The Cards With Teeth (Part 1)

Gathered in the Kame Game Shop, Sugoroku Mutou shows Yugi and his friends some Magic and Wizards cards, from a game that is really popular in America. He explains that there are thousands of different monster and spell cards, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Jonouchi is confused as to how the cards are used so Yugi tells him that it is a trading card game, and that the winner gets one card from the loser.

The players are known as wizards and they battle by casting spells and summoning monsters. These monsters battle each other in order to damage the opponent’s Life Points, and the first one to lose all their life is the loser. There are strong monsters and weak monsters, but with so many different ones in production it would be impossible for one person to collect every single one. Even so, one American fan apparently sold his house to buy a single card.

Sugoroku tells the group that he owns one amazing card, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. He explains that the company stopped producing the card because it was too powerful and as a result the few in existence are all very valuable. Excited by the game, Yugi and Jonouchi decide to duel each other at school the following day. Jonouchi asks Sugoroku for the strongest pack of cards he has and is upset to hear that the packs are random, and he won’t know what’s inside until he opens it.

As the group continue to talk one of their classmates, Kaiba, enters the store and is interested to see that they stock Magic and Wizards. Pleased to hear that Kaiba is also a player, Jonouchi offers that he could play with them. Kaiba laughingly refuses, explaining that he is good enough to play in the National contests and would easily beat novices like Yugi and Jonouchi.

Turning to Sugoroku, Kaiba asks if he has any good cards and is stunned to spot a Blue-Eyes White Dragon sitting on the counter. Knowing that with such a powerful card he would be invincible, Kaiba offers to trade Sugoroku a briefcase full of cards for his one but he refuses. Kaiba suspects that the old man knows the cards true value, and is surprised to discover that his real reason is that the card was given by an American friend and holds sentimental value.

Realising that he won’t convince Sugoroku to trade, Kaiba leaves unsuccessful and as he does so, Jonouchi comments that he wasn’t very friendly. Changing the subject, Yugi mentions that his grandpa has never lost a duel even though his deck contains no rare cards.

The following day, Yugi and Jonouchi are having fun duelling. With Jonouchi’s zombie on the field, Yugi summons Blackland Fire Dragon and destroys his friend’s monster, reducing his Life Points to 1500. Jonouchi attempts a comeback but is once again crushed by Yugi’s dragon, eventually losing the duel.

Watching from a distance Kaiba is unimpressed by the pair, commenting to himself that there are better elementary school duellists in the National competitions. As the game finishes, however, Kaiba congratulates Yugi saying that the game was fun to watch. He surprises Yugi by asking if he can look at the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and Yugi reluctantly agrees, explaining that he begged his grandpa to let him bring the card to show his friends.

Kaiba tells Yugi that seeing the card and listening to what Sugoroku said made him think about things and asks to hold the card. As Yugi passes it to him, Kaiba subtly switches it for a colour copy he made using the Magic and Wizards catalogue and then hands back the fake card. Yugi says nothing and Kaiba assumes his plan worked, however the boy seems troubled as the day goes on.

As school ends for the day, Yugi confronts Kaiba and asks him to return the card. He denies having swapped the card but Yugi begs him, explaining that he can’t disappoint his grandfather. Kaiba continues to deny having swapped the card and as Yugi persists he gets angry, hitting the boy round the face with his briefcase.

Revealing that he wasn’t really convinced by Sugoroku’s speech about respecting the cards, Kaiba is surprised when Yugi challenges him to a Shadow Game duel. Even so, he is confident in his ability to defeat the novice and accepts the challenge. As the game begins, Kaiba plays Ryu-Kishin and is shocked when the monster on the card begins to take shape on the table.

Summoning Blackland Fire Dragon, Yugi’s monster also takes form and attacks, destroying Kaiba’s weak gargoyle. As Kaiba’s card disappears from the field, Yugi explains that in a Shadow Game duel the monsters are very real and warns that a Penalty Game awaits the loser of the duel.