Konami Answers Your Questions: 2013

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We get a rare chance to have your questions answered about the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. We talked to Konami Digital Entertainment of North America’s Event Manager about the series.

In general, Konami North America can only answer questions about the trading card game. Video games are different division but we tried our best get Yu-Gi-Oh related questions answered. The Q&A was taken on February 10th, 2013

Video Games:

Will Tag Force 6 come out to the US?
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s: Decade of Duels Plus comes out on February 12th on the PlayStation Network and will be re-released on XBox Live on the 13th. Tag Force 6 is still unknown, but we would like to hear more interest from the fans.

Any new Yu-Gi-Oh! video games coming out, especially on portable consoles?

We are not so sure yet.

Trading Card Game:

What are the next tournaments?

The next championship series will be in Miami, Florida on the weekend of February 15 and we just announced that the World Championship will take place in Las Vegas.

What is next in line after the XYZ archetype?

We are unsure.

We’re assuming when or if the next Yu-Gi-Oh series that comes out?

Yeah. (laughs)

There is a demand for certain cards to be reprinted seeing how some single cards can go for a high price, how do you determine what cards get to be reprinted?

We try our best to keep cards at a reasonable price for everyone to play the game. We evaluate how certain sets or cards are sold, what things need to be changed, and then we make decisions what gets to be reprinted.

What about the cards that is available in Japanese special print, such as the V-Jump magazine (A magazine about manga and video games based on Shonen Jump) or a volume of Yu-Gi-Oh manga? Will these cards ever make it to other countries?
We’re not sure, but having a demand helps.

What is the next structure deck theme?
Not sure, but what is out in Japan now is something North America will see in the next few months to a year.


Does Konami offer internships?
No, but we should!