The Man From Egypt (Part 1)

Reading the morning paper, Yugi is excited to see that a team from Domino University has discovered a New Kingdom tomb in Egypt. Two months later, an exhibition of the discoveries is due to open at the Domino Museum. One of the team members, Professor Yoshimori, is a friend of Sugoroku Muto and invites Yugi and his friends to visit for free.

Honda comments that one of the discoveries was a mummy and Jonouchi is concerned that it may be cursed. Anzu recalls that Yugi’s Millennium Puzzle is Egyptian, and that everybody who discovered it has died. Hearing this, Jonouchi worries that the Puzzle could also be cursed but Yugi doubts it, although he does admit that sometimes he loses memories of what he has done.

As the group meets at the museum the following day, Professor Yoshimori arrives late. Sugoroku introduces his friend to Yugi and the others and he then introduces the group to Mr Kanekura, the museum owner who made the archaeological dig possible. Mr Kanekura whispers something into the professor’s ear and he begins to raise the subject of the Millennium Puzzle with Sugoroku.

Interrupting his colleague, Kanekura is amazed to see that Yugi has completed the Puzzle and begs him to loan it for the exhibition. Yugi is uneasy about giving up the Puzzle but agrees that the museum can borrow it for the day. Elsewhere, at the Domino Airport, a mysterious figure in Egyptian robes arrives, carrying a set of scales and wearing an ankh round his neck.

Back at the exhibit, Yugi and the others learn that anything discovered in Egypt is the legal property of the Egyptian Supreme College of Antiquities. As a result it is illegal to sell anything found during an excavation meaning that being an archaeologist does not pay well, although it is quite rewarding. Sensing that Yugi feels uneasy without the Millennium Puzzle round his neck, Professor Yoshimori apologises for Mr Kanekura’s selfishness.

Studying the exhibits, Anzu is impressed by a large drawing of the Judgement of the Dead. Professor Yoshimori explains that the mural depicts the Weighing of the Heart, with Osiris as the Judge and Anubis weighing the heart on the scales. If the scales fell on the bad side, the dead person was deemed unworthy and fed to Ammit.

Noticing the mummy, Jonouchi is worried that it may be cursed but as Yugi looks at it he notices an Egyptian man crying in front of the display. The man explains that the tears are not his, but rather those of the pharaoh’s soul which has been denied its eternal sleep. Yugi notices the man is carrying a set of scales but when he points the man out to Anzu he has vanished.

As the group are drawn to the exhibit displaying the Millennium Puzzle, they do not realise that Mr Kanekura is arranging to sell the Puzzle before the museum closes for the night. Having looked at all of the exhibits, the group leaves and thanks Professor Yoshimori for showing them round, but Yugi decides to wait until the museum closes so he can get the Puzzle back.

Inside the museum the potential buyer knocks on Mr Kanekura’s door, but before he can enter he collapses and the mysterious Egyptian enters instead. Proclaiming himself to be the guardian of the tombs and a servant of Anubis, the Egyptian warns Kanekura that he will try him for trespassing in the territory of the Gods. Placing the Scales of Truth on the table, he begins a Shadow Game by resting a feather on one side of the scales.

Explaining that he will ask a series of questions to judge Kanekura, the Egyptian adds that he will have to pay a penalty game if the scales touch the floor. For the first question, the Egyptian asks Kanekura what he would do if he saw a girl fall into a well and her ring fall to the floor. Kanekura insists that he would save the girl, but the scales begin to lower.

With the museum preparing to close, Yugi returns to the exhibit to reclaim the Millennium Puzzle. Inside, Kanekura is disbelieving as the scales continue to fall, insisting that he has been answering the questions truthfully. As his chair transforms into the image of Ammit, the Egyptian asks the final question: Have you defiled the territory of the Gods and sold their treasures.

Fearing for his life, Kanekura offers to pay the Egyptian anything if he stops, proving that his soul is too full of greed to contain honesty. As Ammit eats the museum owner, the Egyptian uses his Millennium Key to look inside the man’s soul room and discovers that it is filled with money and greed. Looking to the owner’s desk, he is shocked to see the Millennium Puzzle has been completed after 3000 years.

Seeing that his Puzzle has been removed from the display, Yugi assumes that Mr Kanekura has it in his office. On the way to the room, Yugi notices the Egyptian walking towards him and asks him where the owner is. As Yugi explains that he wants to get his Puzzle back, the man is stunned to discover that Yugi is the one to have solved the ancient mystery.

Determined to discover if Yugi truly has the power of the Millennium Puzzle, the Egyptian uses his Millennium Key to unlock his soul room, but as he enters he is shocked to discover two rooms. One door is open and contains a pure, light room filled with toys, but the other is dark and the door is closed.

As he approaches this door, the Egyptian is shocked when it opens on its own to reveal the dark Yugi standing on the other side. The dark Yugi invites the visitor to step inside, but warns that he will have to play a game before he can discover the truth he seeks.