Anzu + Shizuka

Ah, Yuugiou shoujo-ai. It’s rare in this fandom, possibly because of the fact that the boys greatly outnumber the girls, and thus the fandom is dominated by shounen-ai/yaoi fans, and if it isn’t boyxboy, it’s boyxgirl. But there are a good number of shoujo-ai/yuri fans out there – mostly MaiIsis, MaiShizu and some MaiAnzu fans. But me? Obsessed AnzuShizu fan. It’s my One True Pairing. So, why AnzuShizu? Well…


Episode 77 – Countdown to Despair : Anzu is very concerned when Shizuka arrives and begs her not to take off her bandages yet. Apparently she’s very protective of Shizuka’s well-being.
The majority of the Virtual World/Noa Arc: Throughout this entire season, Anzu and Shizuka are shown either very close to each other, or clinging to each other, in fact, there are so many times they do this that I can’t possibly name them all, but here are some examples I remember: – There is a very clear shot of Anzu and Shizuka in episode 115, each with an arm around each other’s waists. In fact, there are several shots of this.

Episode 116 – Save Mokuba! The Seventh Turn of Fate: there is another shot of them fully clinging with arms around each other and pressed together. Clingy much, girls? >D – In… er… whatever episode it was, when Gozaburo appears, Shizuka, on the opposite side of the group from Anzu, runs at the sight of him over to – you guessed it! – Anzu.

Episode 143 – Alcatraz Goes Up in Flames: After Otogi and Honda both give her their phone numbers, Shizuka freaks out a little and runs over to Anzu while Jounouchi freaks out a LOT and quickly shouts at Honda. Maybe she’s attempting to tell them she’s taken. (Or maybe I’m a fangirl who needs help?)

Episode 144 – Omens – The god of all AnzuShizu episodes. Shizuka is leaving Domino City with her mother, so she’s walking around and spots Anzu (greeting her with a tackle/hug). Anzu decides to give her a tour of Domino before she leaves, pulls Shizuka along by the hand, and the two go to – get this – almost all the places Mou Hitori no Yuugi and Anzu went to on their date in Battle City. Read that again – all the places they went on their date. They visit the tablet in Domino museum, and the arcade, some other spots (places where duels took place), and the pier where Shizuka first took off her bandages. The last place they visit is the park, where they talk about dueling and Noa. XD Eventually, Anzu has to leave because she’s meeting Yami no Yuugi, so they say good-bye; Shizuka apologizes for bothering Anzu, but Anzu shrugs it off, saying that Shizuka’s their good friend and they shake hands and part.


I would like to think this has a lot of possibility. Anzu and Shizuka are already good friends, and have good chemistry – it doesn’t look like they’d fight much, and Anzu would have a good influence on Shizuka – she could teach her to be a bit more assertive and self-sufficient, and could be there for her when Jounouchi could not. However, Shizuka left Domino after Battle City and apparently does not return (in the manga, but at the end of the anime, she’s shown greeting the gang at the airport upon their return from Egypt). They’re normal teenage girls, close in age, and they obviously care about each other. Anzu could quite possibly get tired of hanging out with boys constantly, and then she’d have someone to turn to to go shopping with, or do nails with, or just hang out and do “girl stuff.” Mai is another candidate for this, but she’s much older then Anzu and I think Anzu would like having someone a little closer to her own age

Must Reads

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