The King of Game

As stated in previous chapters, the outcome of the duel will determine Atemu’s fate. If Yugi wins the duel, Atemu will move onto the afterlife and leave the living world behind. If Atemu can win the duel, he gains the right to stay in the current world and keep his newfound body.

Atemu: 2500 LP
Yugi: 1000 LP

Atemu uses Raise Dead (Reborn the Monster) to bring Saint Dragon Osiris back to the field. Yugi currently has a monster with an attack strength of 3500 on his side as well as a magic/trap card that brought a box, like the one the Millennium Puzzle had originally came in, on the field. Yugi opens the box to reveal another Raise Dead. The card cancels out Atemu’s Raise Dead and Osiris returns to the graveyard.

Atemu’s field is empty and he knows he has lost. He has 2500 LP but Yugi’s monster has an attack of 3500. Yugi’s hands begin to shake as he grips his cards tightly. Tears blur the edge of his vision. Atemu simply watches Yugi, his expression resolute and strong.

Come… Aibou…

The duel is brought to an end with a bright flash of light. Jounouchi, Honda, and the rest look on in shock as Anzu bows her head, fighting back tears of her own. Yugi falls to his knees, his tears flowing freely now. Atemu makes his way over to Yugi and lays his hand on the other boy’s shoulder. I wonder if they realized that this is the first time they’ve touched, true flesh to flesh. Atemu tries to comfort Yugi as best as he can.

Their time is short together. The Wadjet Eye on the door before the Pharaoh Memories begins to glow. The door slowly opens. A bright light is shining through the opening.

“Yugi!” They cried in unison. Anzu tries to convince Atemu to stay but even Jounouchi knows the former king must leave. Atemu throws them a thumbs-up as he walks into the light. The light washes over Atemu and they witness him in all the glory of his attire as Pharaoh. Atemu does not look back as he vanishes into the light. One can barely see the forms of the six Priests (one being a younger Akunadin, before he let go of himself), Shimon Mura, and Atemu’s father waiting on the other side.

The door closes and all is silent. The temple begins to shake though. The Pharaoh’s Memories cracks apart and the Millennium Items disappear into a hole that forms beneath. The pillars supporting the temple collapse and the rest of the temple soon follows. Looking back, one can see the faint figure of Shadii watching them leave. They stand together under the hot Egyptian sun as the fact of Atemu’s departure sets in.

The Pharaoh’s story has come to an end… But it has been an experience that they will never forget…

Yugi looks up at the sun. He is no longer crying.

The End