Hard Beat!

Waiting for the school bus, Yugi thinks to himself the same thing that he thinks every day: I hope something fun will happen today. Getting onto the bus he is surprised to see it more crowded that normal. Looking around he sees Hanasaki, one of his classmates, but when Yugi calls out to him he doesn’t respond. Wondering if Hanasaki ignored him or didn’t hear him, Yugi thinks of how both of them are invisible to the rest of their class.

As the bus is forced to make an emergency stop, Yugi is thrown towards the back of the bus and discovers that it is almost empty. Hearing loud music, Yugi sees that Sozoji, from Class C, is sat on the back seat. Not wanting to talk to the intimidating student, Yugi tries to sneak off but Sozoji spots him and tells him to sit down.

Sozoji tells Yugi that he is planning his next All Night Solo Live Show, an awful karaoke event which Yugi has been forced to attend twice before. He gives Yugi ten tickets to sell at 2000 Yen each, warning him that he knows the consequences for not selling all of them. Arriving at school, Yugi makes his new wish for something fun to happen some day.

In class, Jonouchi notices that his friend seems distracted but Yugi claims it is nothing. Jonouchi explains that he’s now certain that there isn’t a star at the school and tells Yugi that he wants to be Domino High’s first star. When Yugi fails to respond, Jonouchi is sure that something is wrong but Yugi still refuses to say anything, worried that his friend will pick a fight with Sozoji.

As school ends for the day, Yugi considers trying to sell Hanasaki a ticket but decides that it isn’t fair to put his classmate through the ordeal. Hanasaki, however, approaches Yugi and asks him to buy one of his tickets to the event. Reluctant to tell Yugi about the shows, Hanasaki explains that he has five tickets to sell for Sozoji.

Wanting to help his friend out, Yugi offers to take the tickets in the hopes that it will get Hanasaki out of trouble. Leaving for the night, he doesn’t see Sozoji approach Hanasaki, furious at his attempts to get out of selling the tickets.

The day of the performance arrives and Yugi is the only person there. He claims that nobody else was free but Sozoji is still angry. Handing Yugi a set of headphones, he turns the volume up to maximum and forces Yugi to listen to the first song wearing them. As the song finishes, Sozoji pulls back the curtain behind the stage to reveal Hanasaki, badly beaten.

Sozoji tells Yugi that it is his own fault for taking Hanasaki’s tickets, causing the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle to take control. Furious with Sozoji’s actions, Yugi challenges him to a Silence Game. Producing two Sound Pierrot, Yugi explains that the clown models move when activated by sound.

Clarifying the rules, Yugi tells Sozoji that one the game begins the first person to make a sound will lose. As the game begins, Sozoji notices that Yugi’s headphone jack is stuck to the rim of a glass. Waiting for the jack to fall and Yugi to lose, Sozoji’s heart begins to pound harder and harder.

Suddenly one of the Pierrot begins to move and Sozoji is shocked to see that it is his, not Yugi’s, that is moving. Listening to the noise he realises that his microphone, still turned up to max, has picked up the sound of his heart beating. As Sozoji has lost the Shadow Game, Yugi forces him to play a Punishment Game, Beat Festival.

Sounding within his own head, the noise of Sozoji’s heart beating gets louder and louder and he is unable to shut it out. Explaining that rock music’s eight beats are based on the heart’s beating, Yugi tells his fallen opponent that he can now sing to the beat of his own heart.