The Two Faces of Marik (2)

With The Winged Dragon of Ra in his hand, Yami Bakura is sure that victory will be, especially with Marik helping him. However Yami Marik refuses to give up just yet as he tells his former partner that it was he who got them this far and that without Yami Marik having stolen the Millennium Rod, Marik would be nothing. Playing Vengeful Bog Spirit, Yami Marik informs his opponent that none of their monsters will be able to attack on the turn they are summoned, but this does not concern Yami Bakura who is willing to wait one turn before defeating Yami Marik.

Preparing to summon The Winged Dragon of Ra, Yami Bakura begins to sacrifice The Headless Knight, The Earl of Demise and Goblin Zombie, but as he does so Yami Marik activates Joyful Doom. Reducing the ATK of each of the three monsters to 0, Yami Marik’s Life Points increase by the descrease in ATK (YM’s LP: 8550) and as Yami Bakura summons The Winged Dragon of Ra, it’s stats sit at a pathetic 0/3450.

Confused as to what has happened, Yami Bakura is furious to discover that his plan has been foiled by the new addition to Yami Marik’s deck and, switching both of his monsters to Defence Mode, ends his turn. Meanwhile, in Bakura’s room, Téa has awoken, confused, from her sleep and seeing that Bakura is missing she heads to Yugi’s room to wake him and tell him what has happened.

Back at the duelling arena, Yami Marik is sure that victory will be his as he orders Drillago to attack and destroy Bakura’s Puppet Master. However as Bakura’s turn begins he is determined to turn the tables and sacrifices his Egyptian God Card to summon The Dark Ruler (2450/1600). Unfortunately, while Bakura believes Ra is useless to both players, now that it is in the Graveyard, Yami Marik is not so sure even though he knows that using Monster Reborn would revive it with 0/0 stats.

Not content with just one monster on the field, Yami Bakura sacrifices three monsters from his Graveyard to summon Dark Necrofear (2200/2800) before then activating Magic Burial, at a cost of 800 Life Points (YB’s LP: 1100), to revive The Earl of Demise (2000/700). Worried by their lack of a body, Marik informs Yami Bakura to be less reckless with their Life Points however Bakura informs the parasite within him to keep quiet. However their argument is interrupted by Yami Marik who informs them that none of their monsters can attack this turn, a fact that Yami Bakura had not forgotten.

Having searched everyone’s quarters, Yugi and Téa are worried about where Bakura could be, certain that Marik has something to do with his disappearance. Kaiba, meanwhile, is testing out his deck’s combos against Ra to see which ones may be able to defeat it and is shocked to learn that his Crush Card combo only gives him a 13% chance of victory over the God Card. As Kaiba continues to investigate the powers of Ra, Yami Marik is preparing to give a first hand demonstration of the God Cards other abilities to Yami Bakura and Marik.

Scanning the rest of the data, Kaiba discovers that there are two other abilities posessed by Ra that are not printed on the card, one of these being Instant Attack. Realising that Ra is far more powerful than either Obelisk the Tormentor or Slifer the Sky Dragon, Kaiba is intrigued by the power of this particular God Card. While most Trap cards are useless against the Gods, and the effects of Magic cards only last for one turn, Ra has abilities that surpass any other Duel Monster in existence.

Knowing that Monster Reborn would only last for one turn, Yami Marik also knows that he would be unable to attack with The Winged Dragon of Ra during that turn because of Vengeful Bog Spirit. Hoever thanks to it’s Instant Attack ability, Ra would be able to attack on its first turn even though Yami Marik’s Trap card is still in effect. As Kaiba also discovers that this is the ability of Instant Attack, Yugi and Téa arrive at the Stratos Duelling Arena in their search for Bakura and are concerned when they see the fog of the Shadow Realm.

Certain that Bakura and Marik must be duelling within the Shadow Realm, Yami tells Téa to leave but she refuses, wanting to help Yami with whatever he has to face. Meanwhile, within the Shadow Realm, Yami Marik prepares to demonstrate the rest of Ra’s abilities as be activates Monster Reborn, reviving The Winged Dragon of Ra from the Graveyard with stats of 0/0. As Marik informs his opponent that he is unable to attack during this turn, Yami Marik informs him that there are abilities that he does not know of.

Wondering what Yami Marik could mean, both Marik and Yami Bakura are shocked as their opponent explains that Ra has the ability of Instant Attack, allowing him to attack straight away. He also explains that Ra has one other ability, Point to Point Transfer, a power that allows Yami Marik to transfer his Life Points into Ra. As his Life Points fall to 1, Yami Marik’s body fades away to become fused with the body of Ra, which now has stats of 8549/8549.

As Yami Bakura takes in what is happening, Ra attacks the monsters on his side of the field, eliminating all of them and the remainder of Yami Bakura’s Life Points. Outside the Shadow Realm, Yami tells Téa that me must defeat Marik, but while Téa is sure he will be able to do it he is not so confident, knowing that Marik is becoming stronger with each soul he banishes to the Shadow Realm. Back in the duel, Yami Bakura begins to fade away however as he does so he warns Yami Marik that he cannot be truly destroyed as he is the darkness itself.

With Yami Bakura’s body destroyed, the Millennium Ring falls to the ground and Marik is once again forced to take refuge within Téa. As Yami enters the Shadow Realm he discovers Yami Marik holding the Millennium Ring and is warned by his nemesis that the spirit of the Millennium Ring is gone and that soon he will join it.

Ishizu, meanwhile, is having a restless dream about Marik being destroyed by The Winged Dragon of Ra, and as she wakes to see Téa standing in her room she is startled to discover that her brother is residing with the girl’s body. Yami Bakura’s spirit is also not completely destroyed and the part of him that still resides within the Millennium Puzzle is determined to unlock Yami’s power from within. Confident that nobody can stop him this time, Yami Marik returns to Odion’s room once again in order to send him to the Shadow Realm but finds the bed empty, certain that Ishizu has moved him to another room.

Back in the computer room, Kaiba has discovered that the other abilities were added to Ra after the card had been created. As Kaiba becomes more determined that such a powerful card should belong to him, Mokuba awakes and wonders why his brother is still awake when he should be resting up for the semi-finals. However Kaiba is too alert to sleep and as Kaiba Craft 3 approaches its destination, KaibaCorp Island, he reminds his brother that soon they will return to the last place their step-father was seen after Seto took over the company.

Explaining that the tower on the island was built to symbolise the new era of KaibaCorp, Seto explains that it is also the location of the finals and the place where he will finally confront his past and be victorious, proving his superiority to the world.