Lying Eyes

On their way to school, Yugi asks Jonouchi if he has watched the video yet and his friend expliains that he has but that he was unable to make out the censored bits even when squinting. As he offers to lend the video to Yugi, the young boy gets excited but the two are quickly distracted by the TV van parked up outside Domino High.

As Yugi suggests that there may be a celebrity at the school, Jonouchi is eager to find out who it is but as Yugi tries to look through the window of the van he discovers that the windows are in fact one-way mirrors. As he tries his best to make out what is happening inside, Yugi does not realise that the director is inside the van and has just decided that he will be the star of the next project.

Later that morning, with the introduction to “Survival Morning! Caught on Camera! School Violence” filmed, the director tells his assistant to track down Yugi and bring him to the back of the gym. As the director explains that Yugi is the perfect student to be caught on film being bullied, his A.D. asks how he plans to get the footage and is told that he will have to bully Yugi if nobody else does.

Back in class, Jonouchi is spreading gossip about the movie star who he believes to be going to the school and while Anzu is doubtful, commenting that she has not heard of any stars at the school, Jonouchi explains that they are probably coming in disguise. As Yugi and Jonouchi head off to class, Yugi tries to get his friend to calm down but his pleas fall on deaf ears.

As Jonouchi heads off to track down the star and prove everybody wrong, the assistant director approaches Yugi. Introducing himself as Fujita, he offers to introduce Yugi to the star if he meets him behind the gym during recess. Eager to meet the female celebrity, Yugi arrives at the meeting place at recess but as the director, hidden behind the bushes, calls for his cameraman to start filming it is clear that Fujita was lying.

Asking Yugi to come closer so he can explain where the star is, Fujita punches Yugi in the face as he tells him that it was all a lie. But before he can land a second blow, Jonouchi wades in to defend his friend. As Fujita apologises, explaining that the director made him do it, the director, satisfied with the footage he has collected, emerges from the bushes.

While Jonouchi checks to see that Yugi is alright, he then turns on the director when he discovers that this was all done in an attempt to get a good show. However as he prepares to hit the director he is reminded that the cameras are still rolling and stops, only to be kneed in the stomach by the director himself.

Warning Jonouchi that he has the power to make him look as good or as bad as he wants, the director walks off, calling to Yugi that his face will be covered by a digital mosaic so that people cannot see who he is. However Yugi is not satisfied with this and that night, as the director prepares to get into his car at the ZTV Braodcasting parking lot, Yugi arrives to get his revenge.

Explaining that the director has trespassed in his soul, Yugi challenges the director to play a game of dice. As Yugi informs the director that dice, or “Astragali” as they were known in Ancient Egypt, have been used for centuries in games at which people’s fates are at stake, he begins to explain the rules.

Each player will roll the die once and the person who rolls the lowest score will win, and in the event of a tie Yugi will let the director win. As the director wonders what the point of this game is, Yugi explains that if he loses he will be forced to play a penalty game as punishment.

Rolling the die first, Yugi rolls a 6 making the director confident that he will win. However as Yugi tells the director that he still has to roll, the director tosses the die at Yugi’s head and as it makes impact and lands he sees it has landed on 1. But as he prepares to celebrate his victory, Yugi tells him to look again and the director is stunned to see that the die was split in half when it hit the Millennium Puzzle and landed with both 1 and 6 showing.

Having rolled a total of 7, the director loses the game and is forced to play a penalty game, Mosaic Illusion, where his vision is obscured by a digital mosaic making it near impossible for him to see. With the punishment served, Yugi leaves the parking lot informing the director that everything he sees will be censored as punishment for bending the truth.

The next day at school, Jonouchi arrived with “Video Girl”, the tape he had been telling Yugi about. However as he throws it to Yugi, the cassette is intercepted by Anzu who walks off with the tape, teasing her friends by suggesting that she wants to watch the video if it is as interesting as they both say it is.