Frequently Asked Questions

Okay, so maybe these questions aren’t so frequently asked but it’s nice to know. Right? Written by Alecto and DMG to explain things and put off boredom for a good half an hour.

Please read these before contacting us.


The ages on your characters are wrong
No, they are correct. Reason because when the manga came out, they were 15 years old and that was in 1997. Others such as Mai, were given an age in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Character Guide.

Why is Yami (Atemu) so protective of Yugi?
Yami is a spirit, if the host dies, they no longer have a body themselves or go somewhere else bodiless. Also, Yami actually cares for Yugi, not like Bakura or Yami Malik.

Are your character stats trustworthy?
I would certainly hope so! All character profile information, such as birthdays, weight, and etc, come from the manga character guide by Takahashi-san called The Gospel of Truth. This one was purchased at Kinokuniya because I had yet to discover Asahiya. The rest is pretty much subjective, and a result of our observations and analysis of their characterization.


Why is this site called “False Memories”?
Hmmm… We went through a lot of names when we were trying to get this site up. DMG wanted a Japanese one but I was hesitant after having done that with my last Yu-Gi-Oh! site. When we were pressed for time, we just settled for this one. It actually works quite well with the layout/theme of this site. I actually like this name a lot now, after having covered the topic of “false memories” (yes, there really is such as thing) in Psychology.

What’s up with the False Memories Network?
The network is comprised of past affiliates that agreed to ‘merge’ websites with FM. In this case makes it easier to do particular topics of YGO. False Memories is the main headquarters for anime/manga and anything else fan based and site related.

How’d did you make such cool graphics?
DMG, used Paint Shop Pro 7 and Adobe Photoshop 6 for the ‘Duel of Destiny’ layout. After doing some trial and errors for the theme of the site, she settled on the arc in the manga at that moment that went along with the site’s name. ‘Royal Purple’ was previously used from Alecto’s old site, Yami no Kokoro. ‘Darkness into Light’ image and title was used from the manga’s last chapter. This layout is also made with Macromedia Flash.

What is the music used in the Flash intros?
The introduction Flash movie music was used from the Godzilla (1997) soundtrack ‘Come with me’, preformed by P.Diddy (Puff Daddy) and Jimmy Page. As for ShadowRuler’s music, its Linkin Park ‘Somewhere I Belong’ from their album Metora.

How come when I translate the website, I see images with ‘X’ and background missing?
We love people everywhere visiting our site, even though some might be English literate. They can read rough translations from we translator sites we provide. The images are missing because we disallow any direct-linking, and the translator websites are considered direct-linking. Sorry! We are trying to create a multi-language site as much as we can.

Can I use information or images from the site?
You would have to contact us before using any kind of information or images from the site. Of course, you must to your part to credit and link us back. DMG’s graphics that are specially made for the site such as the splash entrance, is not allowed.

I would like to affiliate with False Memories, however my website is not in English. How can I affiliate with you guys?
If we look at the website with all the things we are looking for as stated on the affiliation page, and some how be able to read it. We will get back to you replied in English. We allow ‘link exchange’ from the link pages.

How do you translate all that stuff?
To be honest, none of us really have any formal training in Japanese. YnY is the exception but it would be unfair to swamp her with all this work when she has a life. Mine is limited to what I pick up from anime and what Kanji I can read. You would be surprised with how much you can understand just by reading the Kanji. Translations (especially those Japanese episode summaries) are done by running the text through translation programs (not Babelfish though, if that’s what you’re thinking). Of course that’s not enough if you want it to be understandable to the average English speaker. I spend more time comparing the Kanji between the translation and cleaning up English. Hey, it’ll have to do until I begin taking classes in Japanese.

Where did you get those manga scans for scanlation?
Went to Asahiya, bought Shonen Jump in Japanese there, and then scanned. For those of you who live in the New York City area, Asahiya is located on 360 Madison Ave. Asahiya also has two locations in California and one in Chicago. Click here for more details and directions. I’m sure Kinokuniya also has Shonen Jump but their prices are a tad bit too expensive for my blood. Of course, there is always the question of availability.

How come you guys don’t scanlate the manga weekly?
As we said before, YnY has formal training in Japanese and it’s not fair to give her the work. Also, the Shonen Jump costs money, we don’t have much to buy the manga every week unless you people love us to donate money for this site and the Weekly Jump. ^_^; We only scanlate if we feel there is an important or very interesting chapter to the storyline of Takahashi-san’s plot. Including, the English Yu-Gi-Oh manga is licensed by Shonen Monthly Jump.

Hey, you have some wrong information on your site, can you please correct it?
Sure, please do tell us about the information that was displayed incorrectly. Please e-mail us, do not inform us on the news comment program.

How come you don’t have a forum?
In the beginning we were, but then the manga ended and we feel there is no need to put a forum onto the site, also it uses up space as well. We do have an IRC chat room and a channel on mIRC where people can talk to the staff and other people in the room.

Why do you guys write Edited Information if you dislike the dub so much?
We would like to inform the public how dubbers misguides the viewers with altered and false storylines from the original episodes. We do not have anything personally against them. We realize they go through extreme censorship and the truth must be told from the original. If you would like to help us spread the word against anime dubbing, Please visit Otakus Against Dubs

Fan Related

Can I sumbit stuff in the Omake area?
Sure!, with the subject, Omake e-mail it to DMG.

Hey, there are some non-kosher pictures on the fanarts. Can you take them down please?
DMG, the staff and I look at the art before displaying the art on the site. If there is an art very suggestive we will not display it, other than that some images contain light shonen-ai/shoujo-ai are marked red. If that is not of your liking, we strongly suggest you not click on it. Please do not harass our staff and us about it.

Is there a way to submit my fanfiction?
Yes, you can! If you want to submit your Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfiction to us, please contact us about it, with the subject of ‘fanfiction’ and the link to your story. Fanfiction.net links are preferred, but nothing from Adultfanfiction.net please. Our e-mail is located in the Contact Us page.

How about fanart?
Same thing with the fanfiction. Email us with the subject, ‘fanart’ and we’ll upload your image on DeviantART.com. However, unlike DeviantART’s policies, the artists that allowed us to display their art, they are not to be used or changed for any reason unless you contact us or the original artist of the artwork.


Can I use those videos/graphics/etc for my site?
Sure, just make sure you tell us or whoever made it ahead of time. The only conditions are that you give credit to our site/respective author/artist and that you don’t hotlink off us. We do pay for our server (out of our own pockets, of a high schooler and a soon to be very tight on cash college student), so our bandwidth is money. You’re welcome to host them on your own site/server. Please just tell us first.

Where do you get the episodes?
Sometimes we download it off certain parts of the internet (its a secret). Use Ebay.com or to New York City’s Chinatown for the DVDs/VHS in Elizabeth Center located at Elizabeth Street. We suggest the nice man, Max. He is located in the basement to your nearest right with the Cardcaptors Schoolbags…Take the escalator down, second store to your right. Tell him, Alecto and DMG sent you. ^_^

How do you make those video clips?
I use Virtual Dub to splice longer episodes to get a certain segment. I resize to a 320×240 resolution and run it through the DivX compression. Yes, that does mean I have I have full episodes on my computer and no, I am sorry but I cannot put them up. The reason being that they are raws supplied by a group so I have no right to do that. While it would be okay for me to upload clips made from them or even a fansub, it would be wrong of me to take their work and upload it as my own. However, full episodes, fansubs, and other media can be downloaded from our channel on irc.rizon.net, #falsememories.

Why aren’t the videos I downloaded playing?
Compressing .avi videos is not good for the codec. Compression often damages it more times than not. The alternative would be no downloads if I don’t compress them. However, if you have the latest version of DivX from DivX.com installed and you run the video on DivX Player, rather than Windows Media Player or any other alternatives, it should play, sound, video, and all.

Why aren’t some of the video downloads working?
As I mentioned before, our bandwidth is money. Downloads, especially video clip downloads, suck up our bandwidth like crazy. To ensure that our site makes it to the next month without having to get shut down, we will rotate downloads. Often, older video clips will be discontinued for newer downloads. The downloads page with the warning are momentarily discontinued in the middle of the month. Don’t worry, we let everyone download everything at the 2 last days of the month. The channel has everything 24/7. If you are having problems viewing it, you need to get DivX Player on http://divx.com or that you’re computer is not updated, your video card does not support newer versions of our video format.

What’s a channel?
The channel we are talking about is ‘chatroom’ on mIRC. This website has its own channel on the Rizon.net server. We’re located at irc.rizon.net j#falsememories

What is mIRC?
IRC of mIRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. This is where people are able to talk and exchange files in channels.

How do I use mIRC?
We have a tutorial on this website to use mIRC and how to download. DMG, Yami-no-Yugi, and I are in the channel most of the time.


Can you make a tutorial for me about…
If we have enough time to do it, we might.

Are the personality traits of the characters of your webcomic similar in real life?
The webcomic was created by DMG based by the people she knows. Perhaps, the characters are like them in real life, she only knows.

Can you do all those thing magic things in real life?
No, but DMG is a pyromanic. XD

Can you guys duel?
Of course. Some of us might not be state champions, but we know the game well to play.

Can I duel you?
If some of us have time, sure. I guess the staff would not mind during their spare time. Some of us do not have the YVD program frequently used on the internet, and use real cards to duel online. Sometimes they hold tournaments for fun.

I want to work here! How can I help?
If we need staff, we will always post up something on the main. If you would like to help on a specific area, feel free to email us about it.

Can we talk to you guys online?
Maybe, if only you do not constantly irritate us with questions or information that is already on the site. You can always email us, our email is stated on the staff page.

I love your site, I love you!
Aww, thanks! We love you too!