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Tired of wading through piles of mispelled or grammatically incorrect crud? This is the place for you.

Welcome to the fanfiction archive for False Memories. This is a selective collection of sorts. We, the admins of False Memories, are committed to bring you quality fanfiction. We attempt to tailor to everyone’s needs and wants: general, heterosexual, and homosexual.

The quality control here is not as extreme as it sounds. We are looking to archive fics with formatting and decent grammar and spelling. As much as some of us dislike Mary-Sues, the admins will not discriminate against fics with them. Just as long as it’s readable. Although the entire archive has been set to Japanese names (simply because of my own preferences), the admins will not distinguish between the use of the dub or the original names. In a well done story, such trivial matters don’t mean anything in the long run. However, if you misspell Kaiba Kiaba for the entire story, I may just be forced to hurt you.

Please note that this site will accept NC-17 fanfics, whether they be het, yaoi, or yuri. There is a pop-up warning if you should click on such a story. Thus, readers have been sufficiently warned of overaged material. In addition, there are warnings labels for NC-17 fics. If Non-Consensual situations are not your cup of tea, DO NOT READ!!! Heed all warnings. Do not complain or flame the individual authors and certainly do not bother us admin with that shit. All flames will be used to keep me warm on a cold winter nights here in Pittsburgh.

~ Alecto Perdita