Episode Three – It Comes, The Strongest Monster

Two men were beating a student on top of the roof. The student begged not to hurt him anymore and not take his card away. His card was the Dark Magician, and it was dear to him because his father gave it to him. The men continue to beat the kid up until the card flies into a green haired boy’s hand. One of the men told to him that they wiped the school clean of powerful cards. The suits and the boy continue to walk out to the school. The boy looks at the Dark Magician then we see Yugi holding a card explaining how a new game has come out and becoming popular in school. It was called Magic and Wizards.

Jounouchi saw the many cards Yugi had, and said it was probably complicated to play, which includes the ‘field magic’ boost for the cards on the mat. Yugi goes through the whole rules of the game and how the person would win the game. Anzu thought it was cute and Jounouchi thought these games were not for him but little kids. Honda comes in with the President of Student Council slash around him, saying he liked games that challenged the mind and only stupid people play the easy games. Jounouchi was about to kick his ass until Anzu asked what the slash was for. Honda explained how he was president and now he had to inflict the rules on Yugi and his cards that they should not be allowed in school. Yugi said some cards were very rare and would sell houses for them. Honda had a whole speech how he was making a difference in the school, until he was the only one standing in front of the talking. The teacher told embarrassed Honda to sit down.

The teacher had an announcement of a new student coming in the class. Seto Kaiba came in the class and greeted the class. Everyone gasped that a rich boy and the CEO of his own company would come to a crumby class like this. Yugi was excited and wanted to know if he liked games too. Jounouchi said that just the look him he wasn’t that great of a person. The teacher sat Kaiba next to Yugi. Kaiba noticed one of Yugi’s cards on the floor and picked it up for him, Yugi asked if he knew how to play the game. Kaiba nodded and told Yugi he loved playing DM (I’m just calling it DM from now on, although it’s Magic and Wizards).

The dismissal bell rang and Kaiba was in his limo talking to Yugi. Kaiba invited him to his house at four. The car drove off and Miho said how beautiful his car was. Anzu asked if Yugi was happy to make a new friend. Yugi nodded and said that he invited him to his house to play DM, Miho said she wanted to go play too.

Yugi suggested the whole gang to came along too and Kaiba wouldn’t mind more people coming over. Miho and Honda the last to arrive at Kaiba’s mansion. Kaiba’s voice told them to come in, the gates opened. When the gang went inside, their faces were in awe. Kaiba was happy to see everyone came. Seriously, he gave a smile. The gang was following Kaiba to one of his rooms. Jounouchi told Anzu how Kaiba was such a peppy boy. Honda disagreed and Jounouchi was about to kick Honda’s ass. Anzu stopped the fight, but Kaiba said he didn’t mind the feuding and finds it funny.He showed the gang his room of DM cards and trophies. Miho said he would love to see a duel.

Honda said he had two tickets to see a game. Kaiba said he could buy them a private arena where they would watch. Miho said it was a great idea and gave Kaiba hug. Honda, of course was jealous. Kaiba asked Yugi id he had any rare cards. Yugi responded that he doesn’t have many. Anzu asked Yugi about the card that his grandfather had. At first Yugi wasn’t sure to show it to Kaiba, but Kaiba wanted to see it badly.

At the Kame Shop, Grandpa showed the rare card everyone wanted to see, Kaiba’s eyes widened. It was a Blue Eyes White Dragon, Miho said she thought the rare card had jewels attached to it, and it was cheap. Kaiba was willing to trade a briefcase of DM cards for that one card. Grandpa said it wasn’t for sale. Grandpa said the value was important, because his friend gave it to him. The gang said Grandpa was crazy if he didn’t accept that offer. Kaiba said Grandpa was right, and left the store.

The next day in school, Jounouchi and Honda were playing DM and argued that Honda won when Jounouchi played a powerful card, Blackland Fire Dragon and while Honda played a weak one. Yugi said the field power bonus gave Honda a hand up in the game. Kaiba came in the classroom, and asked Yugi had the Blue Eyes White Dragon with him. Yugi dug it out from his school bag and explained how hard it was convincing his grandfather to borrow it for a day. Kaiba explained he wanted to see the card again because it reminded him of the ‘Heart of the Cards’ (Can I say B.S?). Yugi gave Kaiba the card, and did the whole card switch, giving Yugi the fake one. Honda and Jounouchi saw what Kaiba did.

Yugi was walking home staring at the Blue Eyes. Anzu walked over to Yugi and said she was surprised that he wasn’t with Honda, Jounouchi and Kaiba playing DM together. Yugi knew something was wrong.

On the school roof, Kaiba asked why they asked him to got up there. Jounouchi and Honda said they saw the card switch. Kaiba laughed, he said he wouldn’t do such a thing. Jounouchi grabbed Kaiba’s shirt about to punch him, until Kaiba’s bodyguard stopped his attack. Kaiba said the guards would never bring any harm to him. Yugi ran to the roof and saw Jounouchi and Honda beaten up. Kaiba said to Yugi, he only did that because they attacked him first. Yugi knew he switched his card with a fake, and pleaded to give it back to him.

Kaiba pushed Yugi to the ground. Kaiba said the ‘Heart of the Cards’ was crap and DM was strictly was about power, and left the roof. The suits punched Yugi in the stomach, he fell onto the ground. His puzzle began to glow. Yami rose from the ground and gave a chuckle.Kaiba was walking to his limo when Yami stopped him. Yami said it was time to play a game. Jounouchi and Honda woke up and saw the suits all beaten up.

Kaiba and Yami were about to play DM, Kaiba said it was no match for him to play because he was world champion. Yami said this game was going to be different.They began with 2000 LP. Kaiba started the game with a Ryu-ashin *I think* (1000 ATK and 1500 DEF), he placed the card onto the field and it came alive. Yami said the game was different now, he placed a Blackland Fire Dragon into to he field and destroyed Kaiba’s monster. Kaiba’s LP 1500. Kaiba’s card disappeared from the field, and wanted to know why it happened. Yami said it was the inside play of the Game of Darkness. Kaiba gave a chuckle and said it was the most exciting DM game he ever played and soon will win. He summoned the Battle Ox (1700 ATK 1000 DEF) and destroyed his dragon. Yami’s LP 1500 (for some reason the screen said that, while it supposed to be 1800, am I right?). Yami put the Mystical Elf in defense mode, (800 ATK, 2000 DEF). Kaiba drew a card, put on it on the field face down. Yami drew what it looks like to be a Skull Servant (300 ATK, and 200 DEF). Kaiba used a Megamorph, well it looks like, to power up his Battle Ox and destroyed Yami’s Mystical Elf. Kaiba said to give up, but Yami didn’t. Yami drew a powerful card, Summoned Skull (2500 ATK, 1200 DEF) and destroyed Battle Ox. Kaiba’s LP 1200, Yami’s 1500. Kaiba cheated, snuck a Blue Eyes on top of his deck. He summoned him. Yami’s LP was starting to decrease to 50. Kaiba started to get angry when the dragon wouldn’t attack. Yami explained the card was not his but the card belong to his grandfather and would only obey to the person who owns it, the card to dissolve. Yami’s turn, he drew a Monster Reborn, he took back the Blue Eyes and attacked Kaiba directly, Kaiba’s LP 100. Kaiba drew a card, I don’t know what the name is (2000 ATK, 800 DEF) and the volcano field gave Kaiba’s monster a power boast.Kaiba was gone, the chairs and table were knocked over. Yami said Kaiba couldn’t handle the power of the Blue Eyes White Dragon. Yami picked up the card from the floor. Kaiba was back in his home throwing his trophies all over his room and vowed to show up that Yugi next time.The next day, Yugi, Jounouchi and Anzu were walking to school. Aznu said Yugi was fortunate to have found the card. Yugi said that Honda and Jounouchi helped. Jounouchi said he didn’t do much but someone else did. Honda was riding on his bike, and Miho said she was going to be late. Honda told the gang he picked her up as he passed her house. He rode into a pole. The two fell down into the ground on top of each other.