Episode Seven – A Chaotic Background of Digital Pet

It was early in the morning, school was about to begin. A big fat bully, known as Kujirada was pushing students around that were getting in his way. Two girls said he was a quiet and smart kid, but became a bully. He pushed a student into the trash. He said he was sorry for ruining his uniform and threw money at the kid.

In middle of class, a noise was disturbing the class. Jounouchi rushed to take care of his digital pet, the so-called Tamagotchi that everyone was into a few years back. The teacher asked him what he was doing. Jounouchi told him about the new fad in Japan, the teacher never heard of a toy like that. Jounouchi said something was wrong with him if he didn’t know what the latest thing was. The teacher was offended and punched his head onto the desk.

It was lunchtime; Yugi and Anzu told Jounouchi was an idiot for keeping the pet on in class. Honda was wondering where Miho was, for she hasn’t been in school. Honda said the only reason why Jounouchi kept a digital pet because he couldn’t take care of a real pet and said the digital pets were a waste of time, and would rather clean up crap from the park. Miho walked in late in class, Honda wanted to know why she was so late. Miho explained she was taking care of her digital pet all night and didn’t get much sleep because she wanted to win a trip to Australia. If a person could take best care of their digital pet, they would win. Honda said he would take care of the pet for her so she’d get more sleep. The gang said he was such a hypocrite.

One of classmates in his class, a nerdy kid, Hanasaki was banging his head onto the table. Yugi asked why he was doing that; he replied that he was just stressed out. The bully, Kujirada called out to Hanasaki to come outside the hallway. He walked out the classroom, Yugi followed him out. Kujirada and Hanasaki were in the boys’ bathroom; Yugi saw a money exchange between the two. Yugi, literally screamed like a girl and shut his mouth with his hand. He couldn’t believe what was happening. The two came out from the bathroom. Yugi stopped Hanasaki to ask him if he was in some sort of trouble. Hanasaki denied it, he walked half way to the hall. Yugi saw him starting to cry. Yugi told him he could ask him for help if anything happened. Yugi handed him an extra digital pet, and told him, if he ever felt sad, just play with it. Hanasaki smiled.

The next day, the teacher came in. He looked around the class and asked where Honda was. The gang looked over to his desk and wondered where he was too. The teacher spotted Honda’s note. It said he was going to be absent for a while to take care of a digital pet, the teacher had a surprised look on his face.

Back at Honda’s house, he said he must take care of the pet. He imagined Miho running in a bathing suit to him. Honda dropped the digital pet, and started to take care of it. He said if he couldn’t take care of the pet, he said he’d be a bad father when he and Miho had children. It was night, Honda’s mother yelled at him for playing with the pet and told him to sleep.

After school, the gang was walking home and saw a large crowd surrounding a display window. It was the golden digital pet. Yugi explained only 800 were made and it was worth at least 1,000 yen. Kujirada walked over, smashed the window and took out the golden digital pet. The story owner began to yell at him. Kujirada said he was sorry for breaking the window and threw cash at the owner’s face. The owner was greedy and started to grab all the money in the air. Kujirada said to the gang, if you had money, you get power. A person was on the computer printing out pictures of Kujirada and had a sinister smile on his face.

It has been 3 days since Honda has been in school. Yugi was taking care of his pet, which had his hairstyle, and named him U2. Anzu said it was cute and Jounouchi came storming in the classroom and told her to look at his pet. It had an angry look on its face, Anzu said it was ugly. Jounouchi asked Yugi to fight each other’s pets. The two attached their pets together. Jounouchi’s pet began to kick Yugi’s pet, and left the fighting scene. Kujirada came in and grabbed Anzu’s digital pet and destroyed her pet by eating it. Jounouchi challenged him to fight each other’s pets. Kujirada’s pet ate Jounouchi’s pet. Honda stormed in, and challenged Kujirada to fight with his pet. Honda looked horrible with no sleep at all. The pet had a broom and began to fight Kujirada’s super pet. Honda won the fight. Kujirada threw his pet onto the floor and left the classroom. Honda explained that his pet was meant to ‘take out the trash’.

Kujirada was outside of the school, punching the wall. Hanasaki was filming Kujirada punching the wall.

After school, Honda was walking Miho home. She said him who she should take to the trip to Australia. Honda imagined her in the bathing suit again. Someone had kidnapped her. The person left a note and told him to come to a warehouse. Yugi saw Kujirada kidnapping Miho, and followed him.

Honda went to the warehouse and wanted to see the coward who had taken Miho. He saw Kujirada but fell on the floor unconscious, therefore he’d been whipped on his back. Honda saw Hanasaki, with a crazy look on his face about to whip him. Yugi came him and told Hanasaki to stop whatever he was doing. Hanasaki said he turned several good students into bullies who were his slaves. He showed him the album he created. He told Yugi was didn’t need his friendship anymore and threw back the digital pet back to him, and whipped Yugi’s face. Yugi fell onto the floor. Hanasaki told Honda he’d be the next victim, and began to whip him. Honda dodged his whips until, he was whipped on the face. Honda fell on the floor, he said to Yugi he was feeling sleepy. Yugi was whipped again, as well as Honda. Yugi’s puzzle began to glow. Yami Yugi came out and challenged Hanasaki to a Game of Darkness.

Hanasaki accepted, they were to play with their digital pets. The pets came out of the console and began to fight each other. At first, U2 was losing but used his special punch effect and beat down Neal’s pet. Hanasaki whipped the monster to get up. The pet didn’t like to be ordered around, and ate Hanasaki. Yami said, the Darkness Door was already opened by him. Hanasaki became scared and started to go nuts. Yami put the sleeping Miho next to the sleeping Honda. She was sleep talking, she said “I want you to came with me to Australia…Mommy.”