Episode Eight – The Movement of the Four Game Masters

This episode starts with Kaiba thinking back to what Yuugi told him about the Blue Eyes not attacking because his heart wasn’t in his cards. Kaiba plots to get revenge on Yuugi by calling on the first of four game masters in his employ. The scene then shifts to a tea party that Sheldon, the first game master, is holding. Shortly it is revealed to be a party of dolls as Kaiba’s chopper arrives on the scene and blows away all the dolls, except for the doll Sheldon carries in his hand which he talks to. Sheldon realizes Kaiba needs him, and the scene switches once again to Yuugi’s school where Yuugi has just beaten Miho-chan, winning Duel Monsters for her first time playing the game.

Miho cries over the loss of her first game, and Honda comes to her defense, shouting at Yuugi for not acting as a man should by making Miho cry. Yuugi is apologetic, to which Anzu jumps in, saying that it wasn’t Yuugi’s fault, for it’s only a game. Jounouchi also jumps to Yuugi’s defense seeing a chance to insult Honda as the janitor once again. Jounouchi then plays a pun game on the Japanese word bika (chairman) with ika (squid) and mika (orange) and Honda plays along. Miho runs into Honda’s arms and Honda, embarassed, renews his assault on Yugi, only to be interrupted by the intercom calling Yuugi to the nurse’s office. Yuugi is surprised, but goes none-the-less. It turns out that the Nurse has heard that Yuugi is strong…. in the card game, she clarifies, relieving some of Yuugi’s initial embarressment. But Yuugi, still objects that he isn’t that good. The Nurse challenges Yuugi to a game. Yuugi goes first with life points set at 2000 and hand limit at 5. He then plays Rock-Gun in the plain field, where it gains a 50% attack point bonus, raising it to 150.

The Nurse then plays Ghost with base stats 150/50, but no field bonus, thus both are destroyed. She then draws and plays Chimera with an attack power of 800 on the forest field. Yuugi, realizing that Chimera doesn’t possess any field advantage in the forest field, plays Dark Mammoth, also in the forest field, which by the 50% raise has an attack power of 900. Yuugi thinks he wins, but the Nurse informs him of Chimera’s special ability allowing it to burn away the forest field. This new plain field removes the advantage of Dark Mammoth, lowering it to 600 and raising Chimera to 1200 via the Plain Field bonus. Yuugi’s life points are down to 1700. Yuugi plays the Dark Dragon with an attack power of 1500 on a Mountain field. The Nurse plays Zombie in defense mode (Def: 250) We see scenes of Yuugi’s life point counter continually going down as well as a collage of cards, presumably the cards he plays as the duel is fast forwarded through, leaving Yuugi with 800 life points and the nurse with 1800. Then we see that the Nurse has played Aphrodite, to which Yuugi objects that even an amateur like him can beat such a weak card (Atk: 300). Yuugi plays Black Scorpion (Atk: 800) on the plains field and thinks he’s won the fight, however, the nurse combos with the Magic Card, Tsunami, which ends the duel with Yuugi’s loss.

The bell rings for class and the nurse takes Neon Knight, Yuugi’s favorite card, as a reward for winning. Yuugi objects that this isn’t fair, but the Nurse shoos him off to class, saying he can win it back if he beats her, to which Yuugi declares he’ll definitely win it back. After Yuugi leaves, the nurse’s voice changes to Sheldon’s voice asking Kaiba whether he expected a loss to Yuugi when Yuugi is so naive. Kaiba steps out and it is revealed that the nurse was just a puppet used by Sheldon. Kaiba claims Sheldon didn’t draw out Yuugi’s true strength, his other side. Kaiba says he plans revenge on that invincible side to Yuugi, and that Sheldon will help him achieve that. The scene changes to Yuugi and Anzu leaving school, with Yuugi claiming he has somewhere to go. Anzu guesses that Yuugi is going to the game center, which Yuugi’s grandfather has claimed that Yuugi spends too much money on, but Yuugi says no and runs off, leaving Anzu wondering. Yuugi really is going to the game center however, intent on playing a new game that was due in today. However, when Yuugi arrives, he can’t find the game.

An employee comes over to help, asking Yuugi if he’s looking for something. Yuugi explains, and the store employee leads him out back, saying he’ll be the first to play. When he is lead into an alley, Yuugi protests that it’s the exit. He’s shoved into a waiting limo which drives off. Sheldon is in the front seat, using the nurses voice as he asks Yuugi if he wants to win back his Neon Knight. Yuugi recognizes the voice and both Sheldon and the game employee laugh, though now the game employee peels off his mask revealing he is really Kaiba. Kaiba says that they’re going to the Castle of the Dolls, and Sheldon asks Yuugi to show him the “Yami no Game” (Game of Darkness). The scene switches to Yuugi and Sheldon at a Duel Monsters table surrounded by an “audience” of dolls making Yuugi feel awkward. Sheldon starts by playing Neon Knight (Atk: 1800) on a mountain field.

The situation seems hopeless, Yuugi plays Devil Dragon on a Mountain field as well, but in defense mode. Sheldon explains that when Neon Knight is played on a Mountain field it can absorb thunder attacks, thus defeating the Devil Dragon easily. Yuugi then flies through the air in a cut scene, the millenium puzzle activates, and Yuugi’s other self emerges, saying he’ll take Sheldon head on. Sheldon is shocked at the change. Yuugi plays Death Wolf (Atk: 1200) on the forest field, as well as Shadowman. Sheldon protests that both are Dark Creatures, useless against the light Neon Knight. Sheldon plays King Beetle (Atk:1400) with which he thinks he’s won.

Yuugi however says that he’s the one who’s won, as Sheldon is too naive. He activates Shadowman, covering the field with darkness, and now both of Sheldon’s monsters can no longer see, and Death Wolf’s power is raised. Death Wolf defeats both Neon Knight and King Beetle; the fight with King Beetle is harder than expected, but Death Wolf still wins. Sheldon talks to Fiona, his doll, which now has burn marks after the attack, asking if it’s alright, and tells Yuugi that what he did to Fiona is unforgivable. Sheldon plays Gargoyle which Yuugi counters with Knight Soldier, which he claims will win because of its sword. However, the sword is ineffective, and Knight Soldier is defeated. Yuugi thinks back on how hard King Beetle was hard to defeat as well. Sheldon’s talking to Fiona reminds Yuugi that the field is a Doll field and that all of Sheldon’s monsters are dolls. Yuugi plays a magic card Roar/Siren on Death Wolf which turns Death Wolf’s howl into an attack. Sheldon replies with Salamandra. However Death Wolf defeats both of them, ending the game. The scene changes to a scene of Sheldon walking through the rain talking to Fiona about the fact that in all of the business with Kaiba, he forgot about the house. Kaiba watches on, disappointed, again vowing revenge. Scene changes back to the school, where Yuugi has just beaten Miho-chan again. Miho-chan asks for a rematch, promising Yuugi a kiss if he wins. Honda, Jounouchi and Yuugi go ballistic, imagining that kiss, to which Anzu gets pissed and tells them to kiss AFTER the game, and storms off.