Having escaped from Domino City Jail, Prisoner 777 kills the one security officer standing in his way and heads in the direction of Domino City. An alert is sent out warning people that he should be considered armed and dangerous.

As school ends for the day, Yugi and Jonouchi plan to go eat at Burger World but Anzu warns them that people have been getting sick there. Slightly surprised, Yugi suggests they go to Calorie Burger instead but Anzu declines, saying that she has chores to do and reminding the pair about the escaped convict.

Watching their friend leave, Jonouchi tells Yugi that he suspects Anzu is doing ‘Escort Service’ work for cash. Although doubtful, Yugi agrees to follow her and they eventually track her to Burger World. Entering the restaurant, the pair are shocked to be greeted by Anzu in a Burger World uniform. Seeing her friends, Anzu is worried that Jonouchi will get her in trouble because it is against the school rules to work.

Seated at a table, Yugi and Jonouchi realise why Anzu was acting oddly earlier, but when she brings them their order they are shocked to see a message written in ketchup: Tell and you die!! Explaining that she is saving to study dance in New York after graduation, Anzu is pleased when her friends promise that they won’t tell anyone.

Outside the restaurant, Prisoner 777 is thirsty and in need of a cigarette and decides that Burger World should be able to provide both. Entering the building, he takes Anzu hostage and forces her to blindfold herself, explaining that it is a technique used with prisoners on Death Row to keep them quiet.

With his hostage unable to see, Prisoner 777 calls for Yugi to assemble his order while the rest of the customers lay on the floor with their eyes closed. As Yugi gathers the alcohol and Lucky Stripes cigarettes, Anzu is worried for his safety and warns him to stay back. Angered by her actions, Prisoner 777 slaps Anzu round the face.

Unable to stand by and watch his friends get hurt, the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle takes over and sits down opposite the criminal. As he challenges his opponent to a game, Anzu is puzzled by the voice which resembles Yugi’s but is far more confident. Intrigued by the challenge, the prisoner accepts when Yugi tells him that the loser will die.

Pouring himself a drink, Prisoner 777 listens as Yugi explains the rule of the game. Once it has begun, both of them will only be allowed to use one of their ten digits. As the prisoner chooses his index finger, knowing he can use it to shoot Yugi at any time, his opponent chooses his thumb.

Withdrawing a lighter from his pocket, Yugi ignites it and, at the prisoner’s request, lights his cigarette for him. Still pouring his drink, the prisoner is shocked as Yugi then places the lit lighter onto the hand holding the bottle of vodka. As vodka continues to pour from the bottle, the prisoner is unable to move without dropping the lighter.

Yugi suggests that the prisoner could fire his gun, but warns that the ricochet would cause him to drop the lighter into the Russian vodka. Beginning to panic, Prisoner 777 accidentally loses grip of his cigarette and it falls, landing in the alcohol and burning him all over.

With the game over, Yugi returns to normal before Anzu or Jonouchi can work out what happened. Although she has not seen her saviour, Anzu is still in love with his confident voice and hopes to meet him again soon.