Isolated in Cyber Space (1)

Everyone accepts the dueling challenge and are transported to the virtual reality world in different places. Yugi finds himself alone in the middle of the forest, Tea in the middle of the dessert, Duke and Triston in a corridor, Serenity by the lake, Joey in a castle, and Kaiba and Mokuba in another part of the forest.

Yugi finds one of the Big 5 members dressed as the Deep-Sea Warrior. He challenges Yugi and Yami takes over to accept. Cards appear before him and the Deep-Sea Warrior instructs him to choose his deck-cards and one Cheif Card.

As Yami is browsing through his choices, he decides to choose the Dark Magician as his cheif card, but Kuriboh pops out instead!

Stuck with Kuriboh, one of the weakest creatures in the game, Yami begins the duel.

Meanwhile, Kaiba and Mokuba find a door in the forest. Considering it an exit, they open it, to find the orphanage where they grew up. They watch as parts of their past begin to play by them.

Tea wanders around the dessert for a while, until she meets up with a crew of Hitopsume Giants, who take her captive.

Back at the duel, Yami is informed that for every attack given to him, the brain will consider it real and the players will feel pain. If attacked too many times, regardless of life points, the player will die.