Kaiba + Shizuka

Due to a rumor started by a popular site that is now closed, many fans thought this was an official pairing in the canon. That rumor is not true. This pairing is still one of the more popular het pairings. There’s some allure to the idea of Shizuka falling in love with her brother’s “perceived” enemy, like a lesser version of Romeo and Juliet.


There isn’t much evidence for this pairing in the canon. The only time Kaiba and Shizuka really interact is in episode 85 – Hidden Power – Mystery of the God Card. Bakura faints because of the strain of his duel with Yugi and the injury he suffered from before. He is carried off to a room but Yugi and the others are still worried about his condition. They try to convince Kaiba to land the blimp so Bakura can get proper medical attention. Shizuka is the one that finally convinces Kaiba to send the doctor onboard the blimp to attend to Bakura.


I find it hard see them as a couple simply because Shizuka seems so much younger than Kaiba. Shizuka can only be 14 at the most but I imagine she’s really about 13 or so. The age gap (and it’s not even a big one) isn’t a problem once Shizuka is a little bit older.

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