Episode Five – Yugi’s Secret is Revealed

In the teaser, Sugoroku’s voice explains the history behind the Millennium Puzzle. A plane lands, an Egyptian man holding a scale and walks through the airport.

At school, the gang sees an article about the Ancient Egyptian exhibit opening up at the museum. Yugi said his grandfather’s friends invited them to see the new exhibit. Anzu asked if Yugi’s puzzle was from there. Yugi said it was true. The article said something about the Millennium Items caused many to die back then. Miho points out that there would be mummies there, Honda thought it was a good idea to scare Miho a little to get her in his arms. Jounouchi’s face turned white on the subject. They all agreed to meet each other in front of the museum at 1 O’clock the next day.

The group, including Sugoroku, met Sugoroku’s friends, Prof. Kanekura and Prof. Yoshimori. Prof. Kanekura notices Yugi’s Millennium Puzzle and asked if he it borrow it, he almost chokes Yugi to see it. Yugi only agreed for only one day.

In the museum, Miho saw a beautiful necklace, and Anzu said to her that her mouth was watering. Sugoroku and Prof. Yoshimori explained to Jounouchi and Yugi how the project started in 1921 and started to finally collect items and information about the Pharaoh in 1922. And it’s still a mystery about the Pharaoh. Anzu saw the drawings of the ceremony of the afterlife; Sugoroku explained how the dead person would go under a test involving scales, the dead person’s heart and a feather. If they failed the test, they would be eaten by their own demons.

They went onto the see the mummies. Miho screamed, Honda said it was okay to hold her. Miho said the mummy was cute just like a baby. To Honda surprise, Jounouchi was in his arms, not Miho. Honda told him to get of him and run smack into the glass. As the rest of the gang was moving onto something else, the Egyptian man came over to Yugi. His eyes started to tear. Yugi asked why he was crying. The man explained it wasn’t him, but the man who was buried alive. He said he wouldn’t understand because he’s just a little boy and started to leave, Yugi shouted back to him that he was already in high school.

At display, Prof. Kanekura was talking to another professor about the Millennium Puzzle and how it’s worth a lot of money. The gang found ‘Yugi’s’ puzzle displayed. They took pictures with the puzzle.

The gang decided they needed to leave, Professor Yoshimori said he had to attend some business in the university and left. Yugi told everyone to go home, he wanted to get his puzzle back, it was 4:30 and the museum closed at 5.

Back at the Prof. Kanekura office, he kept petting the puzzle. There was a knock on the door, at first he thought it was another professor, but it was the Egyptian man. He said he was there to test his heart. He would ask 3 questions and if he failed he would be punished. He placed the scales on the deck and took the feather off of his turban. He placed the feather onto one side of the scale. The man said, “Let the Game of Darkness begin.” The first question was, “If a lady fell into a well and you were only one to witness it, but before she fell in her gold ring was still left on the edge. What would you do?”

The professor replied he would of course save the woman. The scale side of the professor’s heart dropped. The chair he sat on, began to change into a demon. The Egyptian man explained the process of the same way going onto the afterlife. The second question was, “Were your intentions to place fake artifacts and sell the real artifacts in the black market?” The professor tried to bribe him with money, and the side dropped onto the table. The man said it was a shame, and the demon ate the professor. The man collected his items, and noticed the Millennium Puzzle was pieced together. He said for 3,000 years no one was able to piece the puzzle together. He took it with him and left the office.

Yugi spotted the man, and asked why he has his puzzle. The man was shocked that a young boy of his age pieced the puzzle together. He wanted to test Yugi, but did not want to hurt him. He used the key *Millennium Ankh* to explore his mind.

The Egyptian man saw two soul rooms and never seen anything like it before. One was filled with toys and the other was a mystery. He opened the dark door. To his surprise, Yami Yugi appeared before him. Yami asked if he expecting him. The man looked around the chamber, he said it looked like a Pharaoh’s room. Yami asked why he was doing in his chamber. The man said he was the protector of the Pharaoh, he wanted to learn about the history of the items and the pharaoh. He explained the Book of the Dead, Bel um Ful, had pages ripped out from the book and was not able to find the rest of the information. Yami said it would not be easy to find the rest of the information, in order to find it, the man must play a Game of Darkness. The man laughed and his never lost a game just yet. Yami’s chamber brightened, and revealed the many endless doors to rooms. The man’s task was to find him in the right room, and he would tell everything he wanted to know. Yami disappeared and left the man to the game. The man opened the first door and a flood of water came towards him, Yami appeared and told him to do better.

The man opened a 2nd door, a burst of fire lit on him. The man said he must concentrate, he used the key to find the right door, which had the Wadjet eye. He opened the door, Yami was sitting on his throne and said, “Hi.” Yami was impressed. The man stepped into the room and the ground collapsed. The man was hanging from a block, Yami offered him a hand, and said it was wrong to barrage into someone’s heart chamber, and promised to tell him everything next time they meet.

The man gets out of his mind, Yugi asked if he was feeling alright. The man said he owned him his life. Yugi said he didn’t do anything, the man said it was his other personality. Yugi was confused. The man realized he did not know he had another personality. The man got up from his knees, and gave Yugi back his puzzle. The man told him next time they will meet…little boy. Yugi shouted his name was Yugi, and the man told him his name for the very first time to anyone, his name was Shadii.