Episode Six – An Unavoidable Friendship Battle

At the university, Professor Yoshimori was reading the newspaper about the Kanekura professor that was sent to a mental hospital. He could not believe the story of the Games of Darkness the professor was talking about was true. In the mirror, he sees Shadii behind him. He introduced himself. Since, Prof. Yoshimori was part of the Egyptian project he was to be tested in the in a Game of Darkness.

Sugoroku was walking down the street about to visit the professor, until he saw the professor fall out the window. Sugoroku rushed to his side. Shadii said it was shame to see a man that to fail the test. He left the office.

At the hospital, Sugoroku came out of the professor’s room and told the gang to go home because it was getting late. The gang left the hospital; Jounouchi said it was those mummies that caused all that happened. Miho said she was scared, but Honda reassured her she would be safe with her. Jounouchi was teasing Honda about the subject. Anzu told them not to be loud and people were sleeping. Shadii follows them, and remembers the game Yami had played with him earlier. He said he must test the vessel of the spirit to see if his heart was true, because he felt Yami’s heart weighing down in his heart chamber. Anzu was to turn right to a street to go home, the gang said their goodbyes. Shadii thought it was a good idea to use her as a puppet. Shadii used the key to find was in her mind. It was mainly feminine objects; dreams of New York and a boy she liked.

The next day, Jounouchi was wearing all these charms and crosses; all anti-vampire things, to ward off the spirit of those mummies. Honda thought he was being silly, and the fact during this time and age, a mummy wouldn’t rise up from the dead. Anzu walks in the classroom, Yugi greeted her, she didn’t answer, something was strange happened to her eyes. She gave Yugi an eerie smile.

During gym, the coach ordered Yugi to get the tennis ball machine in the equipment shack. He found the machine and was almost killed by metal pipes that almost fell on him; Anzu was hiding in the corner of the shack. Back in the building, Jounouchi and Honda asked if he was alright. They were walking to the staircase when a basketball hit Yugi in the stomach. He fell into the floor; he went to the nurse’s office. Yugi noticed no one was there. Anzu was hiding in the room.

Jounouchi and Honda noticed Miho waiting in front of the nurse’s office. Honda asked if anything was wrong, if she sick, and if she needed a blood transfusion. If she did, he would give all of his blood to her. Miho said nothing was wrong with her, but she was concerned about Anzu, because she walked into the office. The gang opened the door and saw Anzu choking the heck out of Yugi. She let go, Shadii said to him, controlling Anzu that they have to play another game. He/she ran out of the office. Jounouchi asked Yugi if he was okay. Yugi said he was but wanted to help Anzu.

They began to search for Anzu. They had no luck finding her. Jounouchi said it was the mummies again; Honda had a bad feeling about this and told them something. They were in a bit of a shock. Honda said it was a good idea to split up to look her. They split up quickly, Shadii was behind him.

Yugi saw Anzu walking on the staircase and followed her. She led him to the roof, where he saw Shadii. Yugi saw Anzu on the edge of a wooden board suspended by rope, the key and 4 porcelain dolls. Shadii explained about Yugi’s other personality, Yugi had no idea what he was talking about. Shadii wanted to see the other him and used Anzu as a mind puppet. Jounouchi and Miho see each other and still no luck finding Anzu, the two Honda possessed. He started to chase them.

The sky became dark, Yami came out. He told Shadii was he becoming an annoyance. Shadii explained the consequences if he would lose or won the game. If he lost, Anzu would die, and he would have to explain the mystery behind the puzzle and how he solved it, while it took 3,000 years for someone to finally solve it. Shadii explained the Game of Darkness. The roof started to crumble some holes, a monster came out behind of Yami and held Yami arms back. The porcelain dolls represented Yami’s heart, and would break one by one, which was attached to rope and held by the board. The only way to get Anzu back to normal was by the key.

The first game, Yami had to solve a riddle. Another doll broke. There was 9 squares and had to guess what was behind of it. But the rule was, he was not allowed to turn the squares over. Shadii gave him only one clue. The clue was a reflection of him. Yami guessed it was a demon that was holding him back. He was released from the demon.

Jounouchi and Miho kept on running and turned to a corner of the hallway, Jounouchi told Honda to catch him. Miho sprayed Honda with the fire distinguisher and told to wake up. It didn’t do the trick. Jounouchi punched him in face, and was sorry to do it. Honda grabbed Jounouchi’s neck and was about push him out of the window. Jounouchi noticed Anzu standing on the board.

The second game was a ‘death’ game. The ground around Yami collapsed. A spiritual version Jounouchi appeared. ‘Jounouchi’ ripped the puzzle off of Yami’s neck. Another doll broke. Shadii explained it was the pain part of Yugi’s heart. ‘Jounouchi’ said it was girly to wear, and Yugi’s spirit was hurt from the comment. The game was to throw the puzzle like die. If the Wadjet part of the puzzle landed, the person would have to walk two paces until they walk into the pit. Jounouchi rolled on the eye, Yami walked two paces up. ‘Jounouchi’ said it was his turn to roll, Yami said he wouldn’t play such a dangerous game with him and told him to go his turn. ‘Jounouchi’ rolled again, the eye, he walked another two paces, until Yami was at the edge. Shadii said he must be foolish to not roll. It was ‘Jounouchi’s’ turn, but he would not roll the puzzle, his spirit desegregated. Yami was won the game.

As the last doll broke, the key slid over to Anzu’s hand, she started to freak out, but the board was still, Jounouchi was holding the board from the bottom. He told her to hurry up and walk to the roof. Possessed Honda was climbing onto Jounouchi. Anzu was about to fall; Yugi held into Anzu’s hand, in time Miho and Yugi pulled her up. The board fell on Honda’s head, he became normal again. He looked down and wrapped himself onto Jounouchi because he was afraid to fall. Jounouchi warned Honda not to touch ‘there’.

The wooden board fell down and the key, Shadii caught the key. He said he’d never experienced such a complex mind and meet Yugi once again.