The Mythological Significance of the Millennium Items

The seven Millennium Items in particular are based off Egyptian mythology. The number seven is considered the holiest of numbers in ancient Egypt. It would make sense then to make seven Millennium Items, and not six or eight.

Millennium Puzzle

Pyramids in ancient Egypt were built in the shape they were because the pinnacle pointed toward the sun. They rose from the desert plateaus on the west bank of the Nile River, behind which the sun set. It was believed that a dead monarch’s spirit left the body and traveled through the sky with the sun each day and settled in their tombs to rest. Therefore, pyramids were symbols of light and Ra.

The Millennium Puzzle is in the shape of an upside-down pyramid. It points down and away from the sun, thus toward darkness. Contrary with most pyramids, the Millennium Puzzle would be a symbol of darkness.

Osiris, as king of Egypt, taught his people law, agriculture, and religion. He civilized his people. Set, his brother and the god of destruction, plotted to kill him with 72 comrades, including the queen of Ethiopia. They measured out a chest for Osiris and tricked him into lying down in it during a banquet. They sealed the chest and threw it into the Nile. Isis, his sister and wife, set out to find his body. It had washed up onto the shore and was trapped in a huge tree. The King Byblos turned it into a pillar in his palace. She retrieved it and brought it back to Egypt. While Isis was away, Set found the body and tore it into seventeen pieces and scattered them throughout the land.

She and Nephthys, Isis’ bsister and Set’s wife, searched and found all of the scattered parts except the genitals. Wherever they found a piece, a tomb was built. Osiris was mummified and Isis fanned breath in him. He was not allowed to stay in the land of the living, and was sent to the underworld to serve as king, and to judge the souls of the dead. Horus, who was conceived in that brief period Osiris returned to the living, avenged his father and ascended to the throne.

In life, the Pharaoh was called the living Horus and in death, the dead Osiris. (Horus is the name of many Egyptian deities but the one being referred to is Harseisis [Heru-sa-Aset] or Horus-son-of-Isis.) They were considered descendants of gods and thus gods themselves. While living, Yami would have had a Horus name as one of his Five Great Names. His death, which was unnatural in nature, sealed his soul away into the Puzzle. The Puzzle was broken into pieces and stored away in a box. When the puzzle was reassembled, Yami was resurrected. As a dead Pharaoh, he was the dead Osiris. Yami’s resurrection is analogous to the death and resurrection of Osiris himself.

Millennium Ankh

The ankh is the Egyptian symbol of life and death. It represents the womb with a looped top. In art, gods and goddesses are depicted holding the ankh by its loop like it was a key. It is believed that the ankh opens the gates of death on to immortality.

Millennium Scale

In the House of Osiris, in the Hall of the Two Truths, there is the Scales of Justice. The Millennium Scale is, no doubt, modeled after the Scales of Justice. When a person died, it was believed that his soul was brought before the court of Osiris. Here he will have a chance to defend his deeds in his previous existence. The heart of the deceased is placed on one of the scale and the Feather of Truth on the other. The heart, if weighted down by the sins committed, will weigh more than the Feather. The monster, Ammit, will appear under the scale and devour the heart. This means the end of the soul and there will be no chance for a further existence.

The Millennium Scale is shown to be used in similar ways by Shadii in the second book of the manga. It even summons the same type of crocodile monster as Ammit.

Millennium Ring

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Millennium Eye

The eye symbol on all of the Millennium Items is known as the Eye of Horus or the Wadjet Eye. In Egyptian tradition, Horus gave his right eye to form the sun and his left eye to form the moon. The left eye is the symbol used on all the Millennium Items. It represents the moon, thus night and darkness.

Millennium Torque

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Millennium Rod

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