A Virtual Nightmare

Morning dawns on the battle ship, but it isn’t starting out to be a good day. Though the Alcatraz Duel Tower, the place where Kaiba had built a dueling tower in place of his foster father’s military base after he died, is within distance, the blimp is acting funny. A boy named Noah has taken it over and has redirected it’s destination to a large metal object floating in the ocean. The blimp lands inside and Noah, he is viewed from the screen in the blimp, “invites” Kaiba and “the other duelists” to get off the ship.

Kaiba decides it’s not safe and that he should go alone, but no sooner does he make the statement than cannons begin firing at the blimp. Kaiba get off, followed by Mokuba, Yugi, Joey, Tea, Tristan, Duke, and Serenity. Yami Malik watches from the top of the blimp as Noah fires more cannons at the ship as more people attempt to get off.

Kaiba and the others walk into a room where they see the figures of the former directors of Kaibacorp; the directors that attempted to trap Kaiba in the Virtual World. After Yami and Kaiba defeated them, they were trapped in the virtual world. They propose that each of them duel them in the virtual world and if they loose, then the member of the “Big 5” can switch places. They take over the looser’s body and the looser must stay in Virutal Reality forever.

They transport everyone to the virtual world where they wander around for a minute before another Kaiba walks out and he and another virtual person duel using the “Cheif of the Card Set” rules. If the cheif card, chosen by the dueler, is ever destroyed, then so is the dueler themselves, even if their life points are not 0.

The 5 return them to the real world to see their response, but point out that they really have no choice. If they refuse, they can never leave. That, they inform the group, is their revenge…