Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie – Pyramid of Light

“Long ago, when the pyramids were still young, Egyptian kings played a game of great and terrible power. They did battle with magic and monsters for riches and glory. From these Shadow Games erupted a war that threatened to destroy the world, until a brave and powerful pharaoh locked the dark magic away, imprisoning it for all eternity in the mystical Millennium Items. But even eternity doesn’t last forever”

In the Kame Game Shop, young Yugi Moto is trying to do what none has so far been able to do, assemble the Millennium Puzzle and uncover the mysteries trapped within it. As the young boy continues to put the Puzzle together piece by piece, he is unaware of events happening thousands of miles away in Egypt or the connection his Puzzle has to the latest archaeological discovery.

Ever searching for unfound relics, a team of Egyptian explorers are excited to discover the lost tomb of Anubis. Venturing into the tomb, the archaeologists discover a sarcophagus that has been chained up. Wondering what could have possessed the Ancient Egyptians to chain up this particular sarcophagus the team discover strange markings on the wall of the tomb which lead them to a second chamber.

Back in Domino, Yugi’s fortunes seem to be high as he continues to piece together the Millennium Puzzle. Removing the last piece from the box he slots it into position, completing the ancient relic, however as he does so strange forces start to take control.

As the team explore the inside of the second chamber, a mysterious energy is awoken by the completion of the Millennium Puzzle. The door to the chamber slams shut, trapping the explorers inside, and a mysterious blue item shaped like a pyramid begins to glow as the tomb caves in. The Millennium Puzzle also begins to glow, spewing dark light from it which takes form as mysterious creatures. A frightened Yugi briefly loses control of his body as the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle takes control, banishing the shadow creatures back into the Puzzle before returning there himself.

Moving forward to the present, duellists worldwide are all fascinated by the numerous successes of Yugi Moto since he entered the Duelist Kingdom tournament three years previously. While opinions are split as to whether Yugi’s victories are due to his strategic skills or the power of his God Cards, none can deny that they would love to have the opportunity to defeat him and claim the powerful trio of cards for themselves.

For most this opportunity is nothing more than a dream however for one duellist it is a harsh reality. As Yugi’s sworn rival, and former holder of one of the three God Cards, Seto Kaiba is desperate to crush the powerful duellist and claim all three God Cards for himself. However as the two duellists continue a duel in an ancient colosseum, Kaiba appears to be down on his luck as he has only 1300 Life Points compared to Yugi’s 2200.

Never one to give in, Kaiba uses Polymerization to fuse his three Blue-Eyes White Dragons together forming the mighty Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, then activating Megamorph (Spell Card) to double his dragon’s Attack Points. Positive that his monster is now strong enough to defeat Yugi’s God Cards Kaiba orders his monster to attack, but Yugi counters by activating Obelisk the Tormentor’s special ability, sacrificing Slifer the Sky Dragon and The Winged Dragon of Ra to give Obelisk infinite power. Attacking with Fist of Fury, Obelisk destroys Kaiba’s dragon and wipes out his remaining Life Points.

The force of the attack causes the KaibaCorp system to overload and the simulated duel malfunctions. Furious that his employees have still failed to find a way to defeat Yugi’s God Cards, Kaiba decides that these simulated duels may not be enough able to find the answers and considers other options that may be able to give him what he wants.

Miles away, on an isolated island, Maximillion Pegasus is fast asleep when a mysterious shadow creeps into his room. Making its way to the cabinet where Pegasus keeps his case of Duel Monsters cards, the shadow opens the case and places a card on top of the pile before exiting, leaving no other sign that it has ever entered. The mysterious spirit causes Pegasus’s dreams to become restless as he sees a vision of the God Cards being sealed inside a blue pyramid. Waking from the nightmare, Pegasus fears that dangerous forces are at work somewhere.

As another day begins for Solomon Moto, owner of the Kame Game Store and grandfather of Yugi Moto, he is excited to read a newspaper article promoting a new Ancient Egypt exhibit which is on display in the Domino Museum. Reading more of the article he notices a picture of a triangular stone tablet with carvings of an item that looks similar in design to the Millennium Items and his interest in the exhibit increases.

Meanwhile, Seto Kaiba has come to the conclusion that only one man possesses the power to defeat the God Cards and that is their creator, Maximillion Pegasus. As Kaiba’s private plane lands on Duelist Kingdom, Pegasus is pleasantly surprised to see his old nemesis. Kaiba confronts Pegasus, demanding to be told the secrets of how to defeat the God Cards, however the creator of Duel Monsters insists that he is long-since retired and has no clue as to what Kaiba is referring. His mind is changed, however, as Kaiba offers to duel Pegasus for whatever card he may hold and offers all three of his Blue-Eyes White Dragons as the prize if he is defeated.

As two duellists prepare to do battle, another is ready to do anything possible to avoid conflict. With another day of school finished, Yugi and his friends make their way to the school gates when they discover a large crowd of their classmates blocking their exit. Pushing his way to the front of the group Yugi is faced by a crowd of duellists all wanting to take him on in the hopes of defeating him and claiming the God Cards for themselves.

Not wanting to have to duel so many people, Yugi and Téa push their way back through the crowd to take the back exit out of school while Joey and Tristan remain at the gates hoping to distract the duellists. When the crowd aren’t fooled by Joey and Tristan’s attempt to get them to chase after them Joey decides to take the crowd head on and challenges them to duel him first.

Confident that they can defeat the Battle City runner-up, the first duellist takes his place and summons Injection Fairy Lily, attacking Joey directly. Some time later, part way through another duel, Joey’s new opponent sacrifices Fenrir and Inpachi to summon Maju Garzett. As the monster attacks and destroys Joey’s Gearfried the Iron Knight, Joey draws his next card before sacrificing Baby Dragon, Little-Winguard and Rocket Warrior to summon Gilford the Lightning, instantly destroying his opponent’s monster. Not realising what is happening, Yugi appears behind Joey and Tristan to see if the coast is clear. Immediately the crowd of duellists forget about Joey’s ultimatum and chase after Yugi and Téa, leaving Tristan and Joey behind and trampled by the stampede.

Back at Duelist Kingdom, Pegasus and Kaiba arrive at a dingy basement duelling arena which hardly impresses Kaiba, the creator of the Duel Disk system. However technology is not the matter at hand and as the duel begins Pegasus plays Toon World, sacrificing 1000 Life Points (Pegasus’s Life Points: 3000) in order to activate it. Unimpressed to discover that Pegasus is still using the same old tactics as he was three years ago, Kaiba is hardly concerned as his opponent summons Toon Gemini Elf and sets one card face down. Summoning X-Head Cannon, Kaiba sets two cards face down before passing back to Pegasus.

Playing Card of Sanctity, Pegasus is pleased by his new acquisitions and activates Cost Down in order to summon the Toon Dark Magician Girl. Taking advantage of his Toon’s abilities, Pegasus uses Toon Gemini Elf to attack Kaiba directly (Kaiba’s Life Points: 2100), using its special ability to force Kaiba to discard one card from his hand, however as he orders Toon Dark Magician Girl to attack Kaiba reveals one his face down cards, Attack Guidance Armor.

As the armour attaches itself to Pegasus’s Gemini Elf, his own monster is taken down instead of Kaiba’s Life Points (Pegasus’s Life Points: 2900). Not one to keep his toons suffering in the graveyard, Pegasus activates Monster Reborn to revive his Toon Gemini Elf and then reveals his face down card, Ultimate Offering. Sacrificing his newly revived Gemini Elf, Pegasus uses Ultimate Offering to summon Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon (Pegasus’s Life Points: 2400) and then uses its power once more to summon Toon Summoned Skull (Pegasus’s Life Points: 1900).

With Pegasus’s turn over, Kaiba activates Dark Core but rather than using it on one of Pegasus’s monsters he discards his Y-Dragon Head in order to remove his own X-Head Cannon from the game. As Pegasus wonders what Kaiba is planning everything becomes crystal clear as Kaiba activates Soul Release to also remove Y-Dragon Head from the game and then summons Z-Metal Tank.

Playing the final piece of the combo, Kaiba surrenders half of his Life Points (Kaiba’s Life Points: 1050) to use Return from the Different Dimension and return both of his monsters to the field. With all three monsters on the field, Kaiba brings them together to form the XYZ-Dragon Cannon and uses it to destroy Toon World and Pegasus’s remaining Life Points (Pegasus’s Life Points: 0) knocking his opponent from the arena. Not one for small talk, Kaiba immediately heads to Pegasus’s case of cards and is pleasantly surprised to discover two cards that will aid him in his quest. However as he accuses Pegasus of trying to keep one card from him, his opponent is confused insisting that there should only be one card.

Still trying to shake off the stampede of challengers, Yugi and Téa head for the Domino Museum where they hope to be safe. Entering the old building, the two are surprised to see the new Egypt exhibit and decide to take a look around. Spotting a photograph of a blue pyramid, one of the items in the exhibit, the pair are intrigued by its likeness to the Millennium Puzzle and decide to take a look at it for real. Distracted by an ancient sarcophagus, Téa is disturbed by the mummy and hurries Yugi on to the next room, but as the pair leave the eyes of the mummy glow red.

Entering the next room, the pair discover Yugi’s grandpa reading the carvings on the ancient tablets and notice that this is where the blue item, the Pyramid of Light, is being held. Solomon explains that he has never seen or read of the Pyramid before today, but that rumour has it that it belonged to Anubis, an ancient sorcerer who tried to bring about the end of the world. Anubis’s reign was stopped by the pharaoh and the Dagger of Fate, and legend says that the pharaoh who stopped Anubis is the same one that possessed Yugi’s Millennium Puzzle.

Returning to the room with the sarcophagus, Solomon shows Yugi the carvings round the edge of the casket which form a prophecy: “The eye that sees what’s yet to come; its vision shall be fulfilled unless blinded by events predetermined. Thus light and shadows both be killed”

Before Yugi can begin to wonder what this prophecy may mean, the room is filled with a bright light which blinds him and the glass casing cracks. As he regains his vision, Yugi is surrounded by the darkness of space and above him hang both the Millennium Puzzle and the Pyramid of Light. Below these two items stand the other Yugi and Seto Kaiba, both of whom look to be in pain, and then the figure of Anubis appears behind Kaiba, grabbing him by the head and lifting him into the air.

Worried by the vision, Yugi awakens to find himself lying on the floor of the museum with Téa watching over him. As he discovers that both the mummy and the Pyramid of Light have gone missing, Yugi worries that Kaiba could be in great danger and asks Téa to stay with his grandpa while he goes to investigate. Solomon explains that he is worried for Yugi’s safety because legend told that Anubis vowed to return from the dead in order to finish what he started however his grandson is more concerned for the safety of Kaiba.

Leaving the museum, Yugi is met by Mokuba who has been sent by Kaiba to track down his rival. Although pleased to hear that his rival is not hurt, Yugi is still worried about his competitor and wonders why he has chosen this time to challenge him to a rematch. As Yugi and Mokuba stop off at the Kame Game Shop for Yugi to collect his deck and Duel Disk, Tristan and Joey arrive but are just too late to catch Yugi before the limo speeds off. Concerned for their friend’s safety the two head off after the limo hoping to catch up with Yugi when it stops.

Arriving at the KaibaCorp Duel Dome, Mokuba tells Yugi that his brother is waiting on the top floor but as Yugi steps into the lift he is still concerned that something is amiss and that it is not mere coincidence that Kaiba has challenged him to a rematch on the same day as the incident at the museum. Hot on the heels of the limo, Tristan and Joey also reach the Duel Dome and Mokuba tells them where Yugi has gone, and not wanting to miss their friend’s latest chance to humiliate Kaiba the pair head up to watch the duel.

As a spectacular light show begins in the dome’s main arena, Kaiba and Yugi both enter the arena. Having run a simulation of his new deck, Kaiba is confident that this will be his opportunity to crush Yugi once and for all and is therefore eager to get the duel started. With the two duellists in place, Tristan and Joey reach the upper level viewing platform while Mokuba enters the main control booth. Sensing a dangerous presence nearby, Yugi tries once again to persuade Kaiba not to continue with his plan however his rival is as stubborn as ever and refuses to back down, confident that victory will finally be his.

Ordering Mokuba to lock all the exits, Kaiba makes the first move as the duel between the two ancient rivals begins. Summoning Familiar Knight in defence mode, Kaiba passes to Yugi who summons Queen’s Knight and attacks, wiping out Kaiba’s monster. Pleased, yet slightly confused, by Yugi’s decision, Kaiba utilises his Familiar Knight’s special effect to summon Rare Metal Dragon to the field, however the King of Games’ decision becomes clear as he also utilises the knight’s effect to summon King’s Knight, allowing him in the process to also summon Jack’s Knight.

Setting one card face down Yugi ends his turn, passing to Kaiba who draws one of his key cards. Playing it face down Kaiba passes back to Yugi who as he draws his next card senses that it is one of his God Cards. Sacrificing all three of his Knights, Yugi summons Slifer the Sky Dragon (3000/3000) and orders it to attack, wiping out Kaiba’s dragon and taking a chunk out of his Life Points (Kaiba’s Life Points: 3400). However for once Kaiba is pleased, not worried, to be facing a God Card and decides to triple his fortunes by activating Obligatory Summon, forcing Yugi to summon his remaining God Cards.

With The Winged Dragon of Ra and Obelisk the Tormentor joining Slifer on the field, Kaiba sets in motion the final step of his plan by activating his face down card, Pyramid of Light. Shocked to discover that the Pyramid is a card as well as a real item, Yugi is even more surprised as a mysterious blue light surrounds the field in the shape of a pyramid, trapping both duellists within it and all three God Cards on the outside, destroying them in the process.

Watching from the outside, Mokuba notices a mysterious eye on the outside of the Pyramid which is emitting a mysterious dark energy while a beam of blue light begins to shine from the top of the Pyramid, acting like a beacon to the outside world which is noticed by Solomon and Téa. Worried by the mysterious eye, Tristan and Joey find themselves sucked in by the energy while things are not going well inside either, as Yugi begins to suffer intense pain and is sucked into the Millennium Puzzle, leaving the pharaoh to continue the duel alone.

Dazed and confused, Yugi wakes to find himself trapped inside the labyrinth of the pharaoh’s mind and begins to search for the pharaoh’s room in the hopes of finding a way out, not realising that Joey and Tristan have also been sucked into the labyrinth and are also looking for an exit. Trying door after door after door, Yugi begins to worry that he may never find a way out and calls out to the pharaoh for help, a cry which is heard by his two friends.

Pleased that everything is falling into place, Kaiba activates Mystical Space Typhoon to wipe out Yugi’s face down card and then summons Peten the Dark Clown, attacking Yugi directly (Yugi’s Life Points: 3500). As Kaiba sets once card face down, Yugi finds himself physically drained by the attack and worries as to what could be causing the effect. Recovering from the attack, Yugi summons Magician’s Valkyria and attacks Kaiba’s clown (Kaiba’s Life Points: 2300) however his opponent reveals his face down card is the devastating Deck Destruction Virus, forcing Yugi to discard 10 cards from his deck.

To make matters worse, whenever Peten is destroyed Kaiba can summon a new one to the field and he does so, also summoning Des Feral Imp before activating Card of Demise to draw five new cards into his hand. Sacrificing his newly summoned Imp, Kaiba activates White Dragon Ritual and summons Paladin of White Dragon which he uses to destroy Yugi’s magician (Yugi’s Life Points: 3200). Continuing his turn Kaiba summons Blue-Eyes White Dragon and sets one card face down.

Back in the labyrinth Yugi senses the pharaoh’s presence and follows the spirit to a door which he knows instinctively is not the pharaoh’s own room. Opening the door Yugi discovers that the room is actually Anubis’s tomb however as he approaches to enter the room a group of mummies arise and chase after Yugi. Not one to stop and ask questions Yugi takes flight but the mummies follow and as the chase continues Yugi runs past Tristan and Joey who are initially confused at their friend’s reaction until his followers appear.

Having followed the beam of light being emitted by the Pyramid of Light, Solomon and Téa arrive at the Duel Dome and are both confused and worried to see the giant-size Pyramid of Light. As Mokuba explains that the Pyramid appeared when his brother played the Pyramid of Light card, Solomon becomes more certain that this is all the work of Anubis, out to take revenge for his defeat 5000 years ago.

The duel, meanwhile, continues as Yugi activates Premature Burial to revive Magician’s Valkyria (Yugi’s Life Points: 2400) and then uses Mage Power to increase his Valkyria’s Attack and Defence Points by 500 for each Magic and Trap Card he plays. Setting two cards face down, the Magician’s ATK increases by 1000 making it strong enough to defeat Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes, however as Yugi attacks his opponent reveals Attack Guidance Armor, using it redirect the attack to his Peten the Dark Clown.

As Peten is destroyed Kaiba’s Deck Destruction Virus activates forcing Yugi to discard another 10 cards from his hand and allowing Kaiba to summon yet another Peten the Dark Clown to the field. With his Blue-Eyes still on the field, Kaiba activates Polymerization to fuse it with the two remaining Blue-Eyes in his hand, forming the powerful Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon and using it to wipe out Yugi’s Valkyria (Yugi’s Life Points: 1500).

Although they may have evaded the mummies, Yugi, Joey and Tristan have found themselves at a dead end overlooking a deep chasm Up in the sky they notice the mysterious eye that sucked Tristan and Joey into the labyrinth in the first place, while down below them a giant version of the Pyramid of Light is crushing an equally large version of the Millennium Puzzle. Worried as to what all of this could mean, Yugi tells his friends about Anubis and the Pyramid of Light and suggests, reluctantly, that they need to head back to Anubis’s tomb despite the mummies.

The other Yugi, meanwhile, is wakened further by the latest knock to his Life Points and worries that a stronger force is controlling the deadly Shadow Game. However his pleas to Kaiba continue to fall on deaf ears so he activates Monster Reborn to summon Dark Magician Girl, who was sent to the graveyard due to Deck Destruction Virus. With the spellcaster on the field, Yugi activates Sage’s Stone to summon Dark Magician, sacrificing both of his faithful mages to call forth the powerful Sorceror of Dark Magic (3200/2800) who cuts the Attack Points of Kaiba’s dragon by 500 for each magician in Yugi’s graveyard.

With three magicians now in Yugi’s graveyard, the Blue-Eyes’ ATK is reduced to 3000 making it weaker than Yugi’s Sorceror and an easy target for destruction (Kaiba’s Life Points: 2100). Stunned by the defeat of his powerful dragon, Kaiba passes his turn and can do nothing but watch as Yugi destroys the third Peten the Dark Clown, Kaiba’s last line of defence. As Deck Destruction Virus prepares to activate once again, Yugi reveals that his Sorceror can negate the effects of Trap cards like Kaiba’s Virus, meaning that his deck is safe for now.

Drawing his next card, Kaiba’s strategy falls into place once more and he plays Monster Reborn, reviving his Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. However rather than attacking with it, he sacrifices the powerful beast to summon a new, more powerful, Blue-Eyes, the Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon (3000/2500). Kaiba reveals that the ATK of this new dragon increases by 300 points for each dragon in his graveyard, and since he has 5 the monster’s ATK rises to 4500. Yugi is not worried as his Sorceror’s special ability activates, but Kaiba explains that his Shining Dragon can negate the effects of any card it wishes, thus preventing its ATK from being reduced.

Taking control of the duel once again, Kaiba attacks with his ultimate monster and wipes out the majority of Yugi’s remaining Life Points (Yugi’s Life Points: 200). As the energy is drained from his body, the other Yugi falls to the floor in pain, and so does his partner trapped inside the labyrinth. Worried by their friend’s suffering, Joey and Tristan stay by Yugi’s side to support him however as Tristan spots an energy stream running along the side of the path the trio decide that they must follow it in the hopes that it will lead them back to Anubis’s tomb.

Buckling under the strain of the Pyramid’s power, the Duel Dome begins to collapse and Téa, Solomon and Mokuba seem trapped until Pegasus arrives with helicopter assistance, having worked out what Anubis is planning. As the four are uncomfortably reunited, Pegasus explains that Anubis had planted the Pyramid of Light in his cards so that Kaiba would take it when he came calling for the way to defeat the God Cards.

As the energy stream leads the three friends to a doorway they open it to discover that they are back at Anubis’s tomb, however things look bad as the mummy inside the sarcophagus appears to have grown stronger since Yugi left. Entering the tomb, more mummies awaken to prevent the group from reaching the sarcophagus and Anubis speaks, showing Yugi and the others a vision of the future, destroyed by his army of monsters. Anubis continues to torment Yugi by explaining that when he completed the Millennium Puzzle and released the spirit of the pharaoh, he also unleashed Anubis and the powers of the Pyramid of Light.

Worried for his friends’ safety, Yugi insists that Joey and Tristan leave but they refuse, reminding him that the four friends will be together until the end. Sensing that her friends are in trouble, Téa finds herself drawn to the edge of the helicopter and her soul is also drawn into the labyrinth of the pharaoh’s mind. Arriving in Anubis’s tomb, Téa is understandably confused as to what is happening but knows that she should be here with her friends in their time of need. Frustrated by the interference, Anubis traps Téa’s soul in the labyrinth with the others and as she falls down towards the hoard of mummies the kicks the heads off of two of them.

Drained by Kaiba’s last attack, the other Yugi finds it hard to stand but eventually makes it to his feet and plays Big Shield Gardna in defence mode. Unimpressed by Yugi’s pathetic monster, Kaiba sets one card and then wipes out the monster in an attack. Outside the Pyramid, Pegasus and the others spot Joey and Tristan and fly over to check that they are alright, not knowing how much danger their souls are in. Yugi, meanwhile, activates Pot of Greed, special summoning Watapon in defence mode as a result. He then also summons Obnoxious Celtic Guardian in defence mode before passing back to Kaiba who, thanks to the effects of Card of Demise, must discard his Spear Dragon, increasing his Shining Dragon’s Attack Points to 4800 as a result.

Hoping to get through to Kaiba, Yugi pleads for his rival to stop now before anybody else gets hurt but Kaiba refuses, ignoring the fact that he too is being drained whenever he loses Life Points. Determined to humiliate and defeat Yugi at the same time, Kaiba appears torn between his original plan and defeating Yugi immediately. Going against the voice which has been willing him on, Kaiba activates his dragon’s Shining Nova effect, intending to wipe out both the Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon and the Pyramid of Light, but as the light clears only the dragon has been destroyed.

Confused as to why his attack didn’t work out, Kaiba is shocked as Anubis appears and reveals that he has been willing Kaiba along since the beginning of the duel. Throwing his pawn to the side, Anubis takes control of the duel, the true Pyramid of Light hung round, and taunts the other Yugi, telling him that his friends are already gone. Sensing his friends are not gone, Yugi refuses to give in but cannot see any way to defeat the Pyramid of Light.

Taking his first turn in full control, Anubis summons Andro Sphinx and Sphinx Teleia before ending his turn. As Yugi sets Reverse of Reverse, the card that may be his last hope, he passes back to Anubis who sets one card before attacking with Sphinx Teleia, wiping out Yugi’s Celtic Guardian. With only one monster left on the field, Yugi is notably worried as Andro Sphinx destroys Watapon, dealing damage to Yugi’s Life Points equal to half of Watapon’s ATK (Yugi’s Life Points: 100). Drawing his last card, Yugi’s fate seems sealed however he refuses to give up despite only having Exchange and Diffusion Wave-Motion left in his hand.

Back in the labyrinth the mummies continue to attack however Yugi believes he may have found a solution. Thinking over the prophecy once more he comes to the conclusion that the “events predetermined” refer to fate, or more specifically the Dagger of Fate which the pharaoh used to defeat Anubis 5000 years ago. Forcing his way through the mummies to the sarcophagus Yugi is able to locate the dagger and throws it at the eye on the wall of the tomb, but the blade is off target and only the handle strikes the eye. Worried that he may not have time to throw the dagger again, Yugi is pleased as the eye shows signs of weakening and begins to crack, shattering and weakening the power of the Pyramid of Light in the process.

Sensing that the Pyramid has been weakened, the other Yugi reveals Double Spell and discards Exchange in order to activate Kaiba’s Monster Reborn. Reviving the Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon from the graveyard, Yugi activates its Shining Nova attack once more, this time successfully wiping out the Pyramid of Light and both of Anubis’s monsters. As the Pyramid is destroyed, the mummies vanish from Anubis’s tomb and the four friends find themselves returned to the real world, just in time to watch as the Pyramid of Light shatters, revealing Yugi, Anubis and the unconscious Kaiba still locked in duel.

Relentless in his attacks, Anubis summons Theinen the Great Sphinx and uses the power of the real Pyramid of Light to increase its ATK to a massive 35000. Anubis informs the other Yugi that he was never able to summon Theinen during their ancient duel however now that he has done victory is surely a technicality. Nevertheless, Yugi’s turn has not yet finished and his last hope lies in Kaiba’s face down card. Activating his own set card, Reverse of Reverse, Yugi reveals Kaiba’s set card, Return from the Different Dimension, using it to bring back all three God Cards.

With the three mighty beasts returned to the field, Yugi combines the powers of all three monsters to form an almighty attack, Titan Firestorm, which wipes out Theinen and the remainder of Anubis’s Life Points (Anubis’s Life Points: 0). As the Pyramid of Light shatters, Yugi hopes that the battle is over and does not notice that the small red orb from the centre of the Pyramid has not yet been destroyed. Rushing over to see if Kaiba is alright, Yugi’s concerns are, as usual, met with a stubborn response from the defeated Kaiba.

To make matters worse, the red orb begins to glow as Anubis exacts his ultimate revenge, summoning a larger-than-life size monster and using Inferno Destruction to wipe out all monsters from both Yugi and Kaiba’s decks. With his fellow duellists defenceless, Joey summons Gilford the Lightning and Gearfried the Iron Knight but the pair are easily destroyed by Anubis’s mighty beast. As the monster continues to grow in size and power, destroying more of the Duel Dome in the process, Pegasus summons Toon Dark Magician Girl and Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon to hold up the roof while the group escape, reluctantly leaving Yugi and Kaiba to face the beast alone.

Searching for options, Yugi is stuck for a way to defeat Anubis until Kaiba suggests that there is still one card left that could defeat the ancient sorcerer. Understanding what his rival means, Yugi calls forth the Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon once more activating its Shining Nova attack to wipe out, once and for all, both the dragon and Anubis. As a bright light fills the arena, the monster dissolves as the red orb shatters and then the Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon disappears, its work finally complete.

With Anubis gone once and for all, Pegasus assures everyone that this must be the end of it however Kaiba is still not pleased, insistent that if it hadn’t been for Anubis he would have defeated Yugi and finally claimed the God Cards. However as the once again second-place duellist leaves, Yugi is most pleased that his friends are safe and out of harms way, at least until the next dilemma arises.