The Wild Gang (Part 2)

As Yugi, Honda and Anzu run to J’z to help Jonouchi, their friend is surrounded by the other gang members. With five of them surrounding him, Jonouchi does his best to survive one-on-one but as the whole gang attacks he is seriously outnumbered. Unable to fight back, Jonouchi is beaten down and Hirutani calls for him to be moved to the Torture Chamber.

Rain is falling outside as the three friends reach J’z, and Honda tells Yugi and Anzu to wait outside while he goes in. Bursting in, he is surprised to find everybody gone apart from the gang member with glasses, who is still out cold after Jonouchi’s attack. Worried for Jonouchi’s safety, the trio separate in the hopes of finding him, but Honda warns Yugi and Anzu not to approach the gang alone if they find them.

Coming to, Jonouchi finds himself in a warehouse with his arms tied up above his head. Making the mistake of mocking Hirutani, Jonouchi is attacked by the gang members and unable to defend himself. Hirutani warns him that his problem has always been thinking of the two of them as equals when Hirutani has always been the leader.

Jonouchi warns the gang that he will pay each of them back double, but as they pull out stun guns capable of producing 200,000 volts his tone changes. Kicking out with his legs, Jonouchi stuns the first attacker but is then caught by the shock of the second stun gun.

Out in the rain, Yugi asks the Millennium Puzzle to show him where his friend is and a vision of the warehouse appears. Inside Jonouchi is badly hurt by the attacks and unable to speak, but Hirutani tells the gang to continue even if it kills him. As the group approaches their prisoner once more, Yugi appears and calls for them to stop.

Recognising Yugi from earlier, Hirutani orders the gang to attack him and they force him into a corner, near to where Jonouchi managed to knock out one his attackers. Slowly standing to his feet, Yugi picks up a small metal pole and removes his Millennium Puzzle.

Unable to escape the gang he challenges them to a game, warning them that there is a time bomb at their feet and only one switch to stop it. Yugi offers that the gang can take his life if they find the switch, but warn that they will pay if they fail to find it in time. Unconvinced by the threat, one of the gang members prepares to attack with his stun gun but Hirutani calls him to stop.

Explaining that they are surrounded by water, Hirutani suggests that the stun guns are the switch. With the game seemingly won the gang approach Yugi to attack him bare handed, but as they get closer he tells them that the stun guns are not the real switch.

Looking to their fallen gang member, Hirutani notices that his stun gun is still on and that his arm is only supported by a small metal pole. With the Millennium Puzzle dangled over his head, the rain water begins to drip from it and wakes him up. As he begins to move, his arm falls from the pole and lands in the water, electrocuting Hirutani and the rest of the gang. Hearing the commotion, Honda and Anzu arrive to discover the gang unconscious and their friends hurt but safe.