Almost every possible pairing has been done within the YGO fandom, though people always seem to be coming up with more. Some of them are logical, while others are just out from left field but amusing. First some common terminology used in this section.

Glossary of Fan Terms

Heterosexual Pairings

Shonen-ai / Yaoi Pairings

  • Bakura x Honda <--> Honda x Bakura
  • Bakura x Jounouchi <--> Jounouchi x Bakura
  • Bakura x Malik <--> Malik x Bakura
  • Bakura x Yami Bakura <--> Yami Bakura x Bakura
  • Honda x Jounouchi <--> Jounouchi x Honda
  • Honda x Otogi <--> Otogi x Honda
  • Jounouchi x Kaiba <--> Kaiba x Jounouchi
  • Jounouchi x Yami Yugi <--> Yami Yugi x Jounouchi
  • Jounouchi x Yugi <--> Yugi x Jounouchi
  • Kaiba x Pegasus <--> Pegasus x Kaiba
  • Kaiba x Yami Yugi <--> Yami Yugi x Kaiba
  • Kaiba x Yugi <--> Yugi x Kaiba
  • Malik x Yami Malik <--> Yami Malik x Malik
  • Mokuba x Noa <--> Noa x Mokuba
  • Mokuba x Yugi <--> Yugi x Mokuba
  • Yami Bakura x Yami Yugi <--> Yami Yugi x Yami Bakura
  • Yami Yugi x Yugi <--> Yugi x Yami Yugi

Shoujo-ai / Yuri Pairings