Episode Four – The Rare Watch Battle

Sugoroku narrates in the beginning of the history of the Millennium Puzzle, and how the Pharaoh 3,000 years ago played Games of Darkness, and won every game he play with them, and gained the title the ‘Game King’.

A room was filled with watches in every corner and wall in the room. The boy’s mother was calling him to get out of his room but he does not respond.

It was the break of dawn, Honda was sitting on a bench complaining how it was still early and wonders why Miho asked him to meet her there so early in the morning. He thinks, Miho will finally admit she was in love with him. He was all giddy, and an old lady passes by. Honda pretended he was picking up trash and people shouldn’t litter. The old lady thought how teenagers were strange these days. Miho was running a bit late, and wanted to tell Honda something. Honda wanted to hear the words, but Miho ended up asking Honda to buy something for her.

Yugi was about to leave the house, until Sugoroku stopped him and told him to finish his breakfast before he leaves the house. Yugi said his friends were waiting him and didn’t want to be late. He left and the house. Sugoroku said it was getting lonely by himself, but feels happy his grandson that he actually has friends now.

Yugi was walking down the street and saw many people waiting on line. He asked a man what was going on. He said the latest D-Shock watches were out now. Yugi saw Honda on line. Honda made a funny expression because he had to take piss real bad. He told Yugi to take his place until he came back. Yugi was lucky to get the last watch. The obsessed watchman, threatened Yugi to give him the watch, Yugi argued that he bought the watch fair and square. The guy rolled up his sleeves to reveal all the D-Shock watches he bought and searched all of Japan for a yellow one, he was about to beat up Yugi, until Honda showed up. Honda told the guy to deal with him. The storekeeper was dialing to the police and the guy left the store.

Miho proudly showed off her yellow D-Shock watch to the gang. Honda made a big speech how it took him enduring hours to get the watch. Jounouchi asked Miho if he could borrow the watch. Miho agreed, but told him not to get it dirty. Honda yelled at him and how he gave the big speech. Honda wanted to wear it too. They played rock, paper, and scissors for it. Honda won it.

He petted the watch in the arcade store. He said he adored it because it had Miho’s scent on it. Yugi just won a game, and told Honda about it, but he was up in space somewhere still petting the watch. The watchman was skulking around the arcade on Honda. A man bumped into one of his watches, and beat the man in the bathroom for bumping onto the watch by accident. The watchman spots Honda in the bathroom.

Honda said playing games were hard and wanted to wash his face. He didn’t want to get the watch dirty, so he put it in his pocket for safekeeping. The watchman stole it out from Honda’s back pocket.

Miho was about to leave the arcade. Honda was reaching for is pocket and realized the watch wasn’t there anymore. Honda stripped down searching for the watch. Yugi spotted the watchman staring at them. Miho slapped him on the face for losing the watch. She ran out of the arcade. Everyone helped him to find the watch, but no luck. Honda was on his knees searching for the watch. The watchman stepped on Honda’s hand, and said he was just a mat on the floor. Jounouchi was beat the guy up, but Honda said he wasn’t worth beating him up. They continue to look for the watch, Honda even picked up one of the arcade games hoping to find it.

Yugi followed the watchman into the stairs, he told him he wanted the watch back, but ended up getting a beating from him. The Millennium Puzzle glowed, and Yami came out. The small room turned into a room of a clock. A coo-koo bird swiped the watch from the man’s hand. Yami made a proposal, to play a game with the watch guy. If he can grab the watch from the coo-koo bird’s mouth before 10 seconds and the pendulum can hit him, he gets the watch. If Yami wins, the man would have to pay a penalty for losing.

The man went first; he tried to grab the watch, 9.80 seconds. Yami closed his eyes, and tried to grab the watch, 9.95 seconds. The man said it was unfair and wanted to switch sides with Yami, so he did. He tried to grab the watch, but his hand froze and was hit by the pendulum. Yami took back the watch; the watchman grabbed onto Yami’s arm, and said it was unfair. The 3rd eye appeared on Yami’s head, Yami told him that in a Game of Darkness the loser must pay a price. The man’s wound turned into gears, like ones in watch. Slowly he was in ‘watch hell.’

Honda thanked Yugi for finding the watch for him. Yugi said it was on the staircase. Aznu wondered why he looked beaten; he made an excuse that he fell down the staircase.

Back at the watchman’s home, he smashed all his watches. His mother tried to wake him up, but there was no response.

The next day at school, Miho asked Honda for another favor. She said she wanted Christian Dior perfume, and Honda said he would do anything for her. The gang said Honda would never learn his lesson.