Yugi + Anzu

At times, many fandoms appear to be overwhelmed by the yaoi/shonen-ai aspects and this is not a very popular coupling even among the het fractions. From what I’ve seen, it is mostly because of the dub portrayal of Anzu’s character as Tea. As a result, most fans have deemed her unworthy of Yugi’s affections.

It’s obvious that Yugi likes Anzu though. They’re childhood friends and Anzu has always been there for him, even before he gained the courage he learned from Yami. Anzu appears to be more enthralled with Yami Yugi and thus, an interesting love triangle begins to develop. However, I will not be focusing on that.

Any romantic relationship between Yugi and Anzu would build upon the foundation of their friendship. In some ways, Anzu follows the archetype of the “girl-next-door.” Both Anzu and Yugi have protective tendencies toward each other. Anzu has always tried to protect Yugi from some of the bullies that harassed Yugi and Yugi becomes concerned with protecting her from perverts that she seemed to attract.


Most of Yugi’s affection toward Anzu is hinted at in the earlier canon. The early manga volumes (volumes 1-4) show Yugi as particularly protective of Anzu. This was before Yugi became aware of Yami Yugi, who was sleeping inside of him. Yami Yugi would surface in Yugi especially when Anzu was in any particular trouble.

In the early volumes of the manga, Anzu develops a crush on Yami Yugi. It is not until the fourth volume that she discovers that Yami Yugi and Yugi are the same person (technically). But by volume 10, chapter 80, there appears to be the possibility that Anzu likes Yugi. In this chapter, Mai sends Anzu out to find Yugi because it’s obvious to her that Anzu likes Yugi (at this point, Mai is unaware that Yugi and Yami Yugi are two different personalities). When Anzu does find Yugi, the ensuing conversation is the most convincing evidence for this pairing found in all of canon:

Anzu: Yugi, do you remember? That time in elementary school… That time, you gave me a video game… I really liked that game but it didn’t work that well so I got mad and broke it… Yugi…You only smiled then… The next day, you brought in another one for me… Ah…Yugi…something wrong…?

Yugi: Anzu…You like the other me… I…I know…

Anzu: Yugi!!

Yugi: Wait a moment, I’ll call him out. *winks*

Anzu: Yugi… *grabs Yugi’s shoulder* No need! Yugi is Yugi! It’s not important that Yugi has more than one personality because together you’re both still Yugi! *places her hand over Yugi’s* Don’t change…Yugi only needs to remain as he was before then it’s all good… *blushes*

Yugi: Anzu… *blushes*


Out of all possible couplings, this one would make the most canonical sense since Yugi is the the main character and Anzu is the only other main female character.

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