Kaiba + Isis

What is the allure of this pairing? It’s not hard to argue that these two formed some type of connection upon their first meeting. In many ways, their characters are the antithesis of each other. Isis is one who is stuck in the past and held back by old ghosts that can’t be laid to rest while Kaiba tries to forsake his past to build a better future for himself. Isis seeks out Kaiba first and helps to bring into existance the events of Battle City and the path to rediscovering the distant past. It’s true that Isis only sought Kaiba first because she probably saw it in a vision first, she is compelled to expose Kaiba to his forgotten past life.

The most surprising element of this pairing would probably be the fact that Kaiba is the one who changes Isis first. Kaiba has a strange sort of self-confidence. Though it’s different than that of Yami Yugi’s, he never fails to stay strong when it counts. Most importantly, he doesn’t believe in absolute fate and/or destiny. By defeating her in a duel she envisioned him losing, Kaiba shows Isis that nothing is truly predetermined, and those with the will can change and make the future. While the general philosophy of the anime stands on Kaiba’s side, Isis also proves to Kaiba that the past cannot be fully ignored either.

Together as a pair, they can balance between the necessity of the past and the future.


I found it really strange that Isis was the only person in the entire series to address Kaiba by his given name (this was before the appearance of Noa in the anime and Noa doesn’t exist in the manga). Although Kaiba never gives her permission to do so, he never attempts to correct her either.

Kaiba help Isis to find something very important after their duel on his blimp:

Volume 26, Chapter 230 – Creating the Future

Isis: Seto… In this tournament, I have found one very important thing.

Kaiba: *glances back dubiously*

Isis: That is the light of hope. Before…my Millennium Torque showed me my future in the darkness. Humans can change the future too.


Out of all the other female characters Kaiba could be paired with, this one would make the most sense canon-wise. But Kaiba is still unable to accept his past life in many ways. This pairing is not possible until he does. As long as he chooses to forsake his past life, he will never be able to accept Isis. In the end, they can only be two people who just passed each other in life but learned something from each other nonetheless.

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