The Cards With Teeth (Part 2)

As Kaiba’s monster is destroyed, his Life Points fall to 1500 and Yugi warns that the loser will play a Penalty Game to know death. Despite losing the first clash, Kaiba is pleased to have finally found the extreme challenge he has been seeking.

Summoning Battle Ox, one of the strongest Beast monsters in the game, Kaiba wipes out Yugi’s monster, reducing his Life Points to 1800. Unable to beat Kaiba’s high attack power, Yugi summons Mystical Elf in Defence mode to protect his Life Points. Switching his own beast to Defence mode, Kaiba comments that they are at stalemate.

Drawing a spell card, Kaiba places it face-down to use late, worrying Yugi who draws the weak Skull Servant. Revealing his card, Kaiba activates Giant’s Might, increasing his Battle Ox’s attack and defence by 20%. With his monster now stronger that Yugi’s Kaiba attacks and destroys it, leaving his opponent defenceless. Crushing each weak monster that Yugi summons, Kaiba knocks his opponent’s Life Points down to just 500.

Drawing what may be his final card, Yugi is relieved as he summons the mighty Summoned Skull. Kaiba is stunned to see that Yugi’s deck includes one of the five strongest Fiend monsters, and as the demon obliterates Kaiba’s defences he is concerned as his Life Points fall to just 200.

Doubtful that he will draw a useful card on his next turn, Kaiba decides to use his secret weapon: Yugi’s Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Pulling the card from out of his pocket, he palms it onto the top of his deck when drawing his next card. Complimenting Yugi on his impressive skills, Kaiba warns that the duel is now over as he summons the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Seeing the monster on the field, Yugi is certain that it is his grandfather’s card but Kaiba insists he got this one from somebody else. Ordering the monster to attack, Kaiba is stunned when it refuses his orders and disappears from the field. Yugi explains that it is his grandfather’s soul, not Kaiba’s, that rests within the monster and that it destroyed itself instead of betraying its loyalty to Sugoroku.

As Yugi activates his own spell card, Monster Reborn, Kaiba is stunned as he hadn’t even noticed Yugi set it on the field. Reviving his grandfather’s Blue-Eyes, Yugi attacks Kaiba and reduces his Life Points to 0. Having lost the duel, Kaiba is shocked as he finds himself trapped in a dark world filled with monsters from the game,

Yugi explains that Kaiba is trapped inside a card where he will experience death, albeit only as an illusion. He hopes that the experience will teach Kaiba an understanding for the heart of the cards, allowing him to become a true game master like Sugoroku Mutou.