Into the Fire

With the School Festival not far away Anzu, Class B’s Festival Officer, is asking for suggestions for their booth. After a number of suggestions are rejected, Jonouchi suggests they hold “The Real High School Girl Cabaret” but is quickly shouted down by his female classmates.

Looking to the quieter members of class Anzu asks Hanasaki for a suggestion, but that class is deadly silent when he proposes doing gag manga. Turning to Yugi, the class are all impressed by his suggestion to organise carnival games.

After some discussion, the class decides to split their 50,000 yen budget between three games: Bluebeard’s Attack, Bottle Toss and a Shooting Gallery. With the great games, Anzu is certain that their class will make good use of the best festival space, which she was lucky enough to pick out in the lottery.

Three days before the start of the festival, preparations are near finished on the games. Finishing off the Bluebeard head, Yugi brings it over to the barrel which Jonouchi has just finished assembling. As Jonouchi climbs into the barrel to test that it is sturdy, Anzu and Yugi tell him that he is going to be the pirate, revealing that the head is just his size.

The three friends are stunned as their fun is interrupted by Goro Inogashira of Senior Class D, demanding that they leave the spot. Anzu argues that she picked the spot fairly in the lottery but Inogashira is persistent, explaining that his class always takes the best spot for their okonomiyaki grill.

Determined to protect his friends, Jonouchi tries to lift himself out of the barrel but is stuck. Carrying their six inch thick serving grill, Class D begin to wreck the stall and as Yugi jumps in their path he is knocked out cold. With their work complete, the seniors set up the grill in the spot and leave.

Waking in the infirmary, Yugi is frustrated by what happened, even more so when he sees that Anzu is crying. Determined to take the spot back, the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle takes over and challenges Inogashira to play a game with him.

Meeting late that night, Yugi explains that they will use the heated grill to play a game of hockey using an ice puck filled with a test tube of explosives. As the Griddle Ice Hockey begins, with the rights to the festival space at stake, Inogashira realises that the puck is a moving time bomb, melting on the hot grill.

Using sheer power to keep the puck away from his end, Inogashira seems to be wearing Yugi down as he is struggling to hit it back. Realising that his only chance of winning is to use his opponent’s own strength against him, Yugi nicks the edge of the puck as he returns it once more.

Hitting the puck with full force, Inogashira is shocked as the ice shatters and the explosives detonate. With their rightful space claimed once more, Class B works all out to get the stall ready in time and are pleased when it is the big success they had hoped.