Episode Nineteen – A Fussy Popularity Beauty Contest!

Honda being the President of Student Council, he held a meeting with the rest of the students, one student wasn’t pay attention to the new changes, but looking at a picture of a gir, Kaorukol. Honda yelled at him for not paying attention, the guy explained that the girl was the hottest girl in the world, and has a fan club about her. Honda disagrees and tells him that Miho is most beautiful looking girl. They couldn’t decide, so they held a beauty competition in school. They made a bet that the school would choose the prettiest looking girl…that would be the senior or Miho.

Yugi and Jounouchi read about it on the poster. Yugi says that Anzu would be the best candidate for it, and Jounouchi said he’d be the best…well…because he just wanted the money to buy a new bike, and that was the only way to get it.

Miho opened her locker to find that she would be a top contender, she didn’t really care about it, Kaorukol said she isn’t pretty enough to enter, and she shows off all the presents she got from the boys. Honda asked Miho, but she didn’t care and she didn’t have the time to do silly stuff like that. Honda ended up sobbing, he asked Yugi to ask Miho…or at least talk to her to change her mind. He spotted her looking at something on the street, and he asked her. Miho changed the subject and asked Yugi to get a drink. Yugi’s Millennium Puzzle started to glow, and it attracted BAKURA to him. Bakura was in a trance, but shook it off. He asked if anything bad happened just now, Yugi replied to him that nothing happened. Bakura apologized for coming up to him for no reason. Miho saw Bakura, and like anime, her eyes had hearts in them. She introduced herself and told him that she went to the Domino H.S. and invited him for coffee. Bakura gave her a snarl and left. Miho said to Yugi she will do the contest, and will win Bakura’s heart.

The next day the council introduced the competitors, the senior, Miho, Anzu, and Jounouchi. Everyone applauded the girls except for Jounouchi. He shouted to the audience that males make good beauty competitors just as females are. Backstage, the senior said to Miho that she was ugly, Miho replied, “…at least, I have nice clear skin, and natural beauty.” Kaorukol became angry, and was going to sabotage the other contestants.

They had the talent competition; Kaorukol was geisha girl, Miho threw her batons, Jounouchi dressed up as an ugly looking female. Food was thrown at him and started fights with the audience, and was disqualified. Anzu was about to do her ‘hip-hop’ dancing, but the senior switched her tape with Indian music instead, and was disqualified.

Next was the swimsuit competition, Kaorukol wore a red bikini and got all the guys attention. Anzu said to Miho to beat that senior, Miho said no worries because she has the best swimsuit, but someone ruined her suit…can you guess who?? Honda gone crazy because Miho didn’t come out. But Miho came out as a mermaid, Anzu told Yugi what happened and the drama department was nice enough to lend Miho the costume. Everyone agreed that she won that round. Kaorukol was pissed.

Next was the formal round. One of the girls told Miho, that someone was there to see her in the alley. Miho thought it was Bakura, so she ran to the alley. She found on one was there, but the senior knocked her out and ripped the back of Miho’s dress. Anzu told Yugi that Miho was missing. When he found her unconscious, he found a rose pedal on the floor. It looked like the same rose that the senior wore on the side of her head…on the ear. Yami came out, and approached the senior. He wanted to play a Games of Darkness with her. The game was to take as many roses from the senior’s bouquet, but the one left with one rose, loses. The most you can take out was 3. Yami took one at a time, and the girl took two at a time. She said he was left with the rose and he had lost. But when Yami was about to take the rose, he took the one from her ear. She lost. Her penalty was to see her reflection in the mirror. She was molting, and the ropes from the stage tied her hands, so when she pulled on it, a bucket of water would fall on her. When the school announced her winning, she pulled on the rope and was humiliated. Yugi was walking home, he thought about Bakura, how he was connected to his puzzle. As he walked by, Mokuba saw Yugi, and vowed to defeat him her Seto, while holding the Egg Capsule Monsters.