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Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island is a man-made island used for militant weapons production when Kaiba Corporations was under Gozaburo. After his adoptive father’s death and his takeover of the company, Kaiba ordered the destruction of all military facilities on the island. In the ashes and ruins of the old Kaiba Corporations, Kaiba built the Duel Tower as a symbol of his triumph over Gozaburo. It became the site for the Battle City Tournaments Final and the island itself was destroyed completely upon the closure of the tournament.

Also see: Battle City, Duel Tower, Kaiba Corporations

Anti Rule

The Anti Rule is a specific rule used in the Battle City Tournament. When a player wins a duel, the loser must bequeath one of his Puzzle Cards and one of his Rare Cards to the winner. With this rule, no one is ever truly disqualified after a loss until all slots on the finals are filled.

Also see: Battle City


Atlantis is a large mystical island supposedly located in the Western Ocean (the ocean to the west of the known world) near the Pillars of Hercules. The first recorded accounts of Atlantis, which is said to have been engulfed by the ocean as the result of an earthquake, appear in Timaeus and Critias, two dialogues by Greek philosopher Plato. Recently ruins were discovered under the sea by archaeologists. These ruins are believed to be the remains of Atlantis. Now the question is did the Games of Darkness originate from this doomed city?

Also see: Games of Darkness, Three Legendary Dragons, Undersea Ruins

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The ba is one of the three major components that the ancient Egyptians believed to compose the self/an individual. It is translated to the western concept of the soul though they are not truly analogous. The ba can be viewed as “a separate physical mode of existence of its owner, even before death”1. In Yu-Gi-Oh, the ba is presented as more of a life-force or spiritual energy. It is the energy that Atemu and others draw upon to summon monsters. Thus, the ba can also be drained. If that happens, the person may die.

Also see: Ka

Battle City

Battle City is the Duel Monsters Tournament sponsored by Kaiba Corporations. It is open to only Duelists deemed to be level 5 and over (out of 8 levels) by Kaiba. The tournament utilizes the new Duel Disk system and requires every participant to get one. Kaiba had created the tournament in hopes of gaining all three God Cards and drawing the Ghouls out into the open. The finals consist of eight openings. Duelist must battle each other throughout the city and win six Puzzle Cards to gain entrance to the finals. The tournament utilizes the Anti Rule. The tournament itself lasted about a day in the manga, beginning at 9:30 in the morning to about 8:00 PM, when the finalists boarded Battle Ship.

Also see: Anti Rule, Battle Ship, Duel Disk, Ghouls, Kaiba Corporations, Puzzle Card

Battle Royale

The Battle Royale is were the four finalists of Battle City (Jounouchi, Kaiba, Marik, and Yugi) faced each other. A four-way duel was played in order to determine the order. It came out to be Jounouchi VS Marik and Kaiba VS Yugi.

Also see: Battle City, Duel Tower

Battle Ship

Battle Ship is the airship prepared as the one of the final stages of the Battle City Tournaments. Here, the eight finalists (Bakura, Isis, Jounouchi, Kaiba, Mai, Marik, Rishid, and Yugi) are paired off randomly by a bingo machine and duel. The winners of each duel will be the four duelists to participate in the Battle Royale.

Also see: Battle City, Battle Royale

Bel uh Ful

Bel uh Ful is the Egyptian Book of the Dead. In the first volume of the manga, Sugoroku speaks of the Book of the Dead foretelling the arrival of a Champion to defend justice by playing the Games of Darkness.

Also see: Games of Darkness

Black Clown

The Black Clown is the name of Otogi’s father’s game shop that he opened across the street from the Kame Game Shop in the manga.

Also see: Dungeon Dice Monsters

Big 5

The Big 5 are some of the most powerful executives in Kaiba Corporations. They had first been recruited under Kaiba when he was attempting to take Kaiba Corporations from Gozaburo. They came from different aspects of the company, anywhere from the human resources department to one of Gozaburo’s bodyguards, and helped Kaiba to buy out the company shares from under Gozaburo.

Also see: Kaiba Corporations

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The Ceremonial Battle takes place after Atemu returns from the Memory World with his true name. After placing the seven Items into their respective slots in the Pharaoh’s Memory, Yugi and Atemu separated literally. They must duel each other to determine Atemu’s ultimate fate. If Atemu wins, he can remain. If Yugi wins, however, Atemu must go to the afterlife.

Also see: Memory World, Millennium Items, Pharaoh’s Memory

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Dark Personality

Bakura’s alter ego is referred to as “yami no jinkaku” in Japanese, meaning “the dark personality.” He is simply referred to as Yami Bakura in English.


DEATH-T takes place between the fourth and fifth volume of the manga. It takes place during the grand opening of KaibaLand. It is Kaiba’s grand design to take revenge on Yugi for defeating him in a game of Magic & Wizards. (Vindictive bastard, are we?) It consists of five levels. First level, laser tag; second level, the murder room; third level, dropping blocks; fourth level, Monster Capsules; and fifth level, Magic & Wizards. I’ll spare you most of the details, some of it is rather bloody too.
Also see: KaibaLand, Monster Capsules

Deck Master

Deck Master is a new rule implemented into Duel Monsters game in the Duel World Arc (episodes 98-121). It allows each player to choose a monster from their dueling deck to become his or her Deck Master. It doesn’t matter what the level of the Deck Master is. It can be from 1 to 8 stars. The Deck Masters are summoned onto the field from the very start of the duel. Each Deck Master has a specific effect that can be activated during battle. Each effect is specific to that type of monster. For example, Kuriboh has a Deck Master ability to multiply when its player is in danger of direct life attack that will end the game in the opponent’s favor. If a player’s Deck Master is defeated at any point in the game, he or she loses automatically, regardless of the amount of LP he or she may still have.
Also see: Duel World


DOOM is a secret organization that determined many of the events that took place in history. They are a dark society that strive for their own means, and has caused wars and other types of strife. The leader is Dartz. Their ultimate goal is to revive the Dark God.
Also see: Orichalcos, Three Legendary Dragons

Domino City

This is the setting of both the anime and manga. It is a city in Japan.

Door of Darkness (Dark Door)

The Door of Darkness is opened when all seven Millennium Items are placed in their respective slots on the Pharaoh’s Memory. It is believed to act as a gate to the underworld, more specifically the Field of Reeds. It is also the key to releasing the demon sealed within the Memory.
Also see: Field of Reeds, Millennium Items, Pharaoh’s Memory

Duel Disk

The Duel Disk is the portable holographic projection system created by Kaiba. You can think of it as a more portable version of the Duel Ring. It utilizes what is know as Solid Vision technology. It firsts begins as a circular disk attached to a gauntlet worn on the wrist by a string. It has to be thrown, the momentum caused it to spin and generate holograms of the cards placed on it. It was first developed as a way to even the field against Pegasus. Kaiba believed that Pegasus has a way of reading one’s face to discern the strategies of his opponents. Kaiba later improves it even further, making it so you no longer have to toss the disk for it to generate.
Also see: Duel Ring, Solid Vision

Duel Monsters

Duel Monsters is the card game created by Pegasus J. Crawford in the anime.
Also see: Magic & Wizards

Duel Monsters Quest

Duel Monsters Quest is the VR RPG game that the Big 5 created. The subplot lasted three episodes. A Duel Monsters deck is required to play this game. The deck is inserted into a holder in the capsule. You draw cards to fight against the monsters in the game. There are special circumstances that need to be fulfilled in order to complete the game. The Big 5 rigged it and used it to capture Kaiba’s mind in VR. As a result of their adventures, the Big 5 were defeated and lost indefinitely to the VR landscape.
Also see: Big 5

Duel Ring

The Duel Ring was Kaiba’s first venture into a holographic projections system used to play Duel Monsters. It’s a large machine that spans probably a length of 100 feet if not more. Players get on a platform at each end which is raised high into the air to overlook a expansive field. The Duel Rings were used in Pegasus’s Duelist Kingdom. Kaiba later invents the Duel Disk, which is like a compact Duel Ring on your wrist.
Also see: Duelist Kingdom

Duel Tower

Duel Tower is the immense tower built on Alcatraz Island after the razing of its military facilities. It is also the final site of the Battle City Tournament where the Battle Royale is held.
Also see: Alcatraz Island, Battle City, Battle Royale

Duel World

Duel World is a VR dueling world supposedly programmed by Noa. On their way to Alcatraz Island, the Battle Ship is hijacked by an mobile sea fort. There, Yugi and the rest of them are forced to accept the Big 5’s challenge. The Big 5 have been stuck in VR ever since the Duel Monsters Quest incident. If any of Yugi-tachi loses a duel, they’ll have to give their physical body to the Big 5 to inhabit. Yugi-tachi are knocked unconscious and are placed in capsules similar to the ones used in DM Quest. They are subjected to a world completely controlled by Noa and must defeat him to return to the real world.
Also see: Big 5, Duel Monsters Quest

Duelist Kingdom

Duelist Kingdom is the Duel Monsters tournament held by Pegasus J. Crawford on an island, presumably somewhere in the Pacific. It was originally held for the purpose of defeating Yugi in a duel as one of the conditions set forth by the Big 5. The Duel Rings were used as the primary tool for duels in this tournament. Only four duelists may enter Pegasus’s castle to participate in the finals. To qualify, a duelist must earn ten Star Chips to gain entrance to the castle.
Also see: Big 5, Duel Ring, Star Chips

Dungeon Dice Monsters

DDM is created by Otogi Ryuuji. In both the anime and the manga, it is for the purpose of taking revenge upon Yugi. In the manga, Otogi seeks revenge against Yugi under the guidance of his father, whom had personal vendetta against Sugoroku. He also felt that he should have been the owner of the Millennium Puzzle and not Yugi. In the anime, Otogi blames Yugi for his game not being marketed. After Duelist Kingdom, Pegasus disappeared and the game was never marketed despite Pegasus’ deal. DDM is played with dice, kind of like a combination between Dungeons & Dragons and Duel Monsters. A dungeon grid is used. Dices are rolled. When two summoning crests are rolled, a monster can be summoned onto the field. The aim is to build a path across the grid to reach your opponent’s lives. A clown doll stands at each end of the grid, acting as each players’ three hearts. Once all three hearts goes dark, the player loses.
Also see: Black Clown

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Egyptian God Cards

Dub equivalent of God Cards. They are Obelisk the Tormentor, Silfer the Sky Dragon, and Ra…whom has yet to be changed but mostly likely will be anyway.

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Field of Reeds

The Field of Reeds is the world where the ancient Egyptians believed the soul (Baa) went after death. Here they worked in the fields of reeds (hence the name) and served the god. Death is just an intermediate. The soul lives on in the Fields and continue the station they held in life. It is hinted that Yami may have to return to the underworld after this whole adventure is done. As Isis says, “Every soul has a place it must return to.” And for Yami, he may have to return to the world of the dead, a passage he had previously been denied of when he was sealed away in the Puzzle.
Also see: Door of Darkness

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Games of Darkness (Dark Games)

The Games of Darkness are played within special keikai (barrier worlds) created by specific Millennium Items. They tend to enhance the players traits and characteristics, though often they tend to be the bad ones. The games are used by Millennium Item holders to either serve justice or as a means of fulfilling their own selfish ends. Those with Millennium Items have a great advantage in the Games. Normal mortals may participate in these games but they cannot initiate one and lack control over the environment. When one loses a Game, one is subject to Punishment Games. In the anime, a dark purple mist that encases an area is usually the sign of an ongoing game, often hiding the proceedings from the view of outsiders. The keikai is less visible in the manga. Normal mortals can see exactly what’s going on and they rarely ever know of the true nature of the Game taking place. The Games were sealed away by the Nameless Pharaoh about 3,000 years ago. By doing so, he sacrificed his own life to prevent the entire world from plunging into Darkness. After Yugi completes the Puzzle, the Games and their dark magic return to the world. The Games have been revealed to have a much deeper history that went far beyond ancient Egypt. Recent undersea ruins have shown signs of engaging in the Games as well. The ruins are believed to be the remains of the lost Atlantis. Could Atlantis have also fallen under the dark influence of the Games but unable to stop them, it had brought upon their destruction?
Also see: Millennium Items, Punishment Games, Undersea Ruins


The Ghouls are a group of organized crime centered around the Duel Monsters game. Marik is the creator and leader of the organization. There are special divisions within the organization. They are known to cheat in duels, steal Rare Cards, and duplicated Rare Cards.
Also see: Rare Hunters

God Cards

The God Cards are modeled after three creatures shone on the Stone Tablet above the battling figures. The three cards are Obelisk, the Divine Soldier; Saint Dragon Osiris; and Ra, the Winged Dragon. Pegasus had long searched for pictures of the legendary God Cards. He believed that his Duel Monsters game would never be complete without it. It was Shadii whom finally lead Pegasus to the Stone Tablet in the city under the well. He took photos and videos, and went back to America to make the cards. However, the people whom had been involved in the search for the God Cards, the cameramen and photographers, begin to die in the most mysterious and painful manner. Kurosuke tried to warn Pegasus of the Gods’ wrath. Pegasus was bent on taming the power of the Gods and locked himself away in his mansion where he painted the art for the cards. He soon discovered that the Gods were far too powerful for even him to handle. He makes his way back to Egypt and Isis approached him. Isis hid the cards away in a secret location known only to her. The God Cards are considered the most powerful monsters in the world of Duel Monsters. Each has the potential for limitless attack points and their own special effects. Regular mortals cannot use these cards in a duel. They will be struck down by the very gods they try to summon. Only those chosen, usually those related to the Millennium Items in some way, may wield the God Cards in battle. The three God Cards together are the key to recovering the Nameless Pharaoh’s lost memories.
Also see: Nameless Pharaoh, Stone Tablet

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Ishtar Clan

The Ishtars are the ancient order of Tomb keepers that protect the tombs of Pharaohs. Since the sealing of the Games, they have been appointed an even greater duty. They are to keep the Pharaoh’s secret, awaiting the day when his soul would once again return to the living world. The eldest son of each generation also receives a craving on their back at the age of ten. The craving depicts the three God Cards and holds the secret of recovering the Pharaoh’s lost memories. They reside in an underground city for centuries, avoiding contact with the outside world as much as possible.
Also see: Games of Darkness, Pharaoh’s Lost Memories, Tomb Keepers

Industrial Illusions Inc.

Industrial Illusions is Pegasus’s company. He is the owner but I do not believe he is the CEO.
Also see: Duel Monsters

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The ka is another one of the components of a person. It has had many different interpretations but many have been proven to unsatisfactory when explaining the concept in terms of western ideas. The ka can be said to be a type of universal vital force, somewhat like Brahman in the Upanishadic traditions but not quite. It can be translated in a variety of ways, including: “character,” “nature,” “temperament,” “disposition,” “destiny,” and “providence.” There is a difference between the internal and external ka, and the royal and human ka. Lucky for us, the concept of the ka in Yu-Gi-Oh is nowhere nearly as philosophical as the actual concept. It is the monster that is the best represents the summoner’s soul. The ka of a person can change as demonstrated by Priest Set. His original ka was Dios, but he later integrated the White Dragon as his ka. Summoning a ka into existence drains the summoner’s ba. If the ka is damaged, the summoner is more than likely to feel that pain as well.1
Also see: Ba

Kaiba Corporations

Kaiba Corporations used to be a massive arms producer under the guidance of Kaiba Gozaburo. He had even made a man-made island, Alcatraz, where the company tested and designed weapons. They sold to many nations instruments of the war. Gozaburo had wanted to take over the world with the advanced weapons created by KC. When Kaiba designed the Solid Vision technology in his early teens, it became one of the company’s best product. Kaiba objected vocally about his invention being used in war to kill others. (I’m not sure how that works, but it just does.) When Gozaburo refused to listen to Kaiba, Kaiba decided he needed to break away and take the company for himself. With the aid of the Big 5, he managed to complete his corporate coup of the company. Under Kaiba, the company has dropped its previous military projects. Kaiba ordered the complete destruction of the military facilities on Alcatraz and built Duel Tower there. Now Kaiba Corporations is a leading producer of games and virtual technology.
Also see: Alcatraz Island, Battle City, Big 5, Duel Tower


KaibaLand is an amusement park that opened in the fourth volume by Kaiba. DEATH-T also took place on the day of the grand opening. There is a laser tag and a whole bunch of other games. At the top level of the complex, there’s a duel ring within an arena. KaibaLand is also present in the anime. There seems to a lot less and is used mostly for its Duel Rings.
Also see: DEATH-T, Duel Ring, Kaiba Corporations

Kame Game Shop

See: Turtle Game Shop

Kuru Eruna

Kuru Eruna was a haven for thieves and tomb robbers in ancient Egypt. The village was located near the Valley of Kings. It is also the birthplace of the Millennium Items and where the Pharaoh’s Memory is stored to this very day. The Items were created from the flesh and bones of 99 of the village’s inhabitants. The only known survivor was a boy who would become the King of Thieves, Bakura.
Also see:Creation of Millennium Items, Millennium Items, Pharaoh’s Memory

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Locater Cards

Dub equivalent of Puzzle Card

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Magic & Wizards

Magic & Wizards is the name of the Duel Monsters card game in the manga.

Memory World

Behind one of the many doors in Yami’s soul room lies his Memory World. That is where Yami goes to retrieve his lost memories. The tablet acted as a gateway. Yami held the three God Cards up to the tablet and was sucked into his Memory World.
Also see: Ceremonial Duel, God Cards, Pharaoh’s Lost Memories, Soul Room, Stone Tablet

Millennium Items

The Millennium Items were the sacred talismans that were used to seal away the Games of Darkness and preserve peace in Kemet. They have become known as the symbols of darkness. Each Item bestows different abilities and magic onto their holders. Not anyone can use an Item, one must be chosen or approved of one way or another. When all seven Items are brought together, it can give one the power to rule the world. The collection of all seven Items is also the essential key to opening the Door of Darkness.
Also see: Ceremonial Duel, Creation of Millennium Items, Door of Darkness, Games of Darkness, Kuru Eruna, Pharaoh’s Memory

Monster Capsules

Monster Capsules is a game introduced in the third volume of the manga. It is Mokuba’s best game. Mokuba had challenged Yugi after Yugi beat Kaiba in a game of Magic & Wizards in the second volume. The game pieces are tiny figurines brought from machines for a hundred yen. The figurines are in capsules labeled with the level of the monster (level 1-5). The game is played on a landscape board, divided up by grid lines. Each monster moves only one square a turn and can only attack in a specific way (i.e. only diagonally). Each player takes five capsules randomly and set them on the board. The higher level monsters defeats the lower level ones. Some monsters also have special abilities so strategy is required for this game. One wins the game by defeating all of the opponent’s monsters. It’s somewhat like a monster version of chess. Mokuba later plays Yugi again in Monster Capsules in the fourth level of DEATH-T.
Also see: DEATH-T

Monster World RPG

Monster World is like a Dungeon & Dragons RPG. It’s played with figurines to represent the players. A gamemaster is required to run the game scenario off the computer program. Attack is determined by the roll of two nine-faced dices. It’s Bakura’s favorite game but Yami Bakura tends to traps souls into figurines bearing resemblance to their owners. Yami Bakura uses this game to seal Yugi-tachi’s souls in figurines and steal the Millennium Puzzle. Although he manages to seal Yugi-tachi’s souls away, Yami still remained in Yugi’s body. They continue the game with the souls of Yugi-tachi hanging in the balance.

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Nameless Pharaoh

Yami is believed to be the soul of the Nameless Pharaoh who had saved the world 3,000 years ago by sealing away the Games of Darkness. His figure is engraved onto the Stone Tablet protected by the Ishtar clan. His name, which should have been engraved in the cartouche near the bottom, had been removed for some reason. No other records of this mysterious Pharaoh was ever discovered. The only evidence of his existence is the tablet and the Millennium Puzzle. He is a Pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty lost to the sands of time.
Also see: Games of Darkness, Ishtar Clan, Stone Tablet

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Omote is the Japanese word for “outside” or “surface”. While the American fandom tend to call the original personality “hikari,” the proper term to use is “omote.”


The Orichalcos is a strange glowing green stone set as eyes on statues found in the Undersea Ruins. They are a source of DOOM’s power. It enables them to create a keikai (“barrier world”) around any given duel. The stone gives its owner an unfair advantage in duels, such as attack strength power-ups and allowing the owner to summon up to ten monsters to the field using the slots usually reserved for magic and trap cards alone.
Also see: DOOM, Undersea Ruins

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Pharaoh’s Lost Name

The name of the Pharaoh, who was represented on the Tablet of Destiny, is lost to history. Someone, unknown for now, had deliberately removed the name of the 18th Dynasty king. The Pharaoh’s lost name is the last key to opening the Dark Door and releasing its power.
Also see: Door of Darkness, Nameless Pharaoh, Stone Tablet

Pharaoh’s Lost Memories

When Yami was sealed away into the Millennium Puzzle, he lost all sense of self and his memories. The keys to recovering those memories are the God Cards. The Ishtar Clan are some of the few people who know the location to recovering those memories. The location is craved into the back of the eldest son of each generation (Marik in this one). After holding the God Cards up to stone tablet, Yami can go into his Memory World to relive his memories.
Also see: God Cards, Memory World

Pharaoh’s Memory

The Pharaoh’s Memory is a stone tablet in the likeness of a sarcophagus hidden in an underground temple in Kuru Eruna. On the tablet are seven impressions in the shape of the seven Millennium Items. A powerful demon was sealed in the tablet by Yami’s father in his past life. Only by placing all the Items into the impressions will the Door of Darkness open and release the power of the sealed demon, Zork. It is later found that the Pharaoh’s lost name is the last crucial key needed. This was also used as the mold to cast the Millennium Items.
Also see: Ceremonial Duel, Door of Darkness, Millennium Items, Pharaoh’s Lost Name

Punishment Games (Penalty Games)

Punishment Games are the price incurred by losing a Game of Darkness. Each Punishment is unique to each person but usually results in the loss of sanity and sometimes even death.
Also see: Games of Darkness

Puzzle Card

The Puzzle Cards are key to entering the finals of the Battle City Tournament. A duelist must win a total of 6 Puzzle Cards total to qualify. Puzzle Cards are bet upon, much like Star Chips, in each duel.
Also see: Anti Rule, Battle City

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Rare Hunters

The Rare Hunters are a specific division within the hierarchy of the Ghouls. They duel for the purpose of gaining rare cards. Most of the time, they are more than Marik’s regular mindless puppets, though some become so after losing.
Also see: Ghouls

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Sennen Items

Also known as the Millennium Items

Shadow Games

Dub equivalent of the Games of Darkness

Shadow Realm

Dub equivalent of the World of Darkness

Solid Vision

Solid Vision is the name for the holographic projection system that Kaiba invents, used specifically in the new Duel Disk. It emulates form and smells. The holograms that this specific system projects are solid to touch, hence the name “Solid Vision.”

Soul Room

The soul room is a person’s mind displayed in a metaphysical form. It encompasses memories and experiences, and the structure and the content of that room reflects that person’s personality. For example, Yugi’s soul room is a simple room filled with toys. Everyone supposedly has one. In some cases, such as Yugi, he has two soul rooms, as a result of a second mind inhabiting his body. Soul rooms exist within the heart/soul and are not usually accessed.

Star Chips

Star Chips were the primary betting pieces of Duelist Kingdom. Each time a duelist battled, each player must bet an equal number of Star Chips. The loser must hand over that amount to the winner. Once a duelist loses all his Star Chips, he/she is disqualified from the competition and is shipped off the island. A duelist must gain a total of ten Star Chips to gain entrance to Pegasus’s castle for the finals.
Also see: Duelist Kingdom

Stone Tablet

The tablet is the stone mosaic displayed at the Domino Art Museum. It depicts Yami, when he was Pharaoh, battling Kaiba, when he was a priest. Above their heads respectively are the Black Magician and the Blue Eyes White Dragon. The tablet also acts as a gateway to Yami’s Memory World.
Also see: God Cards, Memory World

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Three Legendary Dragons

The three Legendary Dragons are the guardians of the Duel Monsters world. They were sealed in crystal a long time ago. Only those with the heart of a true Duelist will be able to free them. They will appear in their crystallized form and if one is worthy, then one will be able to pull out the sword sticking out (like King Arthur and the Excalibur). The current owners of the Dragons are: Timaeus to Yugi, Critias to Kaiba, and Helmos to Jounouchi. They may be the key to defeating Dartz, who has stolen the three God Cards.

Tomb Keepers

See: Ishtar Clan

Turtle Game Shop

The Turtle Game Shop is the name of the game shop that Sugoroku owns. He and Yugi live in the apartment above the store.

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Undersea Ruins

In episode 147 (Dragon Without a Name, Timaeus), Professor Hopkins and his granddaughter, Rebecca, returns to find Yugi. They tell him about a new discovery made by a submarine investigation that uncovered evidence of a civilization, more than 10,000 years old, that was destroyed by monsters. This disaster coincides with the crisis in ancient Egypt 3000 years ago which had been diverted by the Nameless Pharaoh. These ruins are believed to be those of the legendary city of Atlantis.
Also see: Atlantis, Nameless Pharaoh

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Yami no Geemu (Yami no Game)

See: Games of Darkness

Yami no Jinkaku

See: Dark Personality

Yami no Tobari

See: Door of Darkness

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1. Redford, Donald B. The Ancient Gods Speak : A Guide to Egyptian Religion. New York: Oxford University Press, Inc., 2002.

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