The False Prophet

On their way to school, Yugi and Jonouchi discuss the bruising on Jonouchi’s face. He explains that he got into a fight with four guys and complains that it is a sign of his bad luck. Yugi is doubtful, considering one bruise good in a fight against four others, but as part of a pylon falls down right in front of the pair Jonouchi comments that it is another sign of his bad luck.

In class, Anzu is talking about Lord Kokurano, a boy in Class A who is rumoured to be psychic. As Anzu says that most of the girls, but not her, are fascinated Jonouchi drags her and Yugi off, hoping to get his fortune told. Reaching the classroom he bottles out, worried that it isn’t cool for a guy to get their fortune told, and tries to pretend that Anzu dragged him along.

Reaching the front of the line, Jonouchi tells Anzu to get her fortune told but she is doubtful. At that moment an earthquake hits, distracting everyone momentarily. As the tremors die down, Kokurano informs Jonouchi that his power isn’t that of a fortune teller but that he gets premonitions – visions of the future.

Kokurano explains that he had such a premonition this morning and reveals the card on which he wrote it down. Most of the onlookers are stunned to see the message ‘Earthquake today’ but Yugi is suspicious. As Kokurano begins to get a reading from Anzu, Yugi is irritated by his fondling of her hand. Kokurano tells Anzu that she will see a wonderful man and fall in love so deeply that she will faint before him.

Hoping that the man is the same one from Burger World, Anzu is excited and eager for the prediction to come true. Jonouchi is the next to be read but is frustrated when Kokurano merely informs him that he is suffering from bad luck. Seeing Yugi holding back, Kokurano asks why he is hesitant to be read.

Yugi explains that he is doubtful of his psychic powers, suspecting that he is hiding many other predictions in his cloak like the one about the earthquake. Furious, Kokurano warns Yugi that countless letters will fall from heaven and bring disaster upon him. Jonouchi tells Yugi not to worry about the prediction, but Anzu explains that Kokurano became popular after predicting a fire at a classmate’s house three weeks before it happened.

After school, Yugi is waiting in class for Anzu when he spots a library book in somebody’s desk. Noticing that it is due back today he decides to return the book, hoping to still be back before Anzu arrives. In the library, Yugi doesn’t notice that Kokurano has been following him until a row of bookcases begin to fall in his direction.

Realising that these are the countless letters, the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle takes over and is able to avoid the falling shelves. Now knowing how Kokurano has made so many correct predictions, Yugi rushes back to the classroom fearing Anzu is in danger. Sure enough, Kokurano approaches Anzu in the classroom and tells her that while her mysterious saviour is not coming, his prediction will still come true.

Smothering her with chloroform, Kokurano prepares to carry Anzu away as Yugi arrives. Challenging Kokurano to a game, Yugi agrees to accept his psychic powers if he is victorious in the game. Groggy from the chloroform, Anzu recognises the voice of the stranger but is too tired to see his face.

Spreading a number of sheets of paper onto the desk, Yugi places the bottle of chloroform into the centre. He explains to Kokurano that they must take it in turns to remove one sheet of paper, without touching the bottle. After a round of ro-sham-bo, Yugi is the first to go.

After removing his first sheet with ease, Yugi’s second go is hindered after Kokurano successfully leaves the bottle resting close to the edge. Taking care with his second turn, Yugi manages to remove a second sheet and the bottle rests balanced on the edge of the desk.

Unable to remove another sheet of paper without dropping the bottle, Yugi tells Kokurano that the only way to not lose is to make the bottle levitate. Focussing intensely, Kokurano watches as the bottle rises into the air and he prepares to pull out the sheet. Watching his opponent, only Yugi can see that the bottle is still sat on the desk and that Kokurano is delusional.

Pulling the sheet with the bottle still sat on it, Kokurano is knocked out by the chloroform, losing the game. Yugi explains that it takes courage to realise a person’s true limits and that Kokurano was too weak. Looking at the fallen prophet, Yugi sees that his cloak is full of different predictions just as he thought it was.

Picking up Anzu’s unconscious body, Yugi leaves Kokurano to rest, knowing that he won’t be popular for long once his secret has been revealed.