soul in the game. They asked why he would do such a thing. He said it was beginning a Dark Game. Miho was trapped in the doll and wondered why everyone was so big, then she realized she became a doll.

Yami Bakura explained they HAD to get 00 to save her.

Honda rolled the dice and got 05, was body was trapped in the doll too. Jounouchi said he had to roll; his hand was trembling, Yami Bakura asked if he was nervous to roll. He said he wasn’t afraid of him and won’t lose. Jounouchi rolled a 99, Yami Bakura pointed, Jounouchi went to Monster World.

Yami Bakura was evilly laughing his pretty little head off and said they have the worst luck and it was Yugi’s turn to roll.

Yugi had a pissed off look on his face. Yugi volunteered himself to be a doll because friends have to stick together no matter what, and Anzu volunteered herself as well. Yami Bakura said they were complete idiots for doing that. No one would play for them, he has the this game. Then he saw Yami.

Yami said not to celebrate just yet. Yami Bakura was surprised to find another Yugi. Yami said he will take their place and said to the gang they were in good hands, because why? He was the king of the dice (huh???, That’s what he said *shrugs*). Then the recycled phrase, “Together we win, or together we’ll fall…”