The Wild Gang (Part 1)

As classes begin for another day, Yugi, Anzu and Honda are surprised to see Jonouchi is not present. Honda is particularly worried, commenting that Jonouchi has never missed class, so when the day ends they decide to visit his home to check on him.

On the way over to Apartment 301, Honda comments that he has only been to Jonouchi’s once before. After nobody answers the door, the trio peer around the door but back off when a glass bottle is thrown at them. Jonouchi’s father calls out, thinking that it is his son, to ask where he has been for the past two days.

As Honda explains that Jonouchi’s drunken father is the reason why he doesn’t invite people over, the group wonder what could have happened to Jonouchi. With night fast approaching, Honda tells Yugi and Anzu to go home before it gets dark, however as the two prepare to leave Yugi is alerted to some trouble nearby.

Looking across the street, he sees that a group of Rintama School students are picking on somebody. Honda warns Yugi to stay clear of the rough students, Yugi notices that Jonouchi is with them and calls out to him. The Rintama students make fun of Yugi and Jonouchi, not wanting to go against the group, denies knowing him,

Hirutani, the leader of the gang, comments to Jonouchi that he wouldn’t expect him to let people like Yugi follow him around. As Yugi calls out to his friend again, a member of the gang wearing glasses punches him to shut him up and Jonouchi does nothing to help his friend.

Honda and Anzu rush to help Yugi as the gang heads off to J’z, a local hang out. Anzu asks why Jonouchi would have acted like that so Honda explains that Jonouchi used to be in a gang with Hirutani in Middle School. He had a long record for fighting and was almost sent to jail, but the one thing Honda always respected about his friend was that he always protected youngsters and never attacked those weaker than him.

Yugi is doubtful that Jonouchi has really turned against them, reminding Honda and Anzu that he and Jonouchi became friends thanks to the Millennium Puzzle. Trusting Yugi’s confidence, Honda and Anzu agree to find J’z and find the truth from Jonouchi. Arriving at the hang out, the three stop a gang member as he heads out to by Hirutani’s cigarettes. Pinning the guy up against the wall, Honda demands that he tell the truth about Jonouchi.

Inside J’z Hirutani tells Jonouchi that he is pleased the two are back working together again, but as the gang member that attacked Yugi offers Hirutani a cigarette, Jonouchi does not look happy. Outside, Honda learns that Hirutani is trying to expand his gang’s power and wanted Jonouchi back in to help him.

Back in J’z, Jonouchi is growing angrier with the gang member, especially when he starts to make fun of Yugi. As Honda discovers that Jonouchi is only working with Hirutani because he threatened to attack every person in his class, Jonouchi snaps and attacks the guy who punched Yugi.

The two youths are separated and Hirutani comments that he is pleased to see Jonouchi’s fighting spirit has returned. Unfortunately, because the anger is being targeted against the gang, Hirutani decides that Jonouchi needs to be taught a lesson in attitude. Outside, Yugi, Anzu and Honda rush towards J’z knowing now that their friend hasn’t changed after all.