The Face of Truth

Heading home after school, Yugi is interrupted when Jonouchi calls out to him. Turning to see what his friend wants, Yugi is upset to see that Honda is with him, not liking the friend of his friend. Jonouchi begins to ask Yugi something but Honda stops him, worried that Yugi will spread it round school. Jonouchi says that Yugi isn’t like that and blurts out the secret, that Honda is in love.

He explains that the girl is Miho Nosaka, the student librarian known as Ribbon because of the yellow one she always wears. Jonouchi tells Yugi that they are looking for a present and hoped that his game shop may have something suitable. Yugi is doubtful, but when they arrive home his grandfather has the perfect suggestion: a blank jigsaw puzzle. Even after hearing that it was this very idea that introduced Sugoroku Mutou to Yugi’s grandmother, Jonouchi is unconvinced, however Honda is instantly impressed.

Concerned that he won’t be able to write something good enough, Honda forces Yugi to write the puzzle, threatening to kill him if Miho rejects him. Yugi finishes writing the puzzle that night and in the morning the trio discuss three ways of delivering it to her. Opting to hide it in her desk rather than give it directly to her or mail it, the three boys think nothing more of it.

As classes prepare to begin, Ms. Chono, a beautiful teacher who relies heavily on make-up, catches the eyes of two students, one of whom warns the other than she has expelled 15 students in just six months. Passing the vice principal, Ms. Chono is interrupted when he asks her how her date went the previous evening, and she tells him that the man wasn’t up to her standards.

In class, Miho hasn’t noticed the present yet and Honda is starting to get anxious, wondering if she might not spot it at all. Ms. Chono, meanwhile, is furious about being reminded of her date, still unable to accept that the man dumped her before she could reject him.

Reapplying her make up in the bathroom, she makes her way to class and declares that she is going to carry out a surprise desk inspection. As their teacher begins to move round the class, the three boys are worried that their present will get Miho into trouble. Reaching Miho’s deck, Ms. Chono is pleased to discover the package hoping to get the girl into trouble, but she explains that she had no idea what it is doing there.

Opening the parcel, she begins to assemble the puzzle and quickly realises that it is a love note. Demanding to know who wrote the puzzle, Ms. Chono offers that she may go easy on them if they confess now. As Honda prepares to own up, Yugi and Jonouchi admit to writing the puzzle and putting it in her desk.

Not wanting his friends to take the blame, Honda admits that it is his message but Ms. Chono is untrusting, certain that at least one of them must be lying. With four pieces left to insert, she warns that the student who sent the puzzle will be expelled as it is against the rules for students to date.

Unable to watch his friend hurt, the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle takes over and turns the jigsaw puzzle into a Shadow Game. As Ms. Chono inserts the final piece, her make-up begins to fall away to reveal her ugly nature underneath. Not wanting anybody to see her like this, she runs off before seeing who the puzzle was written by. Meanwhile, Honda realises that a puzzle wasn’t the best idea and asks Miho directly if she will go out with him. She, unfortunately, says no, leaving him devastated.